White Space: 4 ways to design for sixty-somethings 👵🏽

“People ignore design that ignores people.”

– Frank Chimero, Designer

⚡️Pop Quiz: Which region’s art inspired the early modernist movement in the West?

In today’s issue:

  • Designing with Compassion: Accessible Designs for the Senior Crowd
  • Unearthing the Bold Creativity of African Design
  • Upgrade Your Graphic Design Skills with These Must-Read Books

Let’s dive in, shall we?


Designing with Compassion: Accessible Design for Older People

Why you should be designing with older people in mind to unlock a new level of inclusivity.

👉Older Adults Deserve Good Design Too – Who said the elderly can’t have fun? Older people deserve to enjoy beautiful products and designs that match their vibrant personalities. The joys of good design should not be limited to a younger audience!

👉It Helps Unlock New Wisdom – Older people are treasure troves of wisdom. Taking their years of experience into account can help us become better designers.

👉Inclusivity Benefits Everyone – Design isn’t only for the young and able-bodied. When you make older people a part of the design process, you can create inclusive design that benefits us all.

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Unearthing the Cultural Ties Behind African Design

How brands are using African heritage and its tapestry of color, pattern and style to connect to their roots.

❤️ Pan-African Hues – Color combinations of the Pan-African flag such as red, black and green and red, yellow, and green are often used to celebrate African heritage through design.

👥African Silhouettes – Many designers convey a deep connection to African heritage by creatively utilizing the silhouette of the continent itself.

🍃Nature-Inspired Motifs – Including nature and landscape reminiscent of Africa is a great way to create nostalgia. One example is the popular motif of the Baobab tree or the tree of life that comes from the African savannah.

👀Learn more about design inspired by African Heritage.

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Upgrade Your Graphic Design Skills with These Must-Read Books

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📖Unlock your creative potential

⚡️The Answer: European modernist art was heavily influenced by traditional African sculptures.

Famous modernist artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse derived their vivid color palettes, sophisticated abstraction of the human figure, and cubist style from traditional African sculptures.

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