Top 6 Best Printer for Wedding Invitations and Cardstock 2024

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Choosing the perfect printer for wedding invitations is not just about aesthetics; it’s also a matter of functionality and precision. Wedding invitations are an integral part of the celebration, serving as a first glimpse into the style and tone of the wedding. High-quality invitations require a printer that can handle fine details and a variety of materials, from thick cardstock to delicate embossed paper.

When selecting a printer for wedding invitations, prospective buyers should consider several critical factors. Print quality is paramount; your printer must be capable of producing crisp, high-resolution text and images. Additionally, versatility is important, as couples may want to experiment with different paper styles and finishes. The capability to print on various sizes and thicknesses without jamming or compromising quality is crucial.

Cost efficiency also plays a role in the decision. Wedding budgets can be tight, so a printer that uses ink efficiently without sacrificing output quality is highly valued. Moreover, ease of use and reliability are important for those who may be printing a large volume of invitations.

Having reviewed several printers, we’re prepared to guide you through the choices that will deliver beautiful wedding invitations that your guests will marvel at.

Top Picks for Wedding Invitation Printers

When selecting a printer for wedding invitations, it’s essential to look for models that provide high-quality prints, versatility in paper handling, and reliable color accuracy. Picking the right printer can turn your invitation vision into reality, impressing your guests with a professional touch. Our handpicked selections cater to various needs and budgets, aiming to make your special day’s preparation smoother and more enjoyable.

1. Canon Pixma Pro-100

We think the Canon Pixma Pro-100 is an outstanding choice for crafting wedding invitations with its superb color accuracy and detail.


  • Vibrant color output with its 8-ink system
  • Produces professional-quality black & white prints
  • Can handle a variety of paper sizes and types


  • High cost of ink replacements
  • Setup process may be complex for some
  • Considerable weight, not easily moved

Recently, we took the Canon Pixma Pro-100 for a test run while preparing for a wedding event. The results? Truly breathtaking. The printer’s color range made the invitation designs pop, and the detail was crisply defined, capturing every subtle nuance we included in the artwork.

We’ve also noticed the versatility of the Pixma Pro-100. Whether working with glossy photo paper for a luxe finish or a matte stock for a rustic feel, this printer adapted seamlessly to each material. It’s been brilliant for custom-sized prints, accommodating our creative flair without batting an eyelid.

On the flip side, keeping the Pixma well-fed with its 8 separate inks can be a costly affair, and initially setting it up was a bit of a hurdle. Also, weighing in at over 40 pounds, it’s not the type of device you can easily scoot from room to room. Nonetheless, the output quality we’ve seen justifies these trade-offs, especially for such a momentous occasion.

2. Epson WF-7210

If you’re eyeing a printer that handles wedding invitations with finesse, the Epson WF-7210 is a solid choice.


  • Brilliant color and sharp black text enhance invitation aesthetics
  • Wide-format prints up to 13″ x 19″ cater to diverse design needs
  • Economic energy consumption is kind on the budget


  • Bulkier design requires more space than compact models
  • The use of non-genuine cartridges isn’t recommended
  • Some users may find cartridge replacement tricky

When we recently put the WF-7210 to the test, its print quality immediately stood out. The colors popped with vibrancy and the black text was as precise as a laser print, giving our wedding invitations a professional touch. It was straightforward to print borderless images and graphics, turning simple designs into eye-catching materials without the need for a trip to the print shop.

In action, the WF-7210 impressively handled various paper sizes, an essential feature when crafting personalised invitations. The capability to print large formats meant we could experiment with bigger stationery, a big plus for custom-themed weddings. And when it comes to running costs, it’s noticeable that this printer doesn’t guzzle electricity, potentially keeping expenses low over time.

Our experience wasn’t without hitches, though. Finding room for the WF-7210 was a challenge due to its larger footprint. Additionally, we stuck with the genuine Epson cartridges to avoid warranty issues and to maintain print quality, which might mean higher long-term costs. Swapping out ink cartridges was also less user-friendly compared to some other models, but with a bit of practice, it became manageable.

In conclusion, the WF-7210 shines for wedding invitation printing, combining quality with versatility. Despite a few minor setbacks, our overall experience was positive, and we’d recommend it to anyone seeking to create high-quality invitations at home.

3. EcoTank for Invites

For those planning their wedding, this printer is a solid choice for crafting invitations with ease and economy.


