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Sometimes it's scary to think how quickly technology is moving.

Today's kids are growing up in a digital age where anything and everything seems to be available to them at the touch of a button. From iPhones to iPads, no matter what you want, chances are there's an app for that.

But if you're looking to make your own app, you'll need a little guidance. 

How do you design an iPhone app? What do you do to get your iPad app in the App Store? Where can you learn how to make your app perfect for your users?

The answer to those questions, particularly the last one, can be found in Nathan Barry's insightful eBook, The App Design Handbook. With just this one resource, you will learn everything you need to know in order to design your own successful iOS application.

The App Design Handbook Highlights:

  • 125 Info-Packed Pages
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you the full 125-page PDF version of The App Design Handbook. It not only teaches you how to create an iOS app, but how to build a positive experience for your app that every single one of your users will love.
  • Wide Range of Topics
    The App Design Handbook isn't just a basic "how-to" guide. There are so many other facets of making an app besides the technical aspects. You need to not just make an app, but make one that users will navigate easily and enjoy. Topics covered throughout the book include:
    • The importance of execution
    • The capabilities of the iPhone
    • Cutting your idea down
    • Making your app responsive and intuitive
    • Sketching out the UX
    • Selecting a navigation style
    • Colors, patterns and textures
    • Being consistent in your design
    • Selecting the correct font
    • Transitions and animations
    • Messages and notifications
    • Usability testing
    • And so much more!
  • Case Studies
    Included in this deal are 2 design case studies that will help you apply the knowledge you've gleaned from the handbook. Put your lessons to the test to truly make sure you understand what you've read.
  • Button Design Files and Code
    Besides functioning well, a popular app needs to look slick too. You'll also learn how to put together some gorgeous buttons for your app using the Photoshop files and code included with your deal. Nothing like learning by using actual examples.
  • 8 Helpful Video Tips
    Sometimes seeing is better than reading. That's why Nathan's included a number of specific Video Tip videos on Photoshop and iOS design. These short video tips include things like Organizing Your Interface Builder Documents, How to Get Text in a UILabel to Wrap to Multiple Lines, and Properly Nesting Rounded Rectangles in Photoshop. You'll have access to 8 step-by-step tutorials/tips to help you navigate the rocky design road.
  • Tackling the Problem
    Get advice on where to even start with building an app. If you have the desire but no specifics in terms of what kind of app to build, the App Design Handbook runs down a number of helpful ways to fine-tune your direction and figure out not only what app to build, but what industry it can be the most successful in.

BONUS: 25 Free iOS Design Resources
You'll also get a list of useful links to 25 different free resources including icon templates, UI Button packs, interface PSDs, icon sets, game art, textures and so much more.


Normally, The App Design Handbook and Resources sell for $39, but today is the LAST DAY to get the PDF version of the book, along with the case studies, files, video tips and 25 free design resources for only $19! That's a 50% savings off the regular price!

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