Top 5 Best Procreate Watercolor Brushes: Top Picks for Digital Artists

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Watercolor painting has charmed artists and enthusiasts for generations with its ethereal quality and subtlety of hues. In the digital art space, Procreate has established itself as a premier app for iPad users, bringing the traditional painting experience to the touchscreen. Among the myriad of tools available, watercolor brushes for Procreate stand out for their ability to mimic the fluidity and organic interplay of pigments unique to watercolor media.

Selecting the best Procreate watercolor brushes is essential for artists aiming to reproduce the traditional watercolor feel on a digital canvas. Important factors to consider include the texture, flow, and opacity of the brushes since these characteristics define how the digital strokes mimic real watercolor paint. Moreover, a diverse brush set offers a range of possibilities from fine details to broad washes, essential for achieving depth and realism in watercolor art.

We understand the importance of every stroke in creating a digital masterpiece, which is why we’ve devoted our efforts to finding watercolor brush sets that cater to both the whimsicality and precision that artists seek. Our recommendations are based on brushes that excel in performance, versatility, and authenticity in replicating watercolor effects.

Top Picks for Procreate Watercolor Brushes

We’ve handpicked a selection of Procreate watercolor brushes that stand out for their quality and performance. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, these brushes will help you create stunning watercolor effects right on your iPad. Each brush in our list has been crafted to mimic the dynamic and transparent qualities of real watercolor paints, offering you a digital solution that feels authentic.

1. Princeton Aqua Elite Brushes

We believe these brushes are a wise pick for artists who demand the finesse of a high-quality brush without the steep price tag.


  • Impressive performance comparable to natural hair brushes
  • Excellent durability for long-term use
  • Versatility in brush sizes catering to various art styles


  • May retain excess water requiring adjustment in technique
  • Handles may feel less comfortable for those used to shorter designs
  • Synthetic bristles might not satisfy purists who prefer natural hairs

The feel of the Princeton Aqua Elite Brushes gliding across the paper is nothing short of delightful. We’ve noticed the bristles hold copious amounts of watercolor, allowing for extended strokes with minimal interruptions. Their ability to maintain a sharp point even after vigorous use is remarkable, ensuring that detailed work in our watercolor paintings is as crisp as desired.

In our experience, the construction quality of these brushes warrants commendation. Holding them is comfortable even through prolonged periods of intricacies in painting. It’s clear these brushes are crafted to last, which is more than welcome in our toolkit given the frequency of our painting sessions.

While we appreciate the high water retention, it did take us some time to get the hang of controlling the flow. Once mastered, though, the fluidity with which we could lay down colors vastly improved our painting process. We admire the versatility in this set, from the Oval Wash to the Round 10, each brush opens up possibilities for creating wide washes and fine lines alike.

2. Biaelk PaintBrushes Set

We think these Biaelk brushes offer great value for beginners and seasoned artists alike due to their versatility and quality construction.


  • Variety in size offers a good range for different strokes
  • Synthetic taklon bristles maintain shape and allow for precise control
  • Highly absorbent fibers makes these suitable for both watercolor and acrylic


  • The handle construction might not endure heavy use
  • A single faulty brush may be present in the set
  • Limited to just water-based mediums

Our recent painting session with the Biaelk PaintBrushes Set proved quite satisfying. The brushes come with taklon bristles which are not only resilient but also mimic the feel of real hair. We were able to create fluid strokes and the bristles snapped back into shape easily after each use.

What we appreciate about these brushes is the handle. The wooden material gives a comfortable grip which is crucial during lengthy painting sessions. We did notice, though, that with continuous use over time, the handles may not withstand the wear and tear as robustly as some higher-end options.

Using the brushes for both watercolor and acrylic paint, they performed admirably. The water uptake was commendable and allowed us to apply paint smoothly to the canvas. And with taklon’s reputation for not shedding, we didn’t find ourselves picking rogue bristles off our work – a huge plus.

Customer feedback seems to mirror our experience. There’s mention of the exceptional value you get with this set given its affordability. However, we also note the minor gripe about an occasional faulty brush in a set. For beginners or those on a budget, this is a set that more than does the job, but it’s worth checking each brush upon receipt.

In our collective experience, beginners and cost-conscious artists will find the Biaelk set to be a sensible addition to their art supplies — affordable, effective, and ideal for a variety of painting techniques. The set includes a generous range of sizes which is particularly useful for exploring different styles and techniques. Despite the potential for a less durable handle and the odd defective brush, we’re confident in recommending these for their overall performance and value.

3. Grabie Watercolor Brushes

We recommend these brushes for any watercolor enthusiast looking for quality and versatility.


  • Brushes hold paint well and maintain a fine point for detailed work.
  • The set includes a variety of sizes suitable for different painting techniques.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, which prolongs their lifespan.


  • Limited to only five sizes, which may not satisfy all artistic needs.
  • Synthetic bristles may not suit purists who prefer natural hair brushes.
  • The set comes from a lesser-known brand, which might deter some buyers.

After spending some time painting with these Grabie brushes, we’ve noticed how comfortable they are to hold. The dowel handles fit nicely in our hands, making long painting sessions less tiring. The smooth application facilitated by the round, pointed tips impressed us, especially when adding intricate details to our artwork.

The versatility of these brushes was clear from the start—the range of strokes they allowed us to achieve was quite remarkable. Whether we were working on wide washes or fine lines, the transition felt seamless. Another aspect we admired was the synthetic bristles; they seem to mimic natural hairs closely without the ethical concerns some artists might have.

