Best Knit Golf Headcovers: Top Picks for Golfers in 2024

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Golf enthusiasts understand the importance of protecting their clubs, and this is where knit golf headcovers truly shine. They offer a blend of traditional style and practical protection for the valuable clubs in a golfer’s bag, from drivers to putters. The softness of the knit fabric ensures that the club heads are safeguarded against scratches and dings during travel and play. Additionally, knit headcovers add a touch of personality to one’s golf bag with a wide range of designs and colors to suit any golfer’s taste.

When selecting the best knit golf headcovers, there are several factors to consider. The quality of the yarn is crucial, as it needs to withstand the wear and tear of regular use and the elements encountered on the course. The fit is also important, as a well-fitted headcover will provide better protection and will be less likely to slip off. Additionally, the ease of removal and replacement is something to think about on the course, where speed and convenience can enhance the overall experience.

Our comprehensive evaluation focused on the durability, style, and functionality of an array of knit golf headcovers. We looked for products that not only protect your clubs but also stand out for their exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal. By considering the variety of patterns, the snugness of the fit, and the ease of use, we’re confident that our selection will help golfers find headcovers that meet their needs and express their personal style on the course.

Top Knit Golf Headcovers

We’ve assembled a selection of the finest knit golf headcovers to protect your clubs in style. Our choices combine quality materials and excellent craftsmanship to ensure your golfing essentials are covered with reliable and aesthetically pleasing options.

1. Scott Edward Knit Covers

We believe these stylish knit golf headcovers are a solid purchase for their durability and snug fit.


  • Enhances club protection with a thick knit
  • Vibrant argyle pattern elevates course aesthetic
  • Stretches well for easy application and removal


  • May not endure the rigors of heavy use
  • Limited color options may not match all bags
  • Driver cover might be a tight fit for larger heads

Sliding the Scott Edward knit covers onto our clubs gave a satisfying sense of snugness; they just feel right. The covers are considerably thick, seeming to promise a long protective relationship with the golf clubs, safeguarding against scratches and dings.

The aesthetic appeal on the course cannot be understated. The grey, red, and black argyle pattern is eye-catching, adding a tasteful flair to our golf bag. Let’s face it, style matters out there, and these headcovers definitely put a confident swing in our golf kit.

In practical terms, another significant advantage is the ease of covering and uncovering club heads, avoiding the wrestling match we’ve had with other covers. However, they do show signs of wear after extensive rounds, so we recommend treating them gently. Also, for golfers with a penchant for matching, limited color options may prove irksome. While these headcovers generally stretch to accommodate most club sizes, those wielding larger driver heads have noted a less forgiving fit.

2. HIFROM Knit Headcovers

We find these headcovers to be a stylish and functional choice for golfers looking to protect their clubs.


  • Adds a vintage charm to the golf bag
  • Snug fit ensures protection of club heads
  • Machine washability adds convenience


  • Material may be lighter than anticipated
  • Can come loose during cart rides
  • Durability concerns with reports of holes after minimal use

Just recently, we took these HIFROM knit headcovers out for a spin on the course. Instantly, we noticed they give the golf bag a classic, eye-catching look with the argyle pattern. The pom-poms add a dash of old-school flair. The fit was snug for the driver, woods, and the long neck construction gave extra assurance that the shafts were well-protected.

Maintaining these headcovers is a breeze – they are machine washable. It’s a relief not to fuss over hand-washing after a dusty round on the links. After washing, they came out looking just as fresh and ready for the next tee time.

However, during one of our cart rides, a couple of the headcovers slid off. They might need a closer-fitting design to stay secure. Additionally, after just three games, we found some wear that shouldn’t appear quite so soon. Though these headcovers are charming and functional, it’s important for us to keep an eye on their condition over time.

3. Snazzy Scott Edward Covers

We think you should consider these headcovers if you’re aiming for a mix of style and protection for your clubs.


  • Unique design adds flair to your golf bag
  • Quality material provides excellent club protection
  • Snug fit keeps covers securely on clubs


  • Can wear out with heavy use
  • Initially tight fit may be challenging
  • Handmade variations could affect consistency

After taking these knitted headcovers out for a spin, we were quite taken by their unique style. The spunky patterns and the fluffy pom-poms add a fun, personalized touch to our golf bag, setting us apart on the course. The long neck design is not just for show; it does a great job of hugging the shafts, offering that added peace of mind when strolling down the fairway.

The double-layered knit fabric felt thick and capable, clearly designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. Sliding these onto our golf club heads, we noticed the comforting snugness that assures us they won’t slip off at an inopportune moment. Plus, it’s nice to have headcovers that don’t just protect the heads but extend that courtesy to the shafts as well.

However, no product is without its slight drawbacks. The tightness that ensures a secure fit also made them a bit of a struggle to remove, especially after a long day when we wanted to pack up quickly. We’ve also observed that the yarn might stretch out with frequent use, suggesting that durability could be a concern over multiple seasons. Despite this, we find the craftsmanship admirable, they wash well, and hey, they make for a charming gift for any golfer in your life.

