Top 6 Best Balance Boards for Standing Desk in 2024

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A balance board for a standing desk is an ergonomic tool designed to promote movement and balance while standing. Typically made of wood or plastic, it features a curved or unstable base that challenges the user to maintain equilibrium.

This activity engages core muscles, improves posture, and reduces the discomfort associated with prolonged standing. It’s ideal for standing desk users who wish to stay active, enhance focus, and prevent stiffness during work.

Two excellent balance boards for standing desk users are the FluidStance Plane Cloud Balance Board and the Whirly Board. Each board has been a game changer by making standing while working more comfortable, allowing for even weight distribution, and avoiding bad postures. These balance boards let us fidget and move naturally during calls, meetings, and while answering emails. With these boards, standing becomes more appealing, making you feel more alert and less bored during meetings.

A great benefit of balance boards is calf stretching. Just lean the board back to the floor. Tools that promote movement are highly effective with standing desks. They not only enhance well-being but also alleviate pain and stiffness while boosting energy levels.

Best Balance Boards for Standing Desks

We’ve compiled a list of the best balance boards designed specifically for standing desks, aiming to enhance comfort and posture throughout the workday. Explore our top picks below to find the perfect addition to your active workstation.

1. Best Overall: FluidStance Balance Board

If you’re considering switching up your standing desk routine, the FluidStance board infuses movement and a dash of fun into your workday.


  • Enhances muscle activation and calorie burn
  • Non-disruptive to typing or concentrated tasks
  • Made with recycled materials, supporting sustainability


  • May take time to get used to the motion
  • Not for those preferring a static standing stance
  • Could be an investment for budget-conscious individuals

We’ve recently had the pleasure of incorporating the FluidStance balance board into our workspace. Within minutes of stepping onto the sleek Blue Flash surface, we could feel the subtle activation of our core and leg muscles, quite the energizing experience during the usual mid-afternoon slump. Our stance on its usage is simple: it’s a game-changer for anyone ready to embrace slight swaying movements while knocking out email after email.

Our experience also revealed that it’s not just about movement; it’s about the continuous adjustment of our posture that seems to have alleviating effects on those small aches we get from standing still for too long. While some of us took to it like ducks to water, a few were a bit wobbly at the start, but that’s the beauty of it. This balance board welcomes all levels of proficiency.

In line with our commitment to advocating for eco-friendly products, we appreciate that the FluidStance board is crafted with the planet in mind. Holding our weight effortlessly, the board remained staunchly non-slip, granting us the confidence to stay on for longer periods. Whether we are quickly pivoting to catch a ringing phone or swaying to our favorite tunes, this balance board supports it all with a sturdy, yet responsive design.

2. Also Great: Whirly Board Wide

If you’re aiming to stay active while working at your standing desk, the Whirly Board Wide is a solid pick for elevating your workspace dynamics.


  • Engages your core and improves your posture
  • Durable with a lifetime replacement promise
  • Made in the USA supporting local craftsmanship


  • May require an adjustment period for balance
  • Cork surface may have less grip compared to skateboard tape options
  • Not suitable for those with balance disabilities

Standing on the Whirly Board Wide keeps us on our toes—literally. The 3-dimensional motion design has done wonders for our leg strength and core stability. We find that the natural maple wood construction isn’t just sturdy; it adds a touch of elegance to our office setup.

We’ve noticed the benefits of incorporating this balance board into our daily routine. It’s not just a leg day in disguise; it truly transforms our static standing desk experience into an active stance that reduces fatigue and keeps our muscles engaged.

However, we must admit there’s a bit of a learning curve. It took some time for us to get accustomed to balancing on the platform. Once we got the hang of it though, these small momentary movements throughout our day have been a game changer, and yes, it’s been a relief to our sciatica as well.

3. Contender: Gaiam Evolve Balance Board

If increasing your focus and engaging your core while you work sounds appealing, we’d say the Gaiam Evolve Balance Board is a worthy addition to your standing desk setup.


  • Encourages constant micro-movements which aid in focus and productivity
  • Designed to promote optimal positioning and reduce fatigue
  • Features a non-slip surface that pairs well with various types of flooring


  • Might be challenging for beginners to get accustomed to
  • Its width may exceed the space under narrower desks
  • The rocking motion can be too subtle for those used to more aggressive balance boards

Stepping onto the Evolve Balance Board felt intuitive – it seemed as though it had always been a part of our standing desk experience. The gentle rocking motion it provides kept us engaged throughout the day, offering just enough activity to prevent the usual aches related to static standing.

We noticed improved posture while using the Evolve Board due to its ergonomic design. However, the real test was when crunch time hit: rather than feeling drained, we found ourselves more focused, possibly because the board gently forced us to stay in motion, keeping our energy levels up.

Initially, there was a slight learning curve, especially for the team members who hadn’t used a balance board before. Yet, with patience and a bit of daily practice, we all got the hang of it. Perfect for anyone who spends long periods at their desk, the Gaiam Evolve Balance Board turned our sedentary desk jobs into a dynamic workspace that encouraged better balance and well-being.

4. Contender: FEZIBO Balance Board

We think this balance board is a top choice for anyone aiming to increase their standing desk experience and keep moving throughout the day.


  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue
  • Encourages micro-movements
  • Builds core strength


  • Learning curve for balancing
  • Might be large for tight workspaces
  • A higher price point

Having spent some hours working on this FEZIBO Balance Board, we can attest to its ability to make a standing desk setup more dynamic. It pushes us to shift our weight often, which is great for our posture and keeps us from getting stiff. Whenever we use it, we feel more engaged with our work and less aware of the clock.

