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Typography is two-dimensional architecture, based on experience and imagination, and guided by rules and readability.

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Pop Quiz: What was the first typeface to land on the moon?

In today’s issue:

  • The Emotional Weight of Typography
  • Why Do Modern Logos All Look The Same?
  • In Other News: The Perfect Digital Pencil

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Typography Rules

Feel the Font: The Emotional Weight of Typography

Demystifying the emotional influence of typography and how to leverage expressive type in your designs.

Does Type have an Emotional Impact?

There’s no denying that type evokes strong emotions and feelings that affect our overall experience of a brand. But what’s the science behind it?

2021 research conducted by Monotype and Neurons showed how different fonts evoke varying levels of memorability, trustworthiness, sincerity and confidence, confirming the hypothesis that we have an emotional relationship with type.

🔎Explore the in-depth findings here!

How to Choose Meaningful Typefaces

You can easily influence your audience’s emotions by choosing meaningful type that matches the vibe.

Here are some popular types of fonts and the emotions they evoke according to font psychology:

  • Sans Serif: Simple, straightforward, sensible, neutral
  • Serif: Timeless, formal, traditional, stable, respectable
  • Mono-spaced: Edgy, technological, sophisticated
  • Bold or Black: Dominant, confident, significant, loud

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  • Fonts & Feelings: Does Typography Connote Emotions? – Hubspot
  • Using Typography to Convey Emotions – Gravity Group
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Logo Look Book

Cookie-Cutter Logos: Do All Logos Look the Same These Days?

Understanding the evolution of logo design and why most brands are embracing simplicity and minimalism.

Why Do All Brand Logos Appear Similar These Days?

Do all logos look more or less the same to you recently? You’re not alone!

Why Companies Are ‘Debranding’

Brands are increasingly adopting minimal, type-only logos. The reasons include:

  • Simple logos are more scalable as they can be adapted to multiple screen sizes without losing legibility.
  • Brands want to appeal to a global audience with standardized aesthetics hence limiting diversity.

✍️Read what this writer has to say about similar logos.

Logo Redesign Trends of 2022 📈

Retro Roots. Many companies like Cadbury are returning to their roots and embracing retro-revitalization. This design trend provides the perfect balance for brands with a rich history.

Brand Identity-focused Logos. Companies such as GSK are revamping their logos with a focus on their brand identity. The visual elements and feel of the logo finds its way into the website, applications, company merch etc.

💡Check out some of the best logo redesigns of the year.

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In Other News: The Perfect Digital Pencil ✏️

How to Choose the Right Stylus + Our Best Picks

Stylus On a Budget – DIY Your Own Digital Pencil!

The Answer: Futura was the first font to land on the moon.

Futura made history in 1969 when NASA chose it for the Apollo 11 mission. The font was engraved on a plaque and left on the surface of the moon. It might still be floating around in space to this day!

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