  • Massive ink savings
  • Hassle-free wireless printing
  • Environment-friendly with less waste


  • Initial setup can be complex
  • Print speed may not suit high-volume needs
  • Might require additional color calibration for perfectionists

Getting wedding invitations just right is crucial, and we’ve found that the EcoTank ET-2760 excels in delivering quality prints affordably. The supersized ink tanks are a godsend, drastically cutting down costs when compared to traditional cartridges. Moreover, those tanks are easy to refill, which means less hassle and no late-night runs to the store for more ink.

We appreciated the automatic two-sided printing feature, which helped us save paper without a second thought. Pairing the printer with our devices was a breeze thanks to the easy wireless setup. Once connected, printing from any room in our house was as simple as a few taps on our phones.

On the flip side, taking the first step with this printer meant tackling the setup—a tad more complicated than we expected. And while it hums nicely through most tasks, if you’re printing hundreds of invitations in one go, the print speed could be a limiting factor. For the perfectionists amongst us, out-of-the-box color settings were good, but for the ultimate personal touch, we took a moment to tweak the color profile to our exact preferences.

Overall, the EcoTank ET-2760 delivered. It effortlessly churned out vibrant and crisp wedding invitations that looked professional without inflating our budget.

4. Canon Pixma TS6320

If you’re seeking an intuitive printer for crafting beautiful wedding invitations at home, we think this is an excellent choice.


  • Exceptional color accuracy and detail in photo printing
  • User-friendly interface with OLED display and LED status bar
  • Convenient wireless and smartphone printing capabilities


  • The setup process can be somewhat tricky
  • High-quality prints mean using up ink faster
  • Auto expandable output tray can be finicky

Recently, we had the pleasure of creating custom wedding invitations using the Canon Pixma TS6320. The quality of the invites impressed us, with vibrant colors and sharp texts that were truly professional-looking. The individual ink system was fantastic; if one color ran low, we just swapped out that specific cartridge without any hassle.

Setting up the printer did present a bit of a learning curve, but once connected, the wireless printing from our smartphones was seamless. We also appreciated the sleek design – it didn’t just perform well; it looked good on our desk. The OLED screen was bright and made navigation a breeze, while the LED status bar allowed us to check the printer’s status from a distance.

We tested out printing a few photographs, and the results were stunning. However, we did notice the ink levels dropped quicker than expected, which is something to keep an eye on for those planning to print in high volumes. The auto-expanding tray is a clever touch, though it sometimes required manual adjustment when it didn’t open as intended.

Overall, the Canon Pixma TS6320 has proved to be a reliable companion for us when printing high-quality wedding invitations and photos. With this printer, joyful anticipation is what you feel as you print out each invite, knowing they’ll have the look and feel of ones made by professionals.

5. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e

We recommend considering the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e for your wedding invitation printing needs due to its upgraded features and ease of use.


  • Produces vibrant color prints suitable for high-quality invitations
  • Wireless printing allows for convenient set-up anywhere in our workspace
  • Includes 6 months of ink, which is ideal for large print jobs


  • Build quality may feel less robust compared to previous HP models
  • Might be noisier during operation which can be disruptive
  • Initial setup can take a bit of time to navigate through

The HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e has definitely impressed us with its print quality. The colors come out rich and true to life, making those intricate invitation designs pop out beautifully. We easily navigated through the various functions without a hitch, ensuring that wedding invitations were printed with both speed and precision.

Another aspect we loved was the printer’s wireless features. We placed it away from our cluttered desks with no loss in functionality. The mobile printing feature was handy, allowing us to print directly from our smartphones.

While we enjoyed most of the features, we noticed that the printer body felt less sturdy than expected. While this doesn’t affect functionality, it does make us a bit cautious during handling. We also observed that the printer is relatively loud during operation, which could be a minor annoyance in quieter settings.

Setting the printer up took some time, but this was a one-time effort. Once it was ready, the auto-document feeder and duplex printing saved us considerable time. The provided six months of ink through the Instant Ink plan was the cherry on top, especially knowing the volume of prints wedding invitations require. All in all, the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e proved to be a workhorse that performed well for our needs.

6. Canon PIXMA Home Office

We believe this printer strikes a balance for those in need of a reliable all-in-one solution for wedding invitations with some convenient tech integrations.


