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Google is a fickle beast. There's just so much that goes on under the hood at the world's most-popular search engine that nobody knows exactly how it works. Which makes ranking high in search results somewhat of a shot in the dark. 

There are specific things you can do with your website, though, to give you an edge. With the book 50 Monster Ideas to Get More Website Links & Customers, you can become your own best marketing department.

50 Monster Ideas Highlights:

  • 50 Actionable Items
    Designed to give you more actionable items for your buck than your average marketing book, you'll learn 50 specific things to do with your site to build its rankings in search engines and increase your customer base.
  • No Long Boring Lessons
    50 Monster Ideas isn't bogged down with super long and confusing narratives. Instead it offers a straightforward list of the absolute best ways to bump your site up to the top of the search engine listings.
  • Appropriate for Any Size Business
    Whether you're a tiny startup or a huge corporation, the valuable tips shared in this resource are proven to work no matter your company size.
  • Newbies to Veterans
    If you're brand-new to the marketing space, this book will be an eye-opener, showing you the best ways to master the marketing game. But even marketing veterans will garner a slew of new ideas to implement in their next successful campaign!
  • Proven Success
    Every one of the 50 powerful ideas in this book has been used by today's top industry SEO and marketing experts. These aren't your basic tips, but creative and powerful techniques to bolster your website and company's exposure.
  • Expert Authors
    Authors Alan O'Rourke and Mary Carty are two highly experienced and successful individuals with an impressive resume. O'Rourke is the founder of the award-winning digital agency Spoiltchild, and has over a decade's experience in marketing and designing campaigns for major players worldwide. Carty is the CEO of Spoiltchild and a cofounder of the email service Toddle.com. 

Bonus: Exclusive Files

With your purchase, you'll have access to download exclusive scripts, images, and other files you can use to start your own link-building campaigns. 


"This is a practical guide, well written, witty and most of all useful! Actual useful examples of how things work. It really got our creative juices flowing in the office. I honestly can't wait to implement these" - Eoin Bara, V7.ie

"This is an excellent read for a beginner starting up their own website and trying to drive traffic and boost their SEO rankings. Even the more seasoned website owner/SEO consultant can find some new and useful ideas in this book." - Ross Mulcahy, Ebow digital marketing

"Nice, easy to read guide that doesn't bombard you with terminology and phrases and instead just covers the facts and shows you how to get on with building links and driving traffic." - Donal Cahalane, SmallBusinessRebels.com

"Probably the first book on SEO that I've actually enjoyed reading! Unlike many other books on the subject, this one gives useful & practical advice. Highly recommended." - Rand W

"Alan is a seasoned professional with awards and insights that can help any business leader. Its a great investment made to get that experience down in black and white for the rest of us struggling to come to terms with this brave new business world!" - Frank H


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