White Space: Mastering White Space Design💠

“Whitespace is like air: it is necessary for design to breathe.”

Wojciech Zieliński, Product designer

⚡️ Pop Quiz: What does ‘Horror Vacui’ mean in design?

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  • 4 Ways to Use White Space
  • World’s Best Upcoming Design Events of the Year
  • New In: Holiday Design Inspo for 2022

Let’s dive in, shall we?


4 Ways to Use White Space in Design

The best ways of using white space to make your designs shine.

White Space is an Active Element

The empty or negative space around or between the elements is called white space. White space isn’t a passive feature in your design, it’s an active element with a huge impact.

You can manipulate white space to:

👉 Emphasize certain elements by surrounding them with white space. Without anything to clutter the screen, the user’s eye will be immediately drawn to the desired element.

👉 Clarify the relationships between objects by reducing or increasing the white space between them. This follows gestalt principles of proximity, i.e., objects that are closer together are perceived as one unit.

👉 Divide elements without adding visual weight through lines. White space between elements works as an effective divider.

👉 Let it breathe The right usage of white space can help you create clean designs. Aesthetically, white space can depict elegance, minimalism, and luxury.

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World’s Best Design Events to Attend in 2023

🗓 Mark your calendars for the best design events, conferences, and seminars in the world.

The Adobe MAX – “THE” annual conference for creative professionals by Adobe Inc.

UXDX Conference – Where user-experience design and developer experience meet. Great for developers, UX designers, product designers, and everyone in between.

OFFF Barcelona – Workshops, conferences, and unlimited networking opportunities with the biggest, most innovative names in the creative industry.

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New In: Holiday Design for 2022

🎄Handy Tips for Holiday Season Design

🔔 Jingle Bells, Good Design Sells

⚡️ The Answer: Horror Vacui is the ‘fear of empty space’, an art concept that means ‘nature abhors emptiness.’

‘Horror Vacui’ (the fear of emptiness) was used as a criticism of maximalist interior design and architecture. The design concept can be seen in many paintings, interiors, and structures of the Victorian, Georgian, and Baroque Eras.

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