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Everybody loves a free trial. It's a great way to test out a product before buying it and seeing if it's worth the expense. If you're the one offering the free trial, however, you're crossing your fingers, hoping to convert those trial users to full-fledged paying customers. Easier said than done.

Most free trials last only 30 days, so the clock is ticking. You have 30 days to sell that user on your product or services. A mere 30 days to get them to sign up as a paying customer. Pick up Alan O'Rourke's eBook 30 Days to Sell: Converting users from try to buy!, and you'll quickly find that there's a true art to the entire process. Not only are there very specific types of emails you need to send, but there's also a formula to how often you send them and at what times. Learn the ins and outs of successful user conversion with this incredible resource. Stop giving your product away without gaining any loyalty. Instead, devour 30 Days to Sell and start watching your customer base expand exponentially! For a limited time only, you can take advantage of this Mighty Deal and pick up 30 Days to Sell for only $7.95!

30 Days to Sell eBook Highlights:

  • Turn Trial Users into Customers
    With this invaluable resource, you'll learn how to convert those 30-day free trial users into full-fledged paying customers. Digest the lessons, tips, and strategies that successful companies are already using to land customers.
  • Email Examples
    Leading Web companies rely heavily on emails to convert trial users into paying customers. Learn how they do it and see loads of full page examples of the different types of emails used, complete with various calls to action.
  • Visual Reference Map
    Knowing when to send an email is almost as important as what you say in that email. With the easy visual reference map, you'll learn which messages to send at what point in time. It's a delicate game, so make sure you have the best strategy down pat. 
  • Your Key Activation Metric
    Do you know what the #1 activity in your product or service is? The one that will 100% hook your users and make them glorified customers? Read 30 Days to Sell and you'll be able to pinpoint that key activation metric and get it right in front of your potential customers' eyes.
  • Perfect Resource for All Types
    This book isn't just for website owners. Uh uh. It's the perfect roadmap to user conversion for a wide variety of individuals including entrepreneurs, marketers, growth hackers, product managers, designers, and even lead generators. It's all about conversion optimization, whether it's through inspiring emails, with strong calls to action, or analyzing and automating the sign-up funnel.

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About the Author:

Serial entrepreneur Alan O'Rourke previously ran one of Irelands leading design agencies. Founder of online marketing software company, building a user base of almost 30,000 users worldwide before selling the company. He is a graduate of business development in DIT. He is an author and speaker, bringing over ten years of award winning creative strategy and product marketing to this book.


"If you can improve your conversion by just 1%, you have covered the cost of the book several times over. Lastly, you're not going to need 2 months to wade through this - it's a quick read with really practical guides on stuff you can implement tomorrow. I highly recommend picking up a copy." - Eoghan C. Jennings, Startup Bootcamp

"This book is amazing. It really helped my company in its online marketing. I would recommend it to anyone who feels that they are not fully utilizing their online resources." - Peadar Kelleher, CEO,

"Top notch! I really wish all business books followed this format. The content is a concise distillation of best practice in the industry. The tone is pragmatic, action oriented, and packed with real world case studies. The presentation is highly visual, which makes it easy to pass around the office. This book saved us a lot of time/work/money. It inspired the team and had a direct real measurable effect on the bottom line. Overall highly recommended." - Niall Larkin, New Product Development and Innovation


The 30 Days to Sell eBook normally sells for $14.95, but for a limited time only, you can get this info-packed user converting resource for only $7.95! That's a savings of almost 50% off the regular price!

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