White Space: Logos through a nostalgic ‘80s lens ✨

“It’s important to use nostalgia as a tool for inspiration, rather than simply recreating what’s been done before.”

Emily Cohen, Brand Strategist and Creative Director

⚡️Pop Quiz: Which popular 1980s design style combined bright colors, bold patterns, and a futuristic aesthetic?

 In today’s issue:

  • Bringing it Back: Nostalgia as a Design Trend
  • Create a Hero Section to Save the Day
  • More Than Just Dates: Creative Calendar Design

Let’s dive in, shall we?


Bringing it Back: Nostalgia as a Design Trend

Combine the old and the new to create truly innovative designs.

Using nostalgia in design can:

✨Revive Childhood Memories – By evoking memories of more carefree days, you can create something familiar and comforting, while also tapping into a sense of longing for the past.

🗝️Honor your Heritage – Nostalgic design is also a way to stay true to your roots and honor historical legacies.

👵Appeal to Multiple Generations – Whether it’s through vintage packaging or retro logos, nostalgia can create a sense of familiarity that resonates with people across generations.

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Create a Hero Section to Save the Day

How to create the best, eye-catching hero section for your website.                                                                                

👉Keep it focused – Avoid cluttering the space, have a clear message that communicates value and make sure that the graphics used are high-quality and relevant to your brand.

👉Make it visually striking – Use bold typography, contrasting colors, and eye-catching graphics to create a memorable visual experience.

👉Optimize for mobile devices – Use responsive design techniques to ensure that the section is legible and visually appealing on all screen sizes.

Go deeper:

More Than Just Dates: Creative Calendar Design

📅Some tips on how to combine form and function to make every day count.

⚡️The Answer: Memphis Design.

Memphis Design is a popular design style that emerged during the 1980s, marked by its playful and irreverent approach to design. Some of the key elements of Memphis Design include geometric shapes, asymmetrical compositions and the use of materials such as plastic, laminate and brightly colored metals.

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