Top 5 Best Metallic Watercolor Paint Brands for Vibrant Artwork in 2024

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Watercolor painting is a revered art form that boasts a rich tradition, allowing artists to capture the ephemeral qualities of light and color in their works. Among the various types of watercolors, metallic watercolors hold a special place, offering shimmering effects that can make a painting stand out with a unique luster. These paints utilize reflective pigments to add a metallic sheen, bringing a touch of brilliance to both fine art and craft projects.

When choosing the best metallic watercolor paints, it is essential to consider the pigment load, which dictates the paint’s opacity and luminosity. The quality of the binder, usually gum arabic in watercolors, also affects the flow and adhesion of the paint to the paper.

Moreover, the granularity and lightfastness—how resistant the pigment is to fading over time—are critical factors that can impact the longevity of the artwork.

Additionally, ease of reactivation once the paint has dried on the palette and compatibility with other watercolors are practical considerations for artists.

Our comprehensive testing of metallic watercolor paints aims to discern which products offer the best combination of vibrancy, blend-ability, and longevity. Through our analysis of these factors, we seek to guide artists toward making informed decisions for stunning, eye-catching creations.

Top Metallic Watercolor Paints

We’ve carefully selected the finest metallic watercolor paints available, ideal for both novices and seasoned artists. Whether you’re adding shimmer to your illustrations or jazzing up your calligraphy, our picks provide exceptional quality and versatility, perfect for any project.

1. Kuretake Gansai Tambi Metallics

After putting Kuretake Gansai Tambi Metallics to the test, we believe it’s a top-notch choice for anyone looking to add shimmer to their artwork.


  • Wide array of lustrous metallic hues
  • Pans are sizable, accommodating various brush sizes
  • Dual-use capability: can be thinned or used more opaquely


  • Some colors less consistent than others
  • Metallic sheen may not suit all projects
  • Requires specific paper types for optimal results

Using the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Metallics, we found the color selection spellbinding. The inclusion of the new shades alongside classic golds and gem-inspired tones allows for a vast creative palette. In practice, these paints dissolve swiftly and offer a potent vibrancy that truly stands out on the canvas.

The larger pan size is a definitive plus. It means we’re not restricted when choosing our brushes—whether delicately detailing with a fine tip or sweeping broadly with a larger bristled brush, these paints accommodate it all.

As we manipulated the medium, we noticed the versatility of the watercolors, equally adept in creating sheer washes or retaining their intense pigmentation when less diluted. The slight sheen they leave upon drying adds a sophisticated finish to artworks. However, for those in search of matte results, this characteristic may be a downside.

A point to consider: while most of the paints display consistency, a few can be temperamental. Undoubtedly, the right paper is key as the metallic properties shine brightest on specific surfaces suited for watercolors. Overall, our experience with Kuretake’s set has been favorable, and the sheer potential it offers makes it a worthy addition to any artist’s toolkit.

2. ARTSY Metallic Watercolors

We think these metallic watercolors are a fantastic choice for artists at all levels because of their ease of use and vibrant results.


  • The colors blend seamlessly and shine brilliantly on paper.
  • This set is incredibly travel-friendly, making it easy to bring your creativity on the go.
  • Non-toxic and safe, which gives us peace of mind.


  • A few pans may have less paint than expected, as seen in some pieces.
  • Colors might be mislabeled, which could cause mild confusion.
  • Might not match every individual’s pigment preferences for certain projects.

In our use, the ARTSY Metallic Watercolors brought a delightful shimmer to the page. The glitter effect is prominent, adding an extra dimension to our artwork that really catches the eye. We noticed the paints glide on smoothly without leaving a grainy texture. The sheer variety of colors in the set inspired us to experiment with new combinations.

Transporting the set couldn’t be easier. The compact metal case slipped into our bag effortlessly. We appreciated how it’s designed to protect the paints while doubling as a mixing palette—quite a thoughtful feature for us artists who enjoy painting in different settings.

