Best Sewing Scissors: Top Picks for Precision Cutting in 2024

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In the world of crafting and sewing, having the right tools can make all the difference between a frustrating endeavor and a splendid experience. Among these essential tools, sewing scissors are a staple for anyone from tailors and costume designers to hobbyists and home crafters. These specialized scissors are designed to cut through various fabrics with precision and ease, making them a foundational item in every sewing kit. As textiles can range from delicate silks to tough canvas, selecting the right pair of sewing scissors is vital for ensuring clean cuts and preserving the material’s integrity.

When shopping for the best sewing scissors, it’s important to consider the blade quality and handle comfort. High-grade stainless steel blades ensure long-lasting sharpness, while ergonomically shaped handles fitted to the user’s hand can significantly reduce fatigue during prolonged use. Additionally, the scissors’ size should correspond to the user’s tasks, with longer blades being ideal for straight, long cuts and shorter ones for detailed work.

We have invested time in identifying sewing scissors that stand out in terms of durability, comfort, and performance. Countless meters of fabric have been cut and countless patterns were considered, assuring that our selections meet the needs of various sewing projects. Whether you’re tailoring a custom garment or adding a personal touch to home decor, the following recommendations aim to enhance your sewing experience.

Top Sewing Scissors

Sewing scissors are a crucial tool for anyone who sews, whether you’re just starting out or you have years of experience. We have selected high-quality scissors that provide clean cuts, comfortable handling, and long-lasting sharpness. Our list includes options for every type of sewer, ensuring that you find a pair that fits your needs and budget.

1. Best All-in-One Bundle: SINGER ProSeries Cutting Set

If you’re seeking a versatile and durable cutting tool set for your sewing or crafting projects, we think you’ll be pleased with the SINGER ProSeries Cutting Tool Set.


  • Diverse selection of cutting tools suitable for a variety of materials.
  • Comfortable and sturdy grip enhances control during use.
  • Can be used by both right-handed and left-handed individuals.


  • Thread snips may be less comfortable for larger hands.
  • Detail scissors might struggle with extremely thick or tough materials.
  • Rotary cutter blades may need frequent replacement with heavy usage.

Having recently used this SINGER ProSeries Cutting Tool Set, we were immediately struck by the comfort of the rubber grip handles. They provided us with a steady hold, which translated into precise cuts on a range of materials, from delicate fabrics to thicker crafting sheets.

We were particularly impressed with the 8 ½-inch bent scissors. Slicing through multiple layers of fabric was effortless, suggesting that these are going to be our go-to for big sewing projects. The sharpness of the blades was evident, and there was no frustrating snagging or bunching of material.

The 45mm rotary cutter was another highlight, making intricate pattern cutting much smoother than we anticipated. We found it very effective on various fabric thicknesses and appreciated the safety feature of the sliding blade guard, which helped prevent any accidental nicks.

While the set does come with limitations, such as the thread snips being slightly uncomfortable after prolonged use, these are minor when considering the overall quality and versatility of the tools. We observed that the detail scissors might not be the best choice for very robust materials, but they excel with lighter, more precise work.

All things considered, the SINGER ProSeries Cutting Tool Set has proven to be a reliable addition to our crafting arsenal. We like that it caters to both novice and seasoned sewists, offering functionality and ergonomic design across its range of tools.

2. Best for Thread Snipping: Tula Pink EZ Snips

If meticulous detail and style matter to you, these snips are a worthy addition to your sewing kit.


  • Effortless precision with micro-serrated blades
  • Spring-action handles for ease of use
  • Stylish design with durable construction


  • May not be suitable for larger hands due to size
  • Premium pricing compared to standard snippers
  • Limited to thread and light fabric; not for heavy-duty cutting

After trying out the Tula Pink EZ Snips, we were charmed by their performance. The micro-serrated edge really does its job, gripping thread firmly for a close cut without fraying. We found this particularly handy for delicate work where precision is key. Their lightweight design and spring-action handles made the snipping process exceptionally comfortable, even during prolonged use.

We also couldn’t help but admire the aesthetics of these snips; the vibrant pink color and curved design make them a standout in our toolbox. And they are not just about looks: the stainless steel construction reassures us of their longevity. We appreciate tools that marry form and function so well.

However, we noticed that the petite size might be less comfortable for those with larger hands. And while the price is on the higher end for sewing scissors, we believe the unique features justify the cost for serious crafters. Their cutting capability is limited strictly to threads and very light fabrics, so keep this in mind if you require a more versatile cutting tool.

3. Best for Small Hands: Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors

After using Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors, we can certainly recommend them for their precision and comfort, making any cutting task a breeze.


  • Serrated blade enhances cutting accuracy
  • Comfortable grip ideal for long crafting sessions
  • Lightweight and compact for portability


  • More expensive than some other scissors on the market
  • Serrated edges may not be preferred by all crafters
  • Plastic components may not convey a premium feel

Having spent a considerable amount of time cutting fabrics, we’ve grown to appreciate scissors that make the job both quicker and more precise. The serrated edge of these scissors impresses us the most – it grips the fabric securely, allowing for accurate cuts all the way to the tip without any fabric slippage.

Comfort is key when working on projects that require a lot of cutting. The soft handles on these scissors fit comfortably in our hands, reducing fatigue during extensive use. This is a feature we’ve found particularly beneficial during long quilting sessions.

We’ve taken these scissors to various crafting groups because they’re so easy to transport. Their size is perfect for slipping into a sewing kit, and the plastic cover keeps them safe and the blades sharp. Despite the travel-friendly design and stellar performance, some might find their cost a bit steep, but in our experience, the investment pays off in the quality of work these scissors enable.

Crafters with a preference for traditional cutters might not favor the serrated blades, and the use of plastic might leave some longing for a more traditional feel. However, these are minor points that don’t detract from the overall functionality.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for durable, precise, and comfortable sewing scissors, Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors should definitely be on your list. Despite a few downsides, we find the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks, making them a worthwhile addition to any crafter’s toolkit.

4. Best for Arthritic Hands: Fiskars Easy Action Rag Quilter Snip

We think these scissors are a must-have for anyone dealing with arthritis or repetitive cutting tasks, thanks to their ease-of-use and ergonomic design.


  • Sharp blades that glide through multiple layers of fabric
  • Effortless cutting with spring-action and soft grip
  • Durable with titanium-coated blades


  • Bulkier handle may be less suitable for those with very small hands
  • Serrated edge can occasionally snag on certain fabrics
  • Pricier than some basic scissors options

After spending countless hours on various sewing projects, we can attest to the genuine comfort and precision that come with using the Fiskars Easy Action Scissors. The spring-action design has become a game-changer, significantly reducing the strain on our hands. This feature alone makes these scissors worthy of the high praise they often receive.

Cutting through multiple fabric layers can be a chore, but these scissors make the job feel like a breeze. Their sharp blades paired with the Softgrip handle have enabled us to work for extended periods without the usual fatigue. It’s gratifying to work with tools that actually make a task easier.

Durability is important for sewing enthusiasts, and we’ve noticed that the titanium coating on these blades lives up to its promise of longevity. It’s apparent that this tool can withstand the test of time and retain its edge, even with heavy use. We’ve cut through denim, silk, and even several layers of fabric without any loss of performance, which speaks volumes about their quality.

5. Excellent for Denim: Gingher Dressmaker’s Scissors

We think these shears are essential for anyone serious about sewing due to their durability and precision cutting.


  • Effortlessly cuts through multiple layers
  • Comfortable grip aids in accurate cutting
  • Comes with a protective sheath for safe storage


  • Higher price point compared to other scissors
  • May not be suitable for those with smaller hands
  • Not designed for left-handed individuals

Cutting fabric has never been as satisfying as with these Gingher Dressmaker’s Scissors. The blades glide through material, making the most precise cuts from edge to edge. We found their ability to tackle multiple layers particularly impressive, which is a huge timesaver for big projects.

Despite their strength, they’re astonishingly easy on the hands. The bent handle design keeps the material flat, and we’ve noticed this leads to fewer mistakes. They feel well-balanced, and the grip is comfortable even during prolonged use. It’s clear that these shears are crafted with the user’s comfort in mind.

The touch of elegance with the double-plated chrome-over-nickel finish is noteworthy. We’ve been using these shears and they not only perform exceedingly well but they also seem to retain their sharpness use after use. Having the protective sheath is a great bonus, ensuring the blades stay safe when not in action.

6. Lightweight and Durable: Fiskars Easy Action Scissors

We think these scissors are a cut above the rest for detailed and comfortable fabric cutting, making them an indispensable tool for your crafting arsenal.


  • Precision with the fine Micro-Tip blades is outstanding for intricate work.
  • Reduced hand fatigue due to the spring-action design is a game-changer.
  • Comfortable SoftGrip handle ensures a secure and soft grasp.


  • Not ideal for cutting through multiple layers or bulky materials.
  • Blades might stick on adhesive materials, requiring careful cleaning.
  • Spring mechanism may wear out over time with heavy use.

We’ve been snipping away at various fabrics, and the Fiskars Easy Action Scissors stand out for precise, tight cuts, especially on intricate patterns. Crafting detailed designs from materials like silk or cotton becomes a breeze, and the RazorEdge blades slice all the way to the tip without fraying fabric. The Micro-Tip point is a true testimony to Fiskar’s dedication to precision, letting us move confidently around curves and corners.

When we’re working on projects that take time, comfort is key. These scissors deliver on that with an Easy-Action spring mechanism. Each cut feels less like a chore and more like a natural motion, making the scissor work for us instead of the other way around. And as for grip, the SoftGrip handle fits comfortably in our hands, allowing us to cut for extended periods without discomfort.

We’ve also been mindful of the sturdiness and longevity of tools. While the Fiskars Easy Action Scissors feel robust and look as though they can handle frequent use, no craft tool is without its limits. Cutting adhesive materials can be less smooth, and if you’re planning on going through multiple layers or very heavy fabric, you might need a heftier pair. We advise keeping an eye on the spring action; it’s a delight to use but might show wear after a lot of heavy cutting. Overall, these scissors have earned their place on our crafting table.

7. Best for Fabric Cutting: Kai 9″ Professional Shears

We’ve found these Kai 9″ Professional Shears to be a solid choice for sewing enthusiasts looking to handle thicker fabrics with ease.


  • Sharp edges offering a precise cut
  • Lightweight design reduces hand fatigue
  • Comfortable for those with smaller hands


  • May not be suitable for those preferring heavier scissors
  • 9-inch size might feel limiting for larger projects
  • Higher price point compared to standard scissors

In our experience, the Kai 9″ Professional Shears stand out when working on intricate sewing projects. The superior sharpness of the high carbon, hardened stainless steel blades makes slicing through challenging materials almost effortless. They feel almost like an extension of our hands, gliding through layers of fabric without snagging.

We also appreciate how these scissors are light to hold. During long sewing sessions, our hands didn’t tire as quickly, which is a significant advantage. The scissors’ design seems to strike the perfect balance between professional-grade tools and user-friendly features.

For those of us with smaller hands, the Kai 9″ Shears are a perfect fit. Maneuvering them around curves and corners is a breeze, and the precise cut they deliver each time has made them a favorite. We’re quite happy with how they perform and believe they’re a solid investment for anyone serious about sewing.

Buying Guide

Material Quality

We should first consider the quality of the material. High-quality stainless steel is a standard for durability and long-lasting sharpness. Titanium coatings can also enhance the longevity and performance of the scissors.

AttributeWhy It’s Important
Stainless SteelResistance to corrosion
Titanium CoatingAdds strength

Handle Comfort

Comfort is paramount when choosing sewing scissors as we’ll use them for extended periods. We aim for ergonomically designed handles that reduce hand fatigue.

Handle FeatureImportance
ErgonomicMinimizes strain
Soft GripIncreases comfort & control

Blade Sharpness

Sharp blades ensure clean and precise cuts. When testing sharpness, we look for a smooth, easy cut without fraying materials or requiring too much force.

Size and Type

We should match the scissor’s size and type to our specific cutting tasks. Smaller scissors are for fine, detailed work, and larger pairs are suited for cutting thicker materials.

Scissor SizeSuggested Use
SmallDetail work & tight spaces
LargeThick materials & long cuts

Maintenance Features

We look for features that aid maintenance, such as adjustable pivot screws for tension control. This ensures we can keep our scissors in optimal condition for longer.

Maintenance FeatureBenefit
Adjustable ScrewCustomizable tension
Easy to CleanProlongs scissor life

We rely on these guidelines to identify the best sewing scissors that meet our needs for comfort, effectiveness, and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common inquiries focusing on essential features, top brands, and specific types of sewing scissors.

What features should beginners look for in sewing scissors?

We recommend beginners choose sewing scissors with comfortable handles, sharp blades, and a reasonable size to handle various fabrics with ease.

Which brands are considered top-tier for professional tailoring scissors?

For professional tailoring, brands like Kai, Gingher, and Fiskars are widely respected for their precision, durability, and ergonomic design.

What are the advantages of using Gingher sewing scissors over other brands?

Gingher scissors offer precision cutting with their finely honed blades, and their reputation for long-lasting sharpness sets them apart from others.

For dressmaking purposes, what type of scissors are recommended by experts?

Experts often suggest using tailor’s shears for dressmaking, which are longer in length for smooth cutting of patterns and fabrics.

How do Kai sewing scissors compare to other brands in terms of quality and price?

Kai sewing scissors are known for their high-quality construction and materials, often providing excellent value for their moderate price point compared to some premium brands.

What distinguishes professional fabric scissors from regular scissors in sewing?

Professional fabric scissors are specifically designed with sharper blades and specialized materials to cut textiles accurately without fraying, unlike regular scissors.

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