Top 6 Best Sublimation Mugs for High-Quality Printing 2024

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Sublimation mugs are a popular choice for personalized gift items, promotional materials, or even as a creative outlet for artists and designers. The sublimation process involves transferring a design from sublimation paper onto the mug’s surface using high heat that turns the ink into gas, allowing it to bond with the mug’s coating. This technique results in vibrant, high-resolution images that are resistant to the washing and fading that can occur with traditional printing methods.

When looking for the best sublimation mugs, it’s essential to consider the quality of the mug’s coating. A high-quality coating ensures not only a superior finish for the printed image but also contributes to the mug’s durability and the longevity of the design. The type and color of the mug can influence the vibrancy of the image with white or light-colored mugs typically providing the best canvas for your artwork.

In choosing sublimation mugs, one should also be aware of the variety of sizes and shapes available. Some may prefer a standard 11-ounce mug, while others might opt for larger sizes or different shapes to match their needs or design preferences. Additionally, one should consider the mug’s compatibility with the sublimation machine and the quality of the handle, which should be comfortable to grip and sturdily attached to the mug.

We meticulously reviewed numerous sublimation mugs to determine which ones offer the best quality and value. Our research covers factors such as how well mugs retain their designs after multiple washes, the clarity and vibrancy of the transferred image, and the overall build quality of the mugs themselves.

Best Sublimation Mugs

We’ve searched high and low to bring you our top picks for sublimation mugs. With our selection, you can expect durable, high-quality options that are perfect for personalizing with your unique designs. Whether for a business or simply to enjoy your morning brew, these mugs are ready to transform into your very own custom creations.

1. Best 15oz: Cricut Blank Sublimation Mug

If you enjoy personalizing mugs with ease and quality, the Cricut Blank Mug is a delightful choice for your crafting endeavors.


  • Perfect compatibility with Cricut Mug Press
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe for hassle-free maintenance
  • Optimal for Infusible Ink, ensuring vibrant and durable designs


  • Limited to single color – white, which may not suit all preferences
  • Cricut Mug Press and Infusible Ink products are additional purchases
  • Could be more cost-effective in smaller quantities

Recently, we had the pleasure of crafting with the Cricut Blank Mug and the experience was seamless. When we applied our custom designs, they adhered flawlessly thanks to the mug’s smooth, even surface. It’s been gratifying to see how well our intricate patterns and vivid colors have held up, even after numerous cycles in the dishwasher.

We appreciate the built-in convenience. It’s reassuring to know that heating a beverage in the microwave doesn’t risk damaging our carefully crafted designs. This durability is a testament to the quality of the mug’s construction, making it an appropriate choice for daily use or as a personalized gift.

Despite these positives, we recognize there’s room for some improvement. Those who prefer a variety of base colors may find the mug’s plain white exterior limiting, and while the quality is undeniable, starting from scratch with Cricut’s system may be a bit costly for newcomers. Moreover, hobbyists or small businesses might find the pack of 36 to be excessive for their needs.

Overall, we highly recommend the Cricut Blank Sublimation Mug for anyone looking to express their creativity on a reliable canvas. Whether you’re producing gifts or goods for sale, these mugs are sure to impress with their professional finish and longevity.

2. Best 12oz: Cricut 12 Oz Mugs

We believe you’ll cherish the Cricut Blank Mugs for their ease of design transfer and long-lasting quality.


  • Achieves crisp, vibrant designs using Infusible Ink
  • Sustains repeated dishwasher use without fading
  • Microwave safe for convenient reheating


  • Cricut Mug Press required for optimal results
  • Specifically tailored for Cricut Infusible Ink products
  • May crack under extreme heat

With the Cricut Blank Mugs, we’ve effortlessly transferred intricate patterns and vivid artwork onto the mugs, each emerging with exceptional clarity. Their blank canvas allows us to express creativity without limits. Crafting personalized gifts or business merchandise has never been more straightforward.

It’s a relief knowing these mugs can go straight from the crafting table to the dishwasher. We’ve tested this feature extensively; our designs still look as sharp as the day we pressed them. The assurance that frequent cleaning won’t diminish their appearance is invaluable.

Their compatibility with microwaves also doesn’t go unnoticed in our daily routine. Heating drinks didn’t affect the design integrity, a common downfall with lesser quality sublimation mugs. Handling these day-to-day conveniences without a hitch, the mugs have become a staple in our kitchen.

