White Space: Design trends: 16 bold typographies💥

“You can say, “I love you,” in Helvetica. And you can say it with Helvetica Extra Light if you want to be really fancy. Or you can say it with the Extra Bold if it’s really intensive and passionate and it might work.”

Massimo Vignelli

⚡️Pop Quiz: What was the first AI art generator called?

In today’s issue:

  • The Bigger the Better – How to Use Big and Bold Typography
  • Top AI Tools for Graphic Designers in 2023
  • Dynamic Duo: Graphic Design Meets Fashion

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Type Trends

The Bolder the Better – How to Use Big and Bold Typography

Master the trend of using large, bold typography to leave a lasting impression.

Why Go Bold?

Big and bold typography can help you:

👉Emphasize important content such as slogans, product names or titles.

👉Create a Visual Hierarchy between the main headers and body text so users can easily skim through.

👉Improve Readability so the main message jumps out at the audience, and eliminates any reading difficulties.

👉Make an Impact to capture the attention of audiences and potential customers.

Where to Use Big Typography?

You can use large typography in:

  • Logos – Type-heavy logos to meet a brand’s bold aesthetic
  • Posters – Impactful posters with bold typography and high-contrast colors
  • Packaging – Modern and minimalist packaging for products
  • Book Covers – Eye-catching covers that grab readers’ attention

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Go deeper:


Top AI Tools for Graphic Designers in 2023

The best AI tools can optimize and streamline your graphic design practice.

Adobe Sensei – Adobe’s very own AI offering that automates workflows, streamlines content creation, provides business insights, and more

Uizard – An AI-powered UI design tool for rapid prototyping through templates, drag-and-drop functionality, and conversion of hand-drawn sketches into wireframes and prototypes

Khroma – An AI-fueled color combination generator that takes your favorite colors to create color palettes that you can compare and test

✏️Check out the top ten AI design tools to boost efficiency!

Go deeper:

Dynamic Duo: Graphic Design Meets Fashion

👗The Harmony between Fashion and Graphic Design

👜Graphic Design Careers in the Fashion Industry

⚡️The Answer: The first-ever AI art-generating program was called AARON.

Created by Harold Cohen in 1973, AARON was an AI program that generated stylized still-lifes and portraits of human figures. AARON’s work has been featured in galleries across the world.

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