  • Smart ink replenishment with Alexa integration
  • Easy wireless printing and scanning capabilities
  • Auto 2-sided printing saves paper and adds professionalism


  • Modest print speed could be faster
  • 1,000 page duty cycle may not suffice for high-volume tasks
  • Slightly clunky design with some plastic elements

Recently, we took the Canon PIXMA TR8620a for a spin to help a friend with wedding invitations. The wireless setup was a breeze, making it simple to print directly from our smartphones. The automatic ink reorder feature is a lifesaver, especially when we were knee-deep in planning and didn’t want to run out unexpectedly.

The Auto 2-sided printing delivered an elegant look to the invitations, saving us time and paper in the process. Plus, the print quality on cardstock was impressively crisp and vibrant – a winning feature for such special occasions.

However, while the print speeds were adequate, we did find ourselves wishing for a faster output with our lengthy guest list. Additionally, the 1,000 page monthly duty cycle seemed a bit limiting when considering back-to-back printing tasks. Despite that, the overall experience was quite positive, and we appreciated the convenience and functionality it provided during such a hectic time.

Buying Guide

Print Quality

We want our wedding invitations to reflect the beauty and importance of the occasion. When selecting a printer, we look for a high-resolution output that offers crisp, clear text and vibrant colors. An optimal resolution is around 4800 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi) for inkjet printers and 1200 x 1200 dpi for laser printers.

Media Compatibility

The printer we choose must accommodate various types of paper, including thick cardstock and glossy photo paper, without jamming or compromising print quality. It’s essential to check the printer’s specifications for media handling capabilities.

Paper TrayAdjustable to fit different sizes and thickness
Media TypesSupports glossy, matte, and textured paper

Print Speed

While we don’t want to sacrifice quality for speed, efficiency is still important. We should look for a printer that balances quality with a reasonable print speed, especially if we have a large number of invitations to print.

Ease of Use

Our chosen printer should be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and easy setup. Wireless connectivity is a bonus for printing directly from a computer or mobile device.

TouchscreenSimplifying operation
ConnectivityOptions like Wi-Fi for convenient printing

Cost Efficiency

We must consider the cost per print, including the price of ink or toner. A printer with a higher initial cost but lower operational expenses may be more economical in the long run. Look for high-yield cartridge options or printers with refillable ink tanks.

Remember to think about the longevity and durability of the printer, as well as potential for multifunction use beyond wedding invitations. Prioritize the features that are most important to us for the special day and choose accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common queries about printers suitable for wedding invitation printing, emphasizing quality, cost-effectiveness, and features specific to the task.

What are the top-rated printers for high-quality wedding invitation printing?

When looking for high-quality wedding invitation printing, the Canon PIXMA Pro-100 and the Epson SureColor P600 stand out. They both offer exceptional print quality, with the PIXMA Pro-100 recognized for its vibrant color output, and the SureColor P600 praised for its excellent black-and-white capabilities.

Which printer offers the best color accuracy and detail for wedding invitation stationery?

The Epson SureColor SC-P5000 is renowned for its superior color accuracy and attention to detail, making it a top choice for printing intricate wedding invitation designs. Its advanced inkjet technology ensures that each invitation bears colors that are both precise and consistent.

For DIY wedding invitations, what is the most cost-effective printer model?

Our research shows that the HP ENVY Photo 7855 is a budget-friendly option for couples looking to print their own wedding invitations. It handles various paper finishes and sizes well, balancing cost without compromising on the print quality too much.

When starting an invitation printing business, which printers are recommended for professional results?

We recommend the Xerox Phaser 6510/DNI and Lexmark CS820de for startups in the invitation printing industry. Both models offer professional-grade print quality, reliability, and versatility required for a variety of invitation printing needs.

What printer features are essential for handling heavy cardstock typically used for wedding invitations?

Printers with adjustable media handling settings are crucial for heavy cardstock. The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000, for example, is equipped to handle thick media up to 17 inches wide, and provides a straight-through paper path, which is ideal for heavyweight paper types often used in wedding invitations.

Could you suggest printers that combine quality, efficiency, and affordability for a wedding stationery business?

The Brother HL-L8360CDW balances quality, efficiency, and affordability, suitable for wedding stationery businesses. It has a fast print speed, high-yield cartridges for better efficiency, and produces high-quality prints that meet the standards for wedding invitations.

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