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Words can be a beautiful thing, especially when the very letters themselves are in fact artwork. With Art Text 4 for Mac you will create amazing text effects and typography graphics with minimal effort. Put together magnificent sophisticated title art for everything from brochures and presentations to logos to buttons. With thousands of templates, fill tools, graphic content and presets, your words will never look better.


  • 3D Typography: 3D Engine instantly creates a 3D text from a regular one.
  • Bump Map ads bumps and wrinkles on a 3D text surface.
  • Reflection Mask tool defines reflective and non-reflective surface areas.
  • Control the way 3D text is lit by adjusting spotlights and changing light colors.
  • 200+ material presets to quickly create high-quality 3D typography.
  • Soft Shadow. Glow Effect. Parallel Projection. Export to Facebook 3D Photo.
  • 2D Text Effects: Spray Fill creates texts formed with coffee beans, balloons, sugar sprinkles, and more.
  • 440 spray photo objects, and 18 spray fill presets.
  • Edit fonts beyond common typeface options with Distortion Effects to wear out text sides, create random holes in the body, partially dim text and much more.
  • 140 Shading Materials adds convex and embossed text effects, as well as replicates a gleam of light on the text surface.
  • 24 twist and bend text transformation shapes.
  • Shadow, Glow, Inner Shadow and Stroke effects.
  • 180 included text design templates, 220 more available as add-on.
  • 122 style presets for quick text effects.
  • 750+ supplied smart shapes, vector icons, symbols, signs and hand-drawn shapes.
  • Export to PNG, PDF, JPEG, GIF, EPS formats, transparent backgrounds supported.

Spray Fill Demo:

Shading Materials Demo:


Normally this terrific typography tool sells for $30, but for a limited time only, you can get the Art Text App for Mac for only $17! That's a saving of 43% off the regular price.

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Deal terms:
  • You will receive the software and serial key immediately after completing your purchase.
  • System Requirements: macOS 10.14 and higher.
  • Licensed on a per user basis.