Top 5 Best Knitting Bags for Crafters on the Go 2024

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Knitting is an activity that combines creativity with craftsmanship, providing a satisfying way to produce beautiful and functional items. Whether you’re crafting a warm scarf, a cozy blanket, or a cute sweater, having the right tools is crucial. A knitting bag is essential for organizing and protecting your knitting supplies. It’s not just about having a place to stash yarn; it’s about finding a container that caters to the needs of your craft.

A suitable knitting bag is both functional and stylish. It should have compartments for different types of needles, pockets for patterns, and ample space for various skeins of yarn. Durability is also key, as the bag will travel to many places, from cozy home corners to bustling knitting circles. The selected material should withstand regular use without falling apart, and the design should enable easy access to supplies without causing entanglement or mess.

When considering a knitting bag purchase, key elements to consider are size, compartmentalization, and ease of transport. A bag that’s too small will limit project options, while one that’s too large may be cumbersome to carry. The ability to keep tools organized and easily reachable can transform the knitting experience from frustrating to seamless.

We’ve dedicated time to evaluating numerous knitting bags to help you find the best companion for your knitting journey. Our assessments focused on capacity, organizational features, portability, and overall build quality to ensure your selection enhances the joy of knitting.

Top Knitting Bags

Our round-up showcases the best knitting bags that offer both style and function. We’ve carefully selected options that provide plenty of space for your yarns, needles, and accessories, ensuring that your knitting essentials are always organized and within reach. These bags are praised for their durability, practical features, and portability, making them ideal for knitters of all skill levels. Whether you’re at home or on the go, our picks will help you keep your projects tidy and accessible.

1. Crafty Carrier

If you’re an avid knitter like us, the Crafty Carrier is a smart choice for keeping your projects organized and portable.


  • Spacious enough to handle multiple projects
  • Quality fabric that feels sturdy and smell-free
  • Handy accessory case included for all those little extras


  • External pockets could use a bit more depth
  • Not the largest option available, if bulk storage is needed
  • Shoulder strap comfort may vary depending on individual preference and load

Having had the chance to put the Crafty Carrier to the test, we immediately appreciated its roomy interior. It’s perfect for separating your works-in-progress and the durable canvas material gives a feeling of quality, ensuring that your knitting paraphernalia is well-protected.

Convenience is king with this knitting bag. The two external pockets are sort of a mixed blessing – fantastic for quick access but might leave you wanting if you’re trying to stuff in bulkier items. Despite that, it’s become a nifty companion for our knitting sessions, especially with the addition of the free knitting accessories case.

We’ve journeyed with the Crafty Carrier to parks, cafes, and even on public transport. The comfort level, while walking around with your bag full of knitting goodies, varies. Over a longer trek, we did wish for a bit more padding on the shoulder strap, but it wasn’t a dealbreaker considering its overall functionality and style.

2. The Craft Companion

If you’re seeking a versatile knitting bag that’ll keep your supplies organized and your yarn untangled, this is a solid pick.


  • Expansive storage space accommodates numerous skeins
  • Thoughtful compartments for various knitting tools and accessories
  • The bag’s clever design integrates well with travel luggage


  • Absence of a rigid structure may result in the sides collapsing
  • Might be too large for those preferring a compact option
  • The soft walls can sometimes encroach on the interior space

Crafting enthusiasts often find themselves swarmed with skeins of yarn and a myriad of tools. For us, keeping everything in check is a constant battle. That’s where MYBAGZING’s knitting bag becomes a game-changer. Its generous dimensions swallowed our myriad of 50gsm yarn balls, offering room to spare for those half-finished projects we all have lying around.

The little details in design haven’t gone unnoticed. Us crafters appreciate the knitting needle-friendly front pocket and the side storage for our sundry accessories. Working with scrubby yarn? The grommets glide over them effortlessly, easing our crafting sessions.

We’ve all been there—fumbling to find our essentials amidst a tangle of yarn. No longer an issue. The clear top ensures we spot exactly what we need at a glance. And traveling? It’s a breeze. Sliding the bag over our luggage handles, we’re ready to bring our passion for knitting wherever life takes us.

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3. Cozy Crafter Tote

Should you consider the Cozy Crafter Tote for your knitting projects? Absolutely, for its thoughtful design and ease of use that we found impressive.


  • Spacious main compartment
  • Separate pockets for organization
  • Durable, water-resistant material


  • Limited color options
  • Can feel bulky when fully packed
  • Shoulder strap padding is minimal

Carrying the Cozy Crafter Tote to our local knitting circle, we appreciated the ample space it provided. Yarn skeins, needles, and patterns all fit with room to spare, ensuring nothing got squished. The separate pockets meant we could quickly find stitch markers or a tapestry needle without rummaging through the entire bag.

During a sudden downpour last Tuesday, the tote’s water-resistant qualities proved invaluable. Our knitting supplies remained dry, tucked safely inside. Although, we did notice the bag itself became quite heavy when loaded with multiple projects.

We’ve been toting the Cozy Crafter Tote everywhere, but the shoulder strap could do with more cushioning. After an hour or so, we started feeling the weight on our shoulder, hinting that additional padding would be beneficial for those longer hauls.

4. Leudes Knitting Bag

Crafting enthusiasts should consider this Leudes Knitting Bag for its thoughtful details and enduring quality.


