Top 7 Best Standing Desks with Keyboard Tray 2024

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Standing desks have become a popular choice for those looking to improve their ergonomic setup at work or home. They offer a range of health benefits by promoting movement and the opportunity to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. This flexibility can lead to better posture, increased energy levels, and reduced discomfort from prolonged sitting. A standing desk with a keyboard tray enhances this ergonomic experience by allowing users to maintain a comfortable typing position whether they are sitting or standing.

The keyboard tray is a critical feature because it helps ensure that the wrists are in a neutral position, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Desks with an adjustable keyboard tray provide the added benefit of customizability, catering to the height and comfort level of individual users. As desks vary greatly in terms of materials, stability, and design, it’s essential to focus on build quality and adjustability when considering a purchase.

We have evaluated a variety of standing desks with keyboard trays to find the best options available. Our goal is to help you discover a desk that not only meets your physical comfort requirements but also fits seamlessly into your work routine.

Top Standing Desks with Keyboard Trays

We’ve carefully selected standing desks that come with convenient keyboard trays, perfect for maintaining an ergonomic posture while you work. Our list prioritizes function, style, and durability, offering you a variety of desks that cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you’re in a spacious office or a compact home setup, we’re confident you’ll find an option here that fits seamlessly into your workspace and enhances your productivity.

1. FEZIBO Rustic Charm

We find the FEZIBO Rustic Charm offers a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, making it a worthy addition to your workspace.


  • Efficient height adjustability for seamless transition between sitting and standing
  • Convenient storage features, including drawers, enhance organization
  • Sturdy build quality offers reliable support and longevity


  • Assembly can be time-consuming and may require additional hands
  • Keyboard tray has a slight wobble, though it remains stable during use
  • The desk could be a challenge to move once assembled, owing to its solid construction

Ergonomics are crucial in our day-to-day work, and this standing desk makes alternating between sitting and standing a breeze with its electric height-adjustable lifting system. We’ve found the motor to be quiet and the programmable settings incredibly useful for finding and returning to our preferred heights throughout the day.

Organization makes for a productive workspace, and this desk’s abundant storage space is a game-changer. We can neatly tuck away our office supplies in the drawers, keeping our desk clutter-free. Plus, the hooks under the table prove handy for hanging bags or headphones.

We’ve come to appreciate the solidity of the FEZIBO Rustic Charm in our daily work routine. It’s reassuring to know that our equipment rests on a stable platform that’s built to last. Yet, we must admit, assembling the desk took us some effort. Once set up, however, its robust design and warmth of the rustic finish enhance our work environment significantly.

2. FEZIBO Electric Standing Desk

If you’re in the market for a desk that marries functionality with a sleek design, this FEZIBO Electric Standing Desk should be on your radar.


  • Smooth and quiet height adjustments to accommodate different postures
  • Built-in keyboard tray maximizes desk space, sliding in and out effortlessly
  • Sturdy steel frame ensures stability, vital for when tasks demand precision


  • The keyboard tray could offer better support when at the lowest height
  • Setting up requires a bit of time and patience, despite clear instructions
  • The desktop surface, while durable, may show wear over time with heavy use

Working with the FEZIBO standing desk has improved our daily workflows, especially with the option to switch from sitting to standing without breaking concentration. The electric height adjustment feature is remarkably silent, making it a pleasure to use in a shared office without causing any distractions.

The desk’s design definitely caught our eye – it has a contemporary feel with a rustic brown finish that would fit nicely into most home or office decors. Its integrated keyboard tray has been a space-saver for us, allowing for a more organized and clutter-free desktop area.

Even with heavy-duty tasks, the desk has held up incredibly well, showing us its strength wasn’t exaggerated. The memory height settings have been particularly useful for our team, as they allow for quick ergonomic adjustments tailored to individual preferences.

We’ve found the desk to be an ideal match for office tasks, creative work, or even gaming setups. Overall, the FEZIBO Electric Standing Desk has been a sturdy and reliable workstation and could be a valuable addition to anyone looking to invest in their workspace ergonomics.

3. Marsail Electric Desk

If you’re aiming to create a versatile and comfortable workspace, the Marsail Electric Desk is a solid choice that adapts to your needs with ease.


  • Spacious keyboard tray glides smoothly
  • Programmable height settings offer personalized comfort
  • Neat cable management and additional storage hooks


  • Assembly may require an extra set of hands
  • Large size might not fit compact spaces
  • The warranty service process can take time

I’ve had the chance to fit a Marsail Electric Desk into our daily workflow, and it’s transformed the office experience. The substantial keyboard tray is a highlight, with plenty of room to comfortably house both keyboard and mouse, which slides in and out with ease. The ability to quickly shift from sitting to standing is refreshing and the four programmable height presets allow us to jump to our preferred heights without any fumbling.

The added convenience of tucking away the keyboard tray increased our workspace significantly, proving invaluable for maintaining a tidy work area. Moreover, the integrated cable management system helped us conquer desktop cable chaos, and the hooks provided storage.