The balance board’s textured surface and sturdy build provide a comfortable and secure place to stand. It’s a sleek addition to the office – the kind that sparks conversations if someone stops by. Although it takes a bit of time to get used to the balance aspect, we’ve found that it quickly becomes second nature.

One issue we’ve run into is that it doesn’t fit seamlessly into every workspace. If you’re short on room, it could be cumbersome. And while we think the investment is worthwhile for the health benefits, the price is not insignificant. However, for those who are serious about staying active even while at a desk, this board’s value becomes apparent pretty quickly.

5. Budget Option: StrongTek Balance Board

If you’re aiming for a balance of safety, effectiveness, and quality in your standing desk setup, this StrongTek Balance Board is a solid pick.


  • Enhances core stability and coordination
  • Spacious and comfortable surface for various exercises
  • Robust, high-quality construction


  • Rubber padding may peel over time with heavy use
  • Limited to balance activities without adjustable features
  • Slightly bulkier than some other models, affecting portability

After spending some time with the StrongTek Balance Board, we can see how it adds a dynamic twist to a regular work routine. The cross-shaped base allows for a fluid tilt in multiple directions, instantly activating our core muscles to keep us balanced. Integrating this equipment into our daily standing desk routine, we felt more engaged and less static during long periods of work.

Comfort is a crucial aspect of any balance board, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Its generous size accommodates shoulder-width stances nicely, and we didn’t once feel cramped. This feature, coupled with the non-slip strip, provided us with the confidence to move freely without worrying about slipping.

Construction-wise, the StrongTek Balance Board impresses with its durability. Made of high-quality Lauan hardwood plywood, it seems almost unbreakable under normal use, capable of supporting a good amount of weight. This reassurance is key for us when recommending a product for everyday use—it needs to last, and this balance board feels like it will withstand significant wear and tear.

6. Also Affordable: Seville Classics airLIFT Balance Board

If you’re seeking to make your standing desk experience more dynamic, this balance board could be your go-to fitness ally.


  • Activates core muscles to improve posture
  • Massage points offer a therapeutic standing experience
  • Lightweight with a handy built-in handle for portability


  • Might not suit those seeking a static standing solution
  • Could take some time to adjust to the rocking motion
  • Surface texture may feel uncomfortable for sensitive feet

After standing on the Seville Classics airLIFT Balance Board, we immediately realize it’s no ordinary standing desk accessory. The subtle tilt and rock make for an engaging way to stay active, transforming static desk time into an opportunity for movement and muscle engagement.

The massage points scattered across the board’s surface do wonders for tired feet. A few minutes standing on this board, and you can feel the circulation in your feet kick up a notch. It’s a refreshing change from the flat, lifeless feel of typical anti-fatigue mats.

We appreciate the sturdiness and the non-slip base – this board stays put even when we’re enthusiastically rocking from side to side. Its compact size and handle are thoughtful touches, making it effortless to stow away or move around, an attribute we find particularly useful in a busy workspace.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best balance board for a standing desk, it’s essential to consider a few key factors to ensure you make a well-informed decision.

Stability and Motion

Tilt RangeA wider range offers more challenge and a greater range of motion.
Base ShapeCurved bases increase difficulty, while flatter bases might be more suitable for beginners.

We should look for a balance between difficulty and safety, based on our individual comfort level and experience.

Material and Durability

MaterialHigh-quality materials such as wood or reinforced plastic enhance longevity.
SurfaceA textured or non-slip surface aids in maintaining grip and balance.

Durability is paramount as we expect our balance board to withstand continuous use.

Size and Portability

Weight LimitConfirm it can support our body weight.
PortabilityIf we plan to transport it, lighter and compact designs are preferable.

The board should be adequately sized to fit comfortably at our workstation.

User Compatibility

User compatibility caters to a range of different heights and shoe sizes. We must ensure that the board aligns with our physical attributes, allowing for comfortable use.

By examining these features, we can select a balance board that will complement our standing desk experience and contribute to our overall wellness and productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some common inquiries regarding balance boards and their use with standing desks for your convenience.

What are the benefits of using a balance board at a standing desk?

Using a balance board at a standing desk engages our core muscles and can improve balance and coordination. It creates a dynamic work environment that prevents us from being completely stationary.

How does a balance board contribute to posture improvement when used with a standing desk?

A balance board encourages us to shift our weight and stand upright, which can lead to better alignment of the spine and strengthening of posture-related muscles over time.

What factors should be considered when choosing a balance board for office use?

When we select a balance board for the office, we look for a stable yet responsive design, the right level of difficulty, and features that suit our workspace, like size and the ability to stow it away easily.

How do balance boards differ in their design and functionality for standing desk users?

Balance boards vary in their curvature, stability, and material, which can affect how they influence our movement and standing patterns. Some designs focus on a side-to-side motion while others offer a full range of motion.

Can using balance boards help reduce fatigue during long periods of standing work?

Yes, using balance boards can help us reduce fatigue. They encourage micro-movements that promote circulation and reduce the strain on certain muscle groups that comes from prolonged standing.

What safety precautions should be taken when using a balance board with a standing desk?

We should ensure our standing desk area is free of clutter and that the board itself is placed on a non-slip surface. It’s important to start slowly and focus on maintaining control to prevent falls.

What is the expected calorie burn when using a balance board while working?

Using a balance board while working can help you burn additional calories, although the exact number will vary depending on factors like your weight, the intensity of your movements, and the duration of use.

On average, you can expect to burn between 150 to 350 extra calories per day while using a balance board at your standing desk. It’s important to note that calorie burn estimates are approximations and using a balance board should be seen as a way to promote movement and overall wellness, rather than solely for weight loss purposes.

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