White Space: 🗺 Don’t get lost in translation

Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.

– Massimo Vignelli, Designer

⚡️Pop Quiz: Who were the first logo designers in the world?

In today’s issue:

  • Breaking Language Barriers with Design
  • Design for Hospitality
  • Design for Kids

Let’s dive in, shall we?


Breaking Language Barriers with Design

How to transcend language barriers and make your designs more accessible.

Why Multilingual Design?

As a designer, your goal is to communicate with diverse audiences from all over the world. Multilingual design makes sure your design doesn’t get lost in translation.

Tips for Multilingual Design

  • 👩‍🏫 Hire Professional Translators – Don’t fall for erroneous automatic translations.
  • 👁️ Use Visual Cues – Universally recognized icons are your best friend. Use them wisely.
  • 🌐 Make it Obvious – Place language switching options where they can be found easily. Let the user choose their own language.

🍿Here’s how Netflix handles multilingual design!

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Design Trends

Design for Hospitality: Redefining Luxury

How fresh brand identities are redefining luxury in the hospitality industry.

Staying ‘On Brand’

From brochures to social media messaging, the success of a hospitality business depends upon staying ‘on brand.’

This means you need to evoke certain emotions and curate an experience through your brand identity.

Reimagining Luxury

What does luxury mean to you? DesignStudio is making luxury look comfortable and homely with their new brand identity for The Other House.

🏘️ Go deeper:

In Other News: Design for Kids

🧸 Kid-friendly Design

🖍️ Graphic Design for Kids

⚡️The Answer: Egyptians are known to be the first logo designers.

Egyptians marked ownership of their animals by branding them with hieroglyphs that are special symbols with meanings. These unique hieroglyphs are said to be the first instance of logos recorded in human history.

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