However, we noted during setup that having an extra set of hands made assembly smoother. While it wasn’t overcomplicated, the sturdiness of the parts did require some maneuvering. This sizeable desk might be overwhelming in smaller spaces, so planning for its footprint is necessary. And while we appreciated the peace of mind the five-year warranty offered, some patience might be needed when dealing with warranty service requests.

The Marsail Electric Desk is a robust addition to any office looking to invest in ergonomic furniture. With its expansive keyboard tray and adjustable height features, it offers a comfortable and flexible working environment that can suit a variety of tasks, from drafting to gaming. With all it has to offer, the desk stands out as a reliable tool in elevating productivity and well-being.

4. Claiks Stand-Up Workstation

We think this desk is a sound investment for anyone aiming to combine the comfort of a traditional desk with the health benefits of a standing workstation.


  • Spacious keyboard tray comfortably fits a full-sized keyboard
  • Height adjusts smoothly and quietly, catering to various preferences
  • The desk’s assembly is straightforward, and it includes helpful organizational features


  • The desk may wobble slightly at its highest elevation
  • No locking mechanism on the keyboard tray may lead to an unsettling feel for some users
  • It should be noted that while silent, the motor’s long-term durability has yet to be proven

Having used the Claiks Standing Desk with Keyboard Tray, we’ve been impressed with its generous work surface. The expansive keyboard tray easily accommodates our equipment, making it a practical choice for our diverse tasks. The waterproof, hard-wearing tabletop has successfully endured our daily use, underscoring the durability of the product.

We’ve found the electric height adjustment to be a game-changer. Shifting from sitting to standing is a breeze, and the programmable settings allow us to quickly leap into our ideal work position. This feature serves us well during long work sessions, ensuring we maintain proper posture without discomfort.

The inclusion of a wire collector and hooks is a thoughtful touch, enabling us to keep a tidy workspace, which is paramount for maintaining focus. While there is a slight sway when the desk is fully extended, it does not undermine the desk’s overall stability. Overall, our experience has been positive, and we’d recommend the Claiks desk for those looking for a reliable, functional addition to their home office.

5. ErGear Adjustable Workstation

In our recent experience, this ErGear standing desk makes the cut for both quality and convenience, offering a smooth transition from sitting to standing positions.


  • Exceptional stability even when fully raised
  • Height settings are easily adjusted and saved
  • Generous keyboard tray space enhancing ergonomics


  • Assembly may be challenging for some
  • Height range may not suit the tallest users
  • Limited style options available

Having spent significant time working on it, we’re rather fond of its steadfastness, withstanding our daily demands without a wobble. The ease of shifting heights has been a spine-saver. It’s noticeable how much thought ErGear has put into the stability of this desk; it feels anchored even when it glides to its highest setting.

The preset height functions are handy, letting us skip the tedium of finding that perfect height every day. This desk remembers our preferences, and with just a tap, we’ve got our ideal standing scenario. It’s been a breeze for our workflow.

We carved out a corner for the keyboard tray and were pleasantly surprised by how much space it offered. Our posture is thanking us – no more hunched shoulders as we type away. The tray is just the right size to comfortably fit our necessities and seems robust enough to handle them, too.

Now, we must admit, the assembly took a bit of elbow grease. We recommend tackling this with a friend if you’re not into DIY challenges. Once it was up, the realization hit that taller colleagues might not find their sweet spot with this desk, as the height caps off at 46.46 inches. And while it’s no deal-breaker, we wished for more variety in design as the rustic vibe might not mesh with all interiors.

We believe the ErGear desk stands out for its performance and sleek full-size keyboard tray. It offers a great balance of stability and ergonomic design, although the one-style-fits-all approach and assembly complexity might give pause to some.

6. DUMOS Electric Desk

In our tests, we found that this desk delivers on its promises, offering a smooth transition from sitting to standing with ample desk space to boost productivity.


  • Effortlessly adjusts to various heights
  • The solid construction ensures stability
  • Memory settings make personalization a cinch


  • The keyboard tray, while functional, could be larger for more extensive setups
  • It requires assembly, which can be a hassle for some
  • The weight limit may restrict heavier desktop setups

Space is key in any work environment, and we can’t get enough of the ample surface the desktop provides. After setting it up, it’s apparent that the wood feels durable, and cleaning is just a wipe away. The color adds a rustic charm that should complement any office interior.

User comfort has clearly been considered here. The height adjustment operates smoothly and without any disruptive noise, so changing from sitting to standing throughout the day doesn’t disturb anyone’s concentration. Offering a good height range, we’ve experienced how simple it can be to select the perfect level for our posture and task at hand.

While functionality reigns supreme in any office product, we must touch on the aesthetics. Beyond practicality, this standing desk looks modern and feels right at home in a contemporary workspace. While the desk’s frame and mechanisms exude industrial strength, it doesn’t sacrifice style—an essential balance for most professionals.

