MightyDeals http://www.mightydeals.com Deals 350+ Stunning Lightroom Presets from Symufa - only $12! http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/symufa-lightroom-presets-bundle.html?ref=rss http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/symufa-lightroom-presets-bundle.html?ref=rss NOW ON: 350+ Stunning Lightroom Presets from Symufa - only $12!

Expires: August 2, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Love adding effects to your photos but hate the time it takes to get it right? Then cast a spotlight on this Mighty Deal from Symufa! You'll get more than 350 stunning Lightroom effects to easily turn your average photo into a truly memorable one. Simple to use, these effects consist of more than 20 different types of effects from Light Leaks to Cinema Presets. Get moving, though because you can save over 60% off the regular price if you act now! 


  • Easily Create Wow Photos
    Want to add some real pop to your regular photos? Just use any of the high-quality presets to convert your dull photos into beautiful works of art!
  • 350+ Lightroom Presets
    With this Mighty Deal from Symufa, you'll get a whopping 364 Lightroom Presets in one mega bundle of a deal. That's just about enough to keep you busy for an entire year if you try out just one per day!
  • 20+ Unique Effects
    This bundle consists of the entire collection of Lightroom 4 and 5 presets from Symufa. That's a total of 23 different effects including: Light Leak Presets, Cross Processing Presets, Cinema Presets, Retro Professional Presets, Painting Presets, Black and White Presets, and more!
  • Simple to Use
    Take advantage of any of these amazing presets with just a single click! Not sure how to really use these effects? No problem. Your purchase of this Mighty Deal includes a detailed Readme file to explain exactly how to install these professional presets.
  • Lightroom Compatibility 
    These presets are all compatible with Lightroom 4 and 5. They'll work on photos that are RAW or JPEG file formats.



This mega collection of gorgeous presets normally sells for $32 but for a limited time only, you can get all 364 Lightroom presets for just $12! That's a 62% savings off the regular price.

Click the BUY NOW button to add a little light to your life.

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • Note: These are Lightroom presets (not Photoshop), which require Adobe Lightroom 4 or 5.
  • Compatible with RAW and JPEG images.
  • These presets can be used Royalty Free for both commercial and personal purposes.
  • You may not redistribute, resell, lease, license, sub-license or offer these resources to any third party. This includes uploading our resources to another websites or media-sharing tool, and offering our resources as a separate attachment from any of your work.
Sat, 26 Jul 2014 07:00:00 GMT Sun, 03 Aug 2014 04:59:59 GMT 32 12
The Ultimate Designer Toolkit: Over 60,000 Designer Items - only $27! http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/ultimate-designer-toolkit.html?ref=rss http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/ultimate-designer-toolkit.html?ref=rss NOW ON: The Ultimate Designer Toolkit: Over 60,000 Designer Items - only $27!

Expires: August 1, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Another mega-popular deal returns and it now has even more awesome content! Some deals are just too darn awesome for their own good, like this Ultimate Designer Toolkit! For just $27, you'll get yourself an entire month to download more than 60,000 Designer Items from one of the greatest design libraries around!

You'll find an arsenal of vectors, gradients, textures, patterns, brushes, icons, stock photos, Photoshop actions, business card templates, and tons more, not to mention a good number of helpful tutorials! That's an insane amount of design elements! 

Take a closer look at exactly what's included in this Ultimate Toolkit for Designers:

50 Photoshop Actions for Portrait and Landscape
In this set, there are a total of 50 beautiful, professional and extremely useful Photoshop action for Landscape and Portrait image manipulation. There are a total of 25 Portrait Photoshop Actions and 25 Landscape Photoshop Actions.
See more

30 Photoshop Wedding Actions
This brand new Photoshop actions pack will save you tremendous time editing wedding photos. With these actions you can apply amazing effects to wedding photos and make those special moment photos really stand out.
See more

150 Food & Spices Stock Photos
In this set you will 150 high quality, professionally crafted food and spices stock photos. This set has a lot of variety and includes things like pepper, raisins, coriander, quinoa, rosemary, almonds, dried berries, goji berries, dill, sesame seeds, millet, lentil, and much more.
See more

iOS 7 Gui PSD Pack #1
This iOS 7 Gui PSD Package brings you 18 elements in total, including: Menu, Music Player, Calender, Social Network Icons, Sign In Window, Outline Icons, Icons, Loader, Sign in Large Screen, Map, Graph, Outline Graph, Handle, Switch buttons, Video Screen, Weather Screen, Devices and Slider Screen.
See more

iOS 7 Gui PSD Pack #2
In this second iOS 7 Gui PSD Package you will find a total of 28 elements, including: Steps, Search button, MP3 player, Ratings, Percent loader, Slider, Submit button, Graph, Dropdown, Drop down 2, Search box, Form, Pagination, Check box, Radio Button, Switch Button, Article, Loading, and more.
See more

150+ Tshirt Mockup PSDs
This package contains more than 150 single color tshirt mockup PSDs and PNGs in the form of model stock photos. There are both front and back mockups and in various tshirt styles and colors. These are particularly useful to showcase tshirt designs.
See more

1000 Stock Photos Without Backgrounds
This package of 1000 stock photos of random objects with backgrounds removed is something that every designer must download. All web designers love stock photos because they can be used for so many different things. These stock photos are perfect to use as featured images on your client websites, posters, calendars, illustrations and more.
See more

500 Holiday Vectors For 13 Major Holidays
This mega package contains 500 vectors for 13 major U.S. holidays, including Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Hanukkah, Easter, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, President's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Columbus Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day.
See more

385 Icon Vectors
This mega icon art package contains a total of 385 beautiful icon vectors that can be used in website or app designs.
See more

100 Valentine's Day Icons
In this beautiful icon set, you will find a total of 100 high quality, adorable icons for Valentine's Day.
See more

522 Seamless Photoshop Patterns
This package contains 522 beautifully crafted, seamless Photoshop patterns. These patterns can be loaded directly into Photoshop because .pat files are provided. This mega package is a must for any designer.
See more

50 Ultimate Vector Mascots
You won't find a mascot package like this anywhere else. Each vector took countless hours to create to perfection. This package contains a total of 50 mascot vectors, including 27 Animal Mascot Vectors, 6 Roman Mythology Mascot Vectors, 2 Royal Mascot Vectors, 10 Small Business Mascot Vectors, 3 Religious Mascot Vectors and more.
See more

340 Seamless Vectors
Add some gorgeous textures to your latest project