3. Best 11oz: HTVRONT Sublimation Mugs

For anyone engaged in craft projects or looking to create personalized gifts, these mugs offer great quality and a canvas for vibrant designs.


  • Ensures vibrant and lasting color transfer
  • Comes with strong and secure packaging
  • Supports a wide range of temperatures


  • Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use
  • Individual boxes for mugs not included
  • Occasional reports of shipping with defects

Recently, we had the opportunity to test the HTVRONT Sublimation Mugs, and we were quite impressed with the outcome of our designs. The color transfer rate is excellent, allowing us to create sharp and vivid images that really stood out.

Handling the mugs, we noticed that the manufacturer went the extra mile with packaging. It’s reassuring because it significantly minimizes the risk of damage during shipping.

Additionally, these mugs can handle hot and cold liquids without any problem, making them versatile for a range of beverages.

However, a small downside worth mentioning is the mugs’ incompatibility with dishwashers and microwaves, which means hand washing is the way to go to maintain the sublimation prints.

Another minor inconvenience is the lack of individual boxes, so those planning to give these as gifts might have to find separate boxes for presentation purposes.

Lastly, we did come across a rare complaint about receiving a mug with a chip, but that seems more like an exception rather than the rule with these mugs.

Overall, the experience of using these mugs has been mostly positive. They are a solid choice for anyone looking to personalize or sell quality sublimated mugs.

4. Best Glass Option: Frosted Sublimation Beer Mugs

If you’re looking to personalize drinking glasses or offer customized gifts, these mugs offer vibrant sublimation results and come with all the extras.


  • Impressively bright sublimation print quality
  • Comes with convenient bamboo lids and glass straws
  • Easy to use for DIY projects and great as personalized gifts


  • Only available in a frosted finish, which may limit style options
  • Each mug might be slightly smaller than some might expect
  • Durability of the mug under heavy use is not well-documented

The moment we took the PYD Life Frosted Sublimation Beer Mugs out of their individual boxes, we noticed the quality of the frosted finish. They felt ready for transformation into unique creations. As we handled them, the sturdiness of the mug reassured us they were made to last, at least in appearance. The included bamboo lid and straw are nice touches that enhance the overall value.

Using these for a sublimation project, we found the process straightforward. The colors came out vibrant and clear, without the foggy finish that can sometimes accompany sublimation glassware. They accepted the heat well, and the end result was both professional and impressive.

When we filled one with iced coffee, the experience was delightful. The mug kept our drink adequately chilled, and we appreciated the thoughtful design of the bamboo lid—no unwanted spills. It’s satisfying to use drinkware that is not just functional but also carries a personal touch. However, they felt a bit smaller in hand than we anticipated, a good reminder to always double-check product dimensions.

In summary, these PYD Life Mugs are an excellent choice for crafters and creators who want to leave a personal impression on a practical item. They also make thoughtful gifts for friends and family. Despite being a set with a single style, their pros far outweigh the minimal cons.

5. Best with Lid Option: AGH Sublimation Coffee Mugs

We believe these AGH mugs are a great choice for those who enjoy customizing their drinkware and value temperature retention.


  • Customizable with vibrant prints
  • Maintains beverage temperature for hours
  • Includes a practical handle for easy carrying


  • Hand wash only, not dishwasher safe
  • Occasional quality control issues with chipping
  • May be pricier than some alternatives

After giving these AGH sublimation coffee mugs a spin, the customizable surface truly stands out. The sublimation coating is top-notch, making the colors pop with vibrancy that withstands regular use. The sleek, straight design is not just aesthetic; it’s functional, making it a breeze to wrap and press designs evenly.

One feature that we’ve come to appreciate deeply is the mug’s ability to keep coffee toasty for morning commutes and water chilled during workouts. The double-wall insulation genuinely lives up to its promise. Such reliable temperature consistency is a game-changer.

On the practicality front, the portable handle has proved to be a solid addition. It provides a comfortable grip that complements the mug’s slender form factor. We’ve found it fits well in most car cup holders, which is a nice touch for those of us always on the go.

However, it’s worth noting that despite the durable stainless steel, the requirement to hand wash the mugs might be a minor inconvenience. We’ve noticed that the mug can be prone to chipping, so handling it carefully is advisable. Additionally, the price point may not fit everyone’s budget, especially those looking to buy in bulk.

In summary, if you’re after a reliable, stylish, and functional mug that you can personalize to your heart’s content, these AGH mugs come highly recommended by our team. Just be prepared to take a bit of extra care during cleaning and handling.

