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You've heard the buzz words: Responsive design; HTML5; social media. They're all hot industry terms, but it's tough to keep up with the technology they're tied to. You can bounce around the Internet, reading an article here or a blog post there, or you can read some truly helpful eBooks and keep your coding cutting edge.

This Mighty Deal eBook bundle from 1stwebdesigner features three helpful books for young web designers and developers: Responsive Web Design, Learn HTML 5, and Web Design Trends. All books are available in muliple reading formats including .mobi, .pdf., and .epub. so you can dive right in on your favorite device.

Responsive Web Site Design, Quick Guide How To Get Your Site Ready For Every Device And Browser

By Jamal Jackson

  • Intro to Responsive Web Design
    It's the hottest trend going right now: Responsive design. Learn the basics and the fine points of the latest design practice, which helps your website to look great on any browser or device including tablets, smartphones and computers.
  • Tools to Get You Started
    How exactly do you build a responsive design? This eBook will introduce you to the necessary tips, tricks, and techniques needed to start your Responsive site.
  • Total Typography
    Fonts are real important when building Responsive websites, and you'll get the full lowdown on the correct way to set up responsive fonts with font-sizes, as well as learning how to set up a fallback.
  • Perfect Images
    Laying out images properly in a design is critical to the positive experience a Responsive design can bring to a user. You'll learn exactly how to properly set up images to handle various viewing device sizes.

Learn HTML5 Website Basic Features & Elements In 1 Day

By Ruben D'Oliveira

  • What is HTML5?
    Get a full introduction to HTML5 and see why it's growing so rapidly. You'll learn how to safely use it, as well as the advantages and disadvantages it has to offer.
  • New Features
    How does HTML5 differ from HTML 4.01? This eBook breaks down all the new features for you, as well as reveals exactly what's been removed in order to make HTML5 a slicker, more efficient language.
  • The Fine Points of HTML5
    Concentrate on the most important parts of HTML5 to see what powerful programming tools it can bring to the table.

Latest Web Design Trends, The Road To Good Website Design 

By Costin Gaman

  • The Importance of HTML and CSS
    Discover the secrets of how HTML, CSS and physical technology help advance programming at such a rapid pace.
  • Layout and Usability
    You'll take a unique look at the aspect of Web design responsible for such instrumental advances in both layout and usability. 
  • Social and Mobile Media
    With social media and smartphones changing the very way users interact with the web, there's a growing need to adjust a programmer's way of thinking. Learn how to create much more versatile designs for the wide variety of screen sizes available today.


This set of powerful design eBooks normally sells for $14.91, but all three eBooks can be yours for just $6! That's a whopping 60% discount off the standard price!

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