4. Hauni Striped Knit Covers

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your clubs while ensuring protection, these headcovers are a smart pick.


  • Protective double-layer knitting
  • Aesthetic striped design
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Possible loose fit for some clubs
  • Driver cover lacks a club number indicator
  • Tag attachments may come off easily

Holding the Hauni Striped Knit Covers, I appreciate their soft feel and snug fit on my fairway woods. Their longer, lush design brings a stylish look to my golf bag, and they slide on the clubs with such ease.

During a round, these headcovers stand out with their chic black and white stripes. The high-density knit provides that needed cushion against the occasional bumps and jolts of cart rides across the course. Plus, getting home, I find they’re a breeze to clean.

A minor gripe I have is with the looseness around the neck, which makes me double-check they’re secure. And without a number indicator on the driver’s headcover, it’s a tad less convenient.ientras los llevo durante mis partidas de golf, el diseño elegante en blanco y negro destaca en mi bolsa. El tejido de alta densidad hace un buen trabajo protegiendo los palos de los golpes y sacudidas de los viajes en el carrito. Además, son fáciles de lavar en casa, lo cual es práctico.

For someone who prefers their golf gear to reflect their personality, these headcovers bring both protection and style to the forefront. Undeniably, they’ve been a worthwhile addition to my golf bag.

5. Scott Edward Knit Headcovers

We think these headcovers are a smart choice for golfers who value style and functionality.


  • Enhances bag appearance and easy to identify clubs
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Snug fit and durable for frequent use


  • Limited color choices may not appeal to all
  • Number tags can be fiddly to deal with
  • Might be too snug for oversized drivers

We’ve just given these headcovers a spin, and they’re quite the eye-catcher on the course. The knitted fabric not only adds a touch of class to our golf bag but also provides a cozy fit for our woods and hybrids. The craftmanship appears solid; they’re built to endure regular rounds of golf without showing wear and tear too quickly.

Switching them out is a breeze—a gentle tug is all it takes. Plus, they’re refreshingly easy to clean which is always a bonus. Whether caught in a downpour or after weeks of play, the ability to toss them into the washing machine ensures they rebound to their earlier pristine state.

Now, while we appreciate the aesthetic, it’s worth mentioning that the palette is somewhat reserved. If your personal style screams bold and bright, these might seem tame. Additionally, the rotating number tags are practical for club identification; however, attaching and switching these tags can be more hassle than it’s worth, especially with golf gloves on. Lastly, golfers who wield an oversized driver may find the fit a tad too snug, which could potentially make switching covers between shots slightly more laborious.

All said, these Scott Edward headcovers have impressed us with their protective qualities and elegant design, making them worthy of consideration for golfers looking to blend style with substance.

6. Craftsman Golf Knit Headcover

We think these headcovers are a great choice for golfers looking to add a patriotic flair to their bag with reliable protection.


  • Excellent shaft protection with a long neck design
  • Durable material that withstands regular use
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance


  • May be a tight fit for larger drivers
  • Origin of manufacture may concern some buyers
  • Potential for a loose fit on smaller hybrid clubs

After sliding the Craftsman Golf headcover onto my hybrid, the quality struck me immediately. It’s not every day that you find a knit cover that’s built to last. The snug fit reassured me that my club was well-protected.

A round of golf later and the headcover had collected some dirt. No problem at all – a quick spin in the washing machine and it was as good as new. The knit material held up perfectly, good as the day I got it.

While walking the course, I did notice that the cover felt a bit loose on my smaller hybrid. However, the extra protection the long neck offers to the club shaft more than makes up for this minor concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our readers often ask about the best ways to select, use, and care for knit headcovers for their golf clubs. We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions and provided straightforward answers.

What are the top-rated knit headcovers for golf clubs currently on the market?

Currently, some of the top-rated knit headcovers include models from brands such as Jan Craig, Dormie Workshop, and Scott Edward. They’re praised for their durability and classic designs.

How do I choose the right size of knit headcovers for my golf clubs?

To choose the right size, measure the head of your golf club and refer to the sizing chart provided by the headcover manufacturer. Most knit headcovers are designed with a stretchable material to fit a range of club sizes.

What are the benefits of using knit headcovers compared to other materials?

Knit headcovers offer excellent protection for club heads and shafts with their soft and flexible material. They are also known for their traditional appearance and can be easily customized.

Can I get custom-designed knit headcovers for my golf set?

Yes, many companies such as JuJu & Stitch and Sunfish offer custom-designed knit headcovers. This allows you to personalize your golf set with unique colors, patterns, and embroidery.

Are there any recommended patterns available for making my own knit golf headcovers?

There are patterns available for those interested in knitting their own headcovers, such as the Vintage Golf Club Covers pattern by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas. The pattern specifications are usually accessible online or can be purchased at craft stores.

How do I properly maintain and clean my knit golf headcovers to ensure their longevity?

To maintain your knit headcovers, hand wash them gently with mild soap and lukewarm water, then air-dry them. Avoid using bleach and do not machine wash or dry them, as this can cause them to lose their shape.

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