6. Best Colored Handle: AGH Colorful Sublimation Mugs

For those wanting to personalize or start a small mug printing business, these AGH mugs are a vibrant choice with their durable quality and variety.


  • Rich, sublimation-ready coating endures high heat to create lasting designs
  • A selection of lively handle colors adds a fun twist to the classic mug shape
  • Comes with a bonus colorful spoon, enhancing the overall value


  • Some may arrive damaged due to shipping, which can be disappointing
  • Not all colors may be evenly stocked, limiting variety in each batch
  • With dishwasher use, the longevity of prints could be shorter than expected

Our experience with the AGH Sublimation Mugs has been gratifying thanks to the great end-re*prosult of our personalization efforts. The quality sublimation coating takes on ink without a struggle, yielding vibrant prints that pop. Sipping morning coffee from a mug we’ve jazzed up ourselves just feels extra rewarding.

We’ve noticed the larger handles make these mugs particularly comfortable to hold, which is a subtle but appreciated touch. The non-slip base is a practical feature, too, preventing those heart-stopping moments when a full cup nearly skids off the table.

The extra spoons that come with the mugs are charming and give us a sense of receiving a little more than what we paid for. However, one downside is the potential for receiving a broken mug or two upon arrival. It’s not common, but something to be aware of when ordering.

While these mugs claim to be dishwasher safe, from our use, we suggest hand-washing to extend the life of the sublimated designs. They may withstand several cycles in the dishwasher, but the cautious approach tends to preserve their vibrancy longer.

In sum, the AGH Colorful Sublimation Mugs are versatile and ready to become whatever we envision, making them a solid addition to our craft arsenal.

Buying Guide

Material Quality

When we choose sublimation mugs, the quality of the material is crucial. High-quality ceramics or polymer-coated materials are often preferred, as they ensure vivid colors and durability. We should seek mugs that can withstand both high temperatures and daily use without peeling or fading.

Material TypeHigh
Color QualityHigh

Heat Transfer Efficiency

For successful image transfer, heat efficiency is essential. We must ensure that the mugs distribute heat evenly to prevent patchy or incomplete designs. A smooth and seamless coating allows for better sublimation and results in a clearer image.


The mugs should be compatible with our sublimation ink, heat press, and transfer paper. Check the mug’s specifications for its compatibility with your existing sublimation equipment to avoid any inconveniences post-purchase.

Size and Shape

It’s important to consider the mug’s size and shape. Whether for personal enjoyment or professional projects, we must select a size that meets our requirements. Additionally, the shape should allow for a uniform transfer of designs.

Quantity and Pricing

We need to balance quality with affordability, especially when buying in bulk. Look for cost-effective options that don’t compromise on the key features outlined above.

BudgetStick to it
Bulk BuyCompare prices

By prioritizing these features, we can select the best sublimation mugs that cater to our needs without sacrificing quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to some common inquiries to assist you in making informed decisions when purchasing sublimation mugs.

What features should I look for in high-quality sublimation mugs?

When assessing high-quality sublimation mugs, we focus on durability, coating uniformity for image transfer, and dishwasher safety. You should ensure the mugs are made of premium materials that can withstand high temperatures during the sublimation process.

Where can I find sublimation mug blanks at wholesale prices?

We often find wholesale sublimation mug blanks from bulk suppliers and manufacturers who specialize in sublimation products. Online marketplaces can also offer competitive prices for these blanks, especially when purchased in larger quantities.

Which suppliers offer the best value for bulk sublimation mugs?

Suppliers renowned for providing the best value for bulk orders include those with in-house production facilities that can control costs. We examine customer reviews and compare prices to identify suppliers who balance cost with quality effectively.

How do I choose the best sublimation mugs for custom designs?

When choosing sublimation mugs for custom designs, we consider the mug’s material quality, the ergonomic design for printing, and how well the finished product stands up to repeat usage and washing.

Are there any budget-friendly sublimation mugs that don’t compromise on quality?

Yes, it is possible to find budget-friendly sublimation mugs that maintain quality. We recommend looking for options from suppliers that scale production to reduce costs or those offering discounts on bulk orders without cutting corners on the coating or material quality.

Can you recommend sublimation-friendly coffee mugs with lids?

We recommend sublimation-friendly coffee mugs with lids that are both airtight to prevent spills and made of materials that can sustain the sublimation heat. Mugs with silicone or polypropylene lids generally offer good quality and functionality.

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