7. JOY Worker White Electric Desk

If you’re in the market for an ergonomic workspace addition, this standing desk strikes a fine balance between utility and style.


  • Smooth and quiet height adjustments
  • The keyboard tray enhances ergonomic typing
  • Easy-to-follow assembly process


  • The two-piece tabletop may show a seam.
  • Heavy; may need assistance to move.
  • Pricer than some entry-level models

Having just equipped our home office with the JOY Worker electric standing desk, we’re genuinely impressed by its sturdy build and sleek design that seamlessly fits into our work area. The added keyboard tray is notably spacious, providing ample room for not just a keyboard but also a mouse, thus ensuring our arms rest at a comfortable position throughout the day.

The height adjustment feature is amazing. Adjusting from a sitting to standing position, we experienced no disruptions thanks to the desk’s whisper-quiet motor. The convenience of preset heights with the memory function is a feature we’ve found invaluable for quickly shifting between our preferred settings.

While the assembly seemed daunting at first glance, it was straightforward. The step-by-step video guidance was truly a game-changer, allowing us to set up the desk with minimal fuss—even though we did require a helping hand to handle the weighty components.

However, the elegance of a single tabletop is somewhat compromised here due to the necessity of combining two pieces. Although not a deal-breaker, we initially questioned the seam’s visibility and potential for catching dust. The robustness of the metal frame, though ensuring stability, also adds to the weight, making it challenging to move the desk solo.

All things considered, the JOY Worker Electric Standing Desk is a solid choice for anyone serious about their home office ergonomics, especially for those of us looking to invest in our health and productivity.

Buying Guide

Evaluating Size and Space

When selecting a standing desk with a keyboard tray, we must consider the size of the desk and the space it will occupy. Measure the intended area to ensure a good fit and verify desk dimensions for compatibility with our workspace.

AspectWhy It Matters
WidthAccommodates multiple monitors or tasks.
DepthProvides space for writing and devices.
Height RangeEnsures ergonomic positioning.

Material and Stability

Evaluating the materials used for construction is essential. We look for desks made from durable materials that promote stability, especially when typing or using a mouse on the keyboard tray.

Adjustability and Ergonomics

A key feature to look for is adjustability. The desk should allow for easy height alteration to match our ergonomic needs throughout the day.

  • Height Adjustment: Desks should have a smooth mechanism.
  • Tilt Function: Some keyboard trays offer tilt, enhancing wrist comfort.

Keyboard Tray Considerations

We focus also on the keyboard tray:

  • Size: It must be large enough for our keyboard and mouse.
  • Sliding Mechanism: A smooth sliding tray allows for better access.

Features and Accessories

Additional features can enhance our experience:

  • Cable Management: Helps in keeping our workspace tidy.
  • Power Options: Built-in outlets or USB ports for convenience.

Health Benefits

Lastly, we assess the potential health benefits, including a reduced risk of sedentary behavior and increased movement flexibility, which can contribute to our well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

When exploring standing desks with keyboard trays, our priority is to consider ergonomics, adjustability, storage, and technology integration. We address common inquiries to guide you in selecting the perfect standing desk for your needs.

What are the key features to look for in a standing desk with an integrated keyboard tray?

Our focus should be on adjustable height features, the sturdiness of the desk frame, and the quality of the keyboard tray itself. It’s crucial that the keyboard tray is wide enough for a full-sized keyboard and mouse, and that it can be tilted for better wrist positioning.

How do you determine the ideal height and ergonomics when choosing a standing desk with a keyboard tray?

We look for desks that allow the keyboard tray to reach elbow height while standing or sitting, ensuring a comfortable wrist angle. Some desks offer preset height options, whereas more advanced models provide seamless height adjustment to cater to our individual ergonomic needs.

Which standing desks with keyboard trays and additional storage options are highly recommended?

Desks that feature built-in shelves or drawers alongside an integrated keyboard tray can improve our workspace organization. We recommend options like the Uplift V2 or the Fully Jarvis, as they blend functionality and extra storage to keep our work area clutter-free.

Are there any well-reviewed electric standing desks that come with a keyboard tray?

Yes, the Vari Electric Desk is well-reviewed for its stability and ease of height adjustment, and many users appreciate the attached keyboard tray for its spaciousness and ergonomics. The ApexDesk Elite Series also garners positive attention for its sturdiness and programmable height presets.

Can I attach a keyboard tray to a standing desk that doesn’t come with one, and what are the considerations?

Certainly, aftermarket keyboard trays can be fitted to most standing desks. We need to ensure the desk’s structure can support the additional weight and that the tray can be mounted at a suitable height and distance from us to maintain ergonomic integrity.

What are the advantages of using a standing desk with a keyboard tray compared to a traditional desk setup?

Present findings indicate that a standing desk with a keyboard tray can aid in promoting better posture and reducing the strain on our wrists and shoulders. Moreover, the flexibility of transitioning between sitting and standing may potentially increase our productivity and comfort during work hours.

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