Top 6 Best L-Shaped Standing Desks in 2024

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An L-shaped standing desk is a workstation designed in an L shape, providing ample space and flexibility. It typically features adjustable height, allowing users to alternate between sitting and standing positions. This design maximizes corner space, making it ideal for multitasking and accommodating multiple monitors or extensive work materials.

After hours of research and comparisons, we have narrowed down the top choices of L-shaped standing desks that cater to different needs and preferences. We’ll detail our top L-shaped standing desk picks, highlighting their key features to aid your decision.

Best L-Shaped Standing Desks

We have carefully selected our top picks for the best L-shaped standing desks available today. Check out our recommendations below.

1. Biggest Option: FEZIBO 75 Inches L-Shaped Standing Desk

With impressive stability and ample workspace, the FEZIBO 75-inch L L-shaped standing desk is a solid addition to any office setup.


  • Triple electric motors for smooth and quiet adjustments
  • Electric height adjustability with convenient preset options
  • Spacious 75″ L-shaped work surface


  • Heavy and potentially challenging assembly
  • Angled feet may limit treadmill compatibility
  • Wood grain top is a print, not real wood grain

The FEZIBO L Shaped Standing Desk has been a game changer for our office. The desk’s triple motor system is smooth and quiet, causing little distraction when you change it from sitting to standing. With the capability of presetting three desired heights, it’s easy for all of us to find a perfect setup without any hassle.

One noteworthy feature of this desk is the large L-shaped workspace, which provides plenty of room for our computer, important documents, and any other necessary items for a productive workday. Its modern design and light rustic brown finish also make it a stylish addition to our workspace.

However, assembling the desk can be challenging due to the heavy components. We recommend enlisting the help of a partner to make the process smoother. Also, the desk’s angled feet may prevent using a treadmill under it, especially with wider treadmills. Lastly, be aware that the desk’s wood grain top is not real, but a printed design.

All things considered, we think the FEZIBO 75-inch L-shaped Standing Desk is a great investment for anyone looking to upgrade their workspace. The stability, convenience of adjustment, and large workspace all contribute to an improved overall working experience. Just make sure to keep the aforementioned limitations in mind before making your purchase.

2. Best with Drawers: FEZIBO 63″ L Shaped Standing Desk

This FEZIBO L-shaped standing desk is a solid investment for anyone looking to enhance their workspace and improve posture.


  • Electric height adjustment with collision-avoidance feature
  • Spacious 63″ x 55″ workspace
  • Strong lift system supporting up to 176 lbs


  • Heavy and somewhat challenging assembly
  • Directions lack clarity
  • Angled feet might not accommodate wider treadmills

The FEZIBO 63″ L L-shaped standing desk is perfect for those of us who frequently switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. Its electric height adjustment and three preset buttons made it easy to switch positions while working. This increased our comfort and productivity.

One thing we noticed immediately was the spacious workspace. With the ability to hold three desktop PCs, a laptop, and other office supplies, we had plenty of room to spread out and organize our work area. The desk’s lift system is powerful and made of sturdy steel. It lets us add all our essential equipment safely without overloading.

While this standing desk has many great features, we did experience some difficulty during the assembly process. The desk is quite heavy, making it a bit challenging to put together for some. Also, the directions, provided only in pictures, can be hard to understand. We strongly recommend taking time to study the images before beginning assembly.

Although the desk fits most office setups, its angled feet may not suit wider treadmills that sit perpendicular to it. If you plan to use a treadmill with this desk, it’s essential to check the compatibility before purchasing.

Overall, the FEZIBO 63″ L-shaped standing Desk is an excellent investment for those looking for a workspace that accommodates both seated and standing positions. It has ample room, a strong lift system, and adjustable height. This makes it a durable and practical choice for any office.

3. Also Great: BANTI 63″ L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

We believe this L-shaped standing desk is perfect for those looking to maximize their workspace while maintaining a healthy working posture.


  • Quiet motor operation
  • Spacious work surface
  • Adjustable height with collision-avoiding feature


  • Requires assembly
  • No option for installing a keyboard tray
  • Motor issues reported by some users

BANTI’s L-shaped electric standing desk has a height-adjustable feature. It lets us switch easily from sitting to standing all day. This feature reduced our neck, shoulder, and back pain. It also improved our productivity.

One thing we really love is the spacious 63-inch work surface, which easily accommodates multiple monitors and devices. The three built-in drawers also offered convenient storage for office supplies and helped us maintain a clutter-free workspace. Furthermore, the desk’s quiet motor operation (<50 dB) ensured that our work environment remained free of intrusive noise.

However, some aspects of this desk left room for improvement. Assembly was a bit challenging for us, requiring some time and effort to put together. Also, users with small desktops may find the absence of a keyboard tray a disadvantage. Finally, some users noticed motor problems after a few months. This might worry others about the desk’s reliability over time.

Overall, the BANTI 63″ desk is ideal for those wanting a large workspace and good posture support.

4. Budget Option: Claiks L-Shaped Standing Desk

We highly recommend the Claiks L Shaped Standing Desk for its versatility, durability, and overall usability.


  • Height adjustable from 28.5″ to 47.2″
  • Large workspace with flexible orientation
  • Sturdy steel frame and durable tabletop


  • Assembly instructions can be confusing
  • Mildly cheap appearance
  • Top middle seam may be uncomfortable for some users

The Claiks L L-shaped standing desk is a fantastic choice for a versatile workspace. It fits well into different room layouts. Its 63×55-inch tabletop offers ample space for our needs. The adjustable height lets us switch between sitting and standing. This makes for a healthier work environment.

The desk’s durable top and sturdy steel frame stand out. It’s designed to support up to 220 lbs, making it a lasting partner in our work and daily lives. Its dual motors ensure a smooth height adjustment.