  • Exceptional storage options for materials and tools
  • Comfortable to carry with “S” shaped padded straps
  • Durable, water-resistant nylon fabric for lasting use


  • Front flap design may complicate needle storage
  • The back clear pocket may show stains over time
  • Stiff yarn holes might not suit every knitter’s preference

Leudes’ yarn storage backpack surprised us with its ample capacity and a multitude of pockets, perfect for managing various yarn skeins and crochet hooks. It’s been a breeze organizing everything from knitting needles to small scissors, with each item having its designated spot. The generous main compartment holds the bulk of work-in-progress projects, so we can easily take our knitting anywhere without a hassle.

Comfort was clearly a priority in the design of this bag — we found the “S” curve shoulder straps distribute weight evenly, reducing stress and making it quite enjoyable to carry around on our daily commute. Even when loaded with heavy projects, it’s been comfortable to use, which is a significant advantage for those lengthy knitting sessions outside the home.

We’ve been particularly impressed by the quality of the bag’s material. The nylon is not only lightweight but water-resistant, so our knitting supplies stay safe from the elements. The assurance of durability with the promise of a quality warranty adds an extra layer of confidence in the product.

However, while using the bag, we noticed the front flap can be a bit tricky with needle storage. Needles tend to slip out of their designated loops if not secured properly. Additionally, the back pocket with the clear window has shown some tendencies to pick up stains, which could be a drawback for the more meticulous crafters among us. Lastly, the yarn holes are a bit rigid, which may not be ideal for all knitting styles, but they do an excellent job at preventing tangles and keeping pets away.

5. MYBAGZING Cozy Knit Companion

If you’re juggling skeins and hooks, this bag streamlines your crafting with elegant function.


  • Sturdy quilted velvet exterior protects your projects.
  • Multiple compartments organize all knitting essentials.
  • Grommets prevent yarn tangles, simplifying your work.


  • Available in only two sizes which might not suit all projects.
  • Quilted velvet might attract dust or lint.
  • The structured design isn’t collapsible for storage.

Having had yarn tangle countless times mid-project, we can attest to the ingenuity behind the MYBAGZING knitting bag. Its smooth zippers glide without snagging, while the specialized grommets have kept our yarns orderly and ready for action. The velvet finish isn’t just about looks—it’s padded, giving a pampering cushion to your crochet hooks and knitting needles.

Venturing out with our knitting is often a task fraught with potential mishaps. Thankfully, the wide-open design of this organizer makes accessing materials a breeze and the internal pockets are just right for stowing away those tiny accessories. No more digging around for a lost stitch marker!

Gift-giving can be a puzzle for crafty friends, but our recent birthday haul proved this organizer hits the mark with its chic appearance and practical layout. It effortlessly holds a substantial stash, and you’re sure to appreciate the attention to detail in the zipper pulls and pocket placement. Even with its minor limitations, our hands-on experience confirms that its virtues far outweigh any drawbacks.

Buying Guide

Space and Size

When considering a knitting bag, the first aspect we look at is space and size. We want to ensure that our knitting projects can easily fit without being too cramped, as this can cause yarn tangling or damage to our work.

  • Small Projects: Aim for compact bags.
  • Large Projects: Opt for larger bags with ample room.

Material and Durability

The material of a knitting bag affects both its durability and the protection of our contents. We prefer bags made of strong, durable fabrics such as canvas or nylon that are also lightweight.

CanvasSturdy, chic
NylonLightweight, durable

Organization Features

Our ideal bag includes multiple pockets and compartments for tools, needles, and accessories. Look for:

  • Pockets: Both zippered and open for quick access.
  • Compartments: Helps in keeping items organized.

Comfort and Portability

We consider how comfortable the bag is to carry, especially for those of us who knit on the go. Features like padded straps or handles are important, and some of us might prefer options like backpack straps for hands-free transport.

  • Handles/Straps: Padded for comfort.
  • Design: Backpack or tote style for ease of carrying.


Although functionality is paramount, we don’t ignore the style of our knitting bag. Select a design that suits our personal taste, but ensure it doesn’t compromise on the features we need.

  • Design: Choose one that reflects personal style.

Price Point

Finally, we are mindful of our budget. A more expensive bag does not automatically guarantee better quality or functionality, so we compare features against the cost to find the best value.

Price RangeExpectation
LowBasic functionality, less durable materials
MidGood balance of durability and features
HighPremium materials, advanced features

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common inquiries about knitting bags, focusing on their features, travel-friendliness, materials, and organizational benefits. Our guidance will help you make an informed choice suitable for your knitting needs.

What are the key features to look for in a high-quality knitting bag?

We prioritize durability, ample space, compartmentalization, and easy access when evaluating the quality of knitting bags. Look for bags with reinforced seams, padded straps, and secure closures to protect your supplies.

How do I choose a knitting bag that’s perfect for travel?

For travel, we select bags that are lightweight, compact, and equipped with multiple carrying options like shoulder straps or handles. Ensuring the bag fits within airline carry-on specifications is also crucial for air travel.

What materials are typically used in luxury knitting bags?

Luxury knitting bags are often crafted from premium materials like genuine leather, high-grade canvas, or durable synthetic fabrics that offer both elegance and long-lasting quality.

Can you recommend a knitting bag that is both stylish and functional?

We recommend choosing knitting bags that feature a chic design but don’t compromise on practicality. Options with numerous pockets, sturdy construction, and attractive patterns or colors tend to meet both criteria.

What are the benefits of using a knitting bag organizer for my projects?

Using a knitting bag organizer enhances our efficiency by keeping needles, yarn, and accessories neatly sorted. This helps in preventing tangles and making it easier to swap between projects without any hassle.

How do I select the right size of knitting bag for my needs?

We advise assessing the scale of your usual projects alongside your tendency to carry extra supplies. For larger projects or those who like to be prepared for anything, opt for a larger tote. For smaller projects, a compact bag should suffice.

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