After many uses, we observed the consistency in quality. The colors remain vibrant and retain their luster once dry, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of our work. We did notice that some pans were not filled consistently, but this was a minor point given the overall quality and presentation of the set.

3. Komorebi Metallic Watercolor Set

We think this set is a must-have for artists seeking a metallic sparkle in their work, providing a unique liquid-metal finish.


  • The shimmering effect adds a luxurious sheen to paintings
  • Comes in a convenient, portable metal box
  • Requires only a bit of water to activate vivid colors


  • Limited to metallic colors, which may not suit all projects
  • Smaller set might run out quickly for prolific artists
  • Metallic finish might not be as intense on certain surfaces

Upon first opening the Mozart Supplies Komorebi Metallic Watercolor set, we were immediately struck by the stunning array of colors. The paints gleamed back at us from their compact metal box, inviting us to dip our brushes and explore their potential.

As we began to paint, we noticed how little water was needed to wake up the vibrant hues. Each stroke on paper transformed into a dazzling display of color, each more radiant than the last. The blendability of these paints allowed us to create smooth gradients and transitions, perfect for nuanced artwork.

After several uses, we appreciated the portability of the set. Whether we were painting in the studio or sketching in the park, it traveled with us effortlessly. The carefully chosen colors had a charm, gifting our work with a metallic shine that mimicked the lustre of precious metals. However, bear in mind that once you fall in love with these metallic shades, you might find yourself using them up rather quickly—a testament to their allure.

4. Grabie Shimmering Watercolors

For those who want to take their artistic endeavors to a new level of vibrancy and shine, we highly recommend the Grabie Metallic Watercolor Paint Set.


  • Each hue sparkles uniquely, adding a professional gleam to our artwork.
  • We appreciate the smooth consistency and ease of blending the paints provided.
  • The tin package not only protects the paints but also serves as a mixing palette.


  • The individual color pans are a bit on the smaller side.
  • Requires a bit of patience to fully activate the true metallic sheen.
  • While we enjoy the variety, some shades are less vivid than others.

We’ve just had the pleasure of using the Grabie Metallic Watercolor Paint Set, and we must say, the range of shimmering shades left us thoroughly impressed. This set, with its palette of 40 metallic colors, lit up our artwork with splashes of brilliance reminiscent of natural skylines and serene landscapes.

The paint’s quality was evident as it glided across our paper, demonstrating good tinting strength which made blending shades a joy. Not only did it allow us to create gradient transitions with ease, but it also layered beautifully, giving our work a professional finish that we didn’t know we were capable of.

Furthermore, the sturdiness and multipurpose design of the tin package are a boon for artists like us who are always on the move. The inclusion of a dedicated palette area inside the tin has been a convenient touch, allowing us to mix colors right where we paint. Although, we must note that patience is indeed required as the paint takes a moment to reveal its full metallic luster, which in our experience, adds an element of mindfulness to our painting process.

We believe that artists ranging from novices to advanced will find something to love about this set, with its generous choice of hues and functional packaging. Despite some colors being more subdued than others and the small size of the individual pans, the overall value delivered by this set has left us with little doubt about its capabilities.

5. CSY Art Gallery Sparkle Set

We find these handmade sparkles are a true gem for artists seeking to add a mesmerizing shimmer to their work, projecting quality and uniqueness with each stroke.


  • Organic and natural ingredients ensure a guilt-free, eco-conscious painting experience.
  • Dual-tone colors provide versatility and depth to artwork on both dark and light bases.
  • Each pan is artfully handcrafted, suggesting a personal touch to our creative toolkit.


  • Handmade pans might have inconsistencies, which can be initially surprising.
  • The shimmer might require specific techniques to truly pop on certain surfaces.
  • Size may be smaller than anticipated, but they extend far with minimal use.

Discovering each handcrafted pan of the CSY Art Gallery Sparkle Set felt like uncovering treasures. The natural ingredients blend magnificently, leaving a metallic sheen that transforms ordinary illustrations into captivating pieces. We could see the dual-tone effect manifest beautifully as we layered the colors, adding a dynamic flair to calligraphy and watercolor paintings.

The dedication to quality is evident not just in the vibrant pigments but also in how seamlessly they integrate into the paper. Our experience found that a little goes a long way—even the tiniest dab of these rich, glistening paints brought our artworks to life with an enchanting shimmer.

Yet, our enthusiasm is slightly tempered by the quirks that handmade items usually carry. Some pans had bubbles and other minor imperfections, which didn’t affect performance but served as a reminder of their unique origin. Additionally, for those new to metallics, it might take a bit of experimentation to harness the full potential of their shimmer.

Ultimately, this selection from CSY Art Gallery has enriched our palette, infusing it with an element of sophistication and depth that standard watercolors simply can’t match. Despite the minor learning curve and size surprise, the trade-off is a set of glistening shades that we believe truly upgrades one’s artistry.

Buying Guide

When we’re on the lookout for the best metallic watercolor paint, we should consider several key features.

Pigment Vibrancy: The brilliance of the color is crucial. We want our metallic watercolors to have vibrant, rich pigments that stand out on paper.

Lightfastness: This is the paint’s resistance to fading over time. We aim for higher lightfastness ratings to ensure our artwork maintains its luster.

Quality: We prefer artist-grade paints because they generally offer superior color payoff and longevity compared to student-grade paints.

Palette Range: A good selection of colors allows for versatile artwork creation. We look for sets that offer a range of metallic hues.

Consistency and Texture: The paint should have a smooth consistency for even application. We also consider whether the paint granulates, which can add texture to our work.

Price: We balance cost with quality. The aim is to find paints that offer the best value within our budget.

Lastly, the environmental and health impact of the paints is a consideration for us. We opt for non-toxic, eco-friendly options when available.

By keeping these features in mind, we can select a high-quality metallic watercolor paint that meets our artistic needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our experience, effective use of metallic watercolor paint relies on both the skill of the artist and the quality of the paints themselves. We’re here to guide you through common inquiries, with insights on usage, product recommendations, and characteristics of metallic watercolors.

How do you use metallic watercolor paint effectively?

We’ve found that to maximize the sheen and pigmentation of metallic watercolors, it’s best to layer them over a base coat of regular watercolor. Using them on darker papers also enhances their luminosity. We recommend a smooth watercolor paper to let the metallic shine really pop.

What are the top-rated metallic watercolor paints for beginners?

Beginners should look for metallic watercolor paints that are easy to use and forgiving. Sets by Finetec and Kuretake Gansai Tambi score highly among novices. These brands provide rich pigmentation and good value, ensuring a satisfying initial foray into metallic watercolors.

Which brands of metallic watercolor are preferred by professional artists?

Professionals often prefer brands like Schmincke and Daniel Smith. The preference is due to the consistency, durability, and range of hues these brands offer. They maintain high standards for lightfastness and quality, which are essential for work that is sold or displayed.

What qualities should I look for in a good metallic watercolor paint?

We emphasize that a good metallic watercolor should offer excellent coverage, a smooth texture, and a sheen that stands out on paper. It should also reactivate well with water and have a high degree of lightfastness to ensure the longevity of the art.

How do metallic watercolors compare to traditional watercolors in vibrancy and coverage?

Metallic watercolors usually provide a different kind of vibrancy characterized by their reflective sheen. Their coverage is generally more opaque than traditional watercolors. This can offer unique effects, particularly when juxtaposed against the translucency of regular watercolors.

Can you recommend some versatile metallic watercolor sets for varied artistic needs?

For versatility, we recommend the Coliro Pearl Colors set, which performs well on many surfaces and offers a wide color range. Another option is the Paul Rubens Artist Watercolor Paints, known for their blendability and excellent tinting strength. These sets cater to different artistic demands, from crafting to fine art.

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