We did, however, encounter some issues while assembling the desk. The instructions were quite confusing and could be improved for clarity. The overall appearance is decent, but the tabletop material looks somewhat cheap. Also, the seam at the top middle might bother some when using a computer or mouse.

Despite these minor drawbacks, we believe the Claiks L L-shaped standing desk is a great investment for anyone seeking an ergonomic, functional, and adjustable workspace. A 2-year warranty covers the desk, and a 3-year warranty covers the main parts like the motor and legs. This adds to its appeal. Overall, it’s an excellent addition to any home office.

5. Contender: VIVO Electric L-Shaped Stand-Up Desk

We believe the VIVO Electric Height Adjustable L-Shaped Stand Up Desk is a great investment for anyone looking to improve their home or office workspace.


  • Smooth height adjustment
  • Sturdy and spacious design
  • Efficient and powerful electric motor


  • Requires assembly
  • Heavy frames
  • Daunting instructions for some

The VIVO Electric Height Adjustable L-Shaped Stand Up Desk quickly made our office space more comfortable and functional. We enjoyed how easily the desk switched from sitting to standing. It improved our posture and well-being.

The desk’s powerful electric motor sets it apart. It adjusts the height from 28.5″ to 46.8″. The push button controller is simple to use and we appreciated the memory presets for saving our preferred heights. With a weight support of up to 176 lbs, the steel frame and particle board table tops provide excellent stability for our laptops, monitors, and office supplies.

Some of us found assembling the desk challenging. The instructions were confusing and the frames were heavy. However, once we completed the task, we were rewarded with a modern and sleek standing workstation that significantly improved our workspace.

In conclusion, we recommend the VIVO desk to upgrade your office to a more ergonomic and comfortable space. The pros far outweigh the cons, and the end result is a workspace that promotes productivity and well-being.

6. Contender: ErGear L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

This adjustable standing desk offers great functionality and value, and we highly recommend it for those looking to enhance their workspace.


  • Exceptional stability, even at full height
  • Smooth and customizable height adjustment
  • Powerful dual-motor lifting mechanism


  • Manufactured wood material may raise durability concerns
  • Desk setup requires some assistance
  • Desk top comes in three separate pieces

We had the opportunity to use the ErGear L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk and the experience was impressive. Thanks to its solid steel frame and aerospace-grade lifting column connectors, the desk is stable and provides a secure foundation for work, even when fully extended. This aspect alone sets it apart from other adjustable height desks we’ve tried.

The smooth height adjustment of this desk allows for easy customization, with a range from 28.35″ to 46.46″. We could easily switch between preferred heights throughout the day, as the desk allows us to save custom sit and stand height settings. The powerful dual-motor lifting system of the desk provides a maximum load of 220 lbs and reliable long-term operation.

Although we liked the desk’s overall function, the manufactured wood in its construction might not be as durable as some users would prefer. Additionally, setting up the desk can be a bit cumbersome and may require assistance from a second person. The desktop is in three pieces, yet it appears sturdy due to the metal support on the underside.

In conclusion, the ErGear L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk is a great investment for those in need of an adjustable L-shaped desk for their home or office. The stability, smooth height adjustment, and powerful lifting mechanism make it a reliable choice for everyday use. However, keep in mind that assembly may be challenging and the manufactured wood material may not be as durable as some alternatives.

Buying Guide

When searching for the best L-shaped standing desk, it’s important to think about many factors to make a good choice. In this buying guide, we’ll discuss some key features and aspects to evaluate before purchasing an L-shaped standing desk.

Adjustability and Stability

It’s important to pick a desk that can adjust to many different heights for various working positions. Also, the desk needs a strong frame and motors to stay stable when you change its height.

Weight Capacity

A key point is how much weight the desk can hold. Nobody wants a desk that falls apart under the weight of monitors, laptops, or other office tools. We need to make sure the desk can support everything we intend to put on it.

Ease of Assembly

The best L-shaped standing desks should be relatively easy to assemble and shouldn’t require professional assistance. Ensure the desk includes clear instructions and the necessary tools for easy assembly.

Surface Material

The desk’s surface material determines its durability and aesthetics. Consider materials like laminated particleboard, hardwood, or MDF for the desk. Every material has pros and cons, so pick one that meets your preferences and needs.

Price and Warranty

Finally, we need to evaluate the price and warranty of the L-shaped standing desk. Prioritize a comprehensive warranty and affordable pricing, but always maintain high quality.

To help you compare different features, we have compiled a brief table overview:

AdjustabilityHeight range to accommodate user preference
StabilityStrength of frame; no wobbling or shaking
CapacityAbility to handle weight of equipment
AssemblyEase of setup; clear instructions
MaterialDesk surface for durability and aesthetics
Price/WarrantyCost-effectiveness; comprehensive warranty

Considering these factors, we can make an informed decision and choose the best L-shaped standing desk for our needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using an L-shaped standing desk over a traditional desk?

Using an L-shaped standing desk offers several advantages over traditional desks. First, it gives us extra space for multiple monitors, documents, and work items, leading to a neater and more efficient workspace. Second, the desk’s design for standing improves posture and boosts energy by letting us switch between sitting and standing all day. Finally, these desks often have ergonomic features like adjustable heights, helping us reduce body strain.

How do I choose the right size for an L-shaped standing desk for my workspace?

To select the right size for an L-shaped standing desk, we start by measuring the available space in our workspace. For a proper fit, consider the desk’s length, width, and height. This ensures comfort while sitting and standing.

Also, consider any existing furniture or office equipment you want to keep in your workspace. For maximum comfort and functionality, choose a desk with adjustable height and width. This allows easy customization to fit your needs.

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