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“I think that in life, as in game design, you have to find the fun. There is joy out there waiting to be discovered, but it might not be where you expected.”

Sid Meier

⚡️Pop Quiz: What’s the name of the first Photoshopped image in history?

In today’s issue:

  • Photoshop 101: Free Tutorials to go from Zero to Hero
  • Explore Now: The Art of Movie Poster Design
  • In-Demand Design Careers in the Gaming Industry

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Photoshop 101: Free Tutorials to go From Zero to Hero

Learn the essential skills needed to become a pro at Photoshop and take your graphic design career to the next level.

👉Adobe – Adobe’s official website is full of free beginner and expert content including how-tos, guides, and materials to get you started with Photoshop.

👉Phlearn – A website dedicated to free, and paid, Photoshop tutorials with everything from essential skills to advanced techniques.

👉DesignTuts+ – Tuts+ features hundreds of step-by-step Photoshop guides for all skill levels.

👉YouTube – Whether you’re looking to recreate a special effect or trying to learn the basics, YouTube has thousands of Photoshop tutorials by creators that you can access for free.

Photoshop for Beginners | FREE COURSE

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The Most In-Demand Design Roles in the Gaming Industry

Get a chance to design exciting video games with these creative job roles in the gaming industry.

👾Graphic Designer – Video games require posters, billboards, social media content, and promotional material just like any other product. That’s why there’s always space for your graphic design expertise in the gaming industry.

👾UI/UX Game Designer – User interface and user experience designers build the interaction and navigation mechanisms of the game, which ensures a smooth and user-friendly gaming experience through research and testing.

👾Art Director – Video game teams require art directors to curate the visuals and feel of the games. Responsibilities include building a cohesive creative vision, directing a team of creators, and bringing the vision to life.

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Explore Now: The Art of Movie Poster Design

🎬How to Make Movie Posters

🎥Movie Poster Inspo for Designers

⚡️The Answer: The first Photoshopped image is titled ‘Jennifer in Paradise.’

Taken by John Knoll, one of the creators of Photoshop, ‘Jennifer in Paradise’ is a picture of his partner Jennifer Walters vacationing on the beach. He used it to demonstrate Photoshop’s capabilities in its early years, making it the first Photoshopped picture in history.

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