Maintenance turned out to be a breeze. A simple rinse with warm soapy water removed the paint without any fuss. We also appreciate the felt pouch that comes with the set, as it keeps our brushes organized and protected between uses. It’s clear that these brushes are crafted with care and attention to detail.

4. Pinturale Arts Round Brushes

We believe these brushes are a wise choice for both seasoned artists and newcomers due to their versatility and quality.


  • Brushes offer excellent water retention for smooth applications.
  • The handcrafted aspect ensures durability and lesser bristle loss.
  • Elegant packaging and included velvet bag make them ideal for gifting.


  • May be pricier than other options, reflecting their professional quality.
  • Limited to round brushes, which might not suit all painting styles.
  • Some users may prefer natural over synthetic bristles.

We’ve had the pleasure of using the Pinturale Arts Round Brushes and they truly stand out. The brush hairs are supple yet resilient, allowing us to pick up ample watercolor and glide it over the paper with ease. It’s a joy how every stroke transfers exactly as you’ve planned, embodying both precision and grace.

Our experience with these brushes extends beyond the paper. Their elegant construction and the luxurious feel of the synthetic hairs bring a certain comfort to the painting process. It’s the handcrafted touch that resonates with our appreciation for quality art tools, especially knowing that they are built to last.

Switching between brushes to find the perfect stroke can interrupt our workflow, but with eight sizes to choose from in this set, transitions are seamless. Their capacity to hold a sharp point means detailing with these round brushes is particularly enjoyable. Though they are a bit of an investment, the difference they make is palpable. If you’re serious about your watercolor work, consider these brushes a partner in your creative journey.

5. ARTEGRIA Watercolor Brush Set

We think this ARTEGRIA set is perfect for artists seeking a versatile brush collection for their watercolor techniques.


  • Bristles hold a considerable amount of water for extended brush strokes
  • The set includes a range of sizes for different painting needs
  • Aesthetically pleasing and comes with a handy storage tube and travel bag


  • Synthetic bristles may not mimic natural hair perfectly
  • Might be stiffer than expected upon first use
  • The elegance of the packaging could be misleading for users expecting professional-grade brushes

Having tried numerous watercolor brushes, we found the ARTEGRIA Watercolor Brush Set to be reliable for creating precise lines and washes. The variety in sizes caters well to different artistic approaches.

The brushes’ synthetic squirrel hairs surprised us with their water retention. They offered us a smooth flow, allowing for graceful, broad strokes and detailed work without constant dipping.

Despite the initial stiffness, after some use, we noticed the brushes became more flexible, which benefited our painting process.

However, while their presentation is impressive, users looking for the highest quality natural hair may want to consider the subtle differences between these and more expensive alternatives.

Buying Guide

When we’re in the market for new Procreate watercolor brushes, it’s essential to focus on versatility and functionality. Brush Quality is the cornerstone; a good set includes a range of strokes from broad washes to fine details. We look for brushes that simulate the natural absorption and spread of real watercolor.

Texture Variety is also paramount. The best sets offer a mix of textures for different effects, such as granulation, edge diffusion, and dry brush. It’s a smart move to check for sets that incorporate a wide range of textural options to ensure our artwork stands out.

Next, we consider Customization Features. Brushes that allow for adjustment of properties like flow, size, and opacity enable us to tailor our strokes precisely to our project at hand.

Compatibility and Updates are crucial to ensure brushes work seamlessly with the latest Procreate version. We always confirm that the brush set is compatible with our current device and software version.

Lastly, usability is key. We should opt for brushes that are User-Friendly and come with instructions on installation and use. A set that is easy to navigate enables us to jump straight into creating, saving precious time and frustration.

Remember, the goal is to find a set that meets our artistic needs and enhances our digital watercolor projects without unnecessary complexity.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some common inquiries regarding Procreate watercolor brushes to help enhance your digital artwork experience.

Which brushes simulate watercolor effects most realistically in Procreate?

When searching for realism in watercolor brushes within Procreate, we look for those with fluid, unpredictable edges and blending capacities that mimic actual watercolor behavior. Brushes crafted by artists like Max Ulichney and Georg’s Brushes have earned reputations for their lifelike watercolor effects.

Where can I find free Procreate brushes that emulate watercolor painting?

Free Procreate brushes that capture the essence of watercolor painting can often be found on sites like DeviantArt and Brusheezy. These communities are generous with sharing user-created brushes that suit a variety of artistic needs.

Are there any watercolor brushes available on Gumroad for Procreate users?

Gumroad is a popular platform where artists can sell their custom Procreate brushes, including watercolor sets. By browsing Gumroad, we find a range of brushes made available by both amateur and professional artists, each offering unique textural qualities and brush dynamics.

Can you recommend some of the top-rated watercolor brushes for Procreate?

Among the top-rated watercolor brushes for Procreate, we often recommend sets created by artists like Abby Nurse and Gal Shir. Their brushes frequently receive positive feedback for their quality and realism.

How do Procreate’s default brushes compare to specialized watercolor brushes?

Procreate’s default brushes provide a solid foundation for watercolor painting, yet specialized brushes often offer more nuanced control and varied effects. Such specialized brushes are specifically designed to replicate the watercolor feel, with improved responsiveness and texture.

What are the differences between gouache and watercolor brushes in Procreate?

Gouache brushes in Procreate typically have a more opaque and matte finish compared to the translucency and flow of watercolor brushes. The gouache brushes give us a flatter, less gradient effect which is distinct from the often soft and light diffusion presented by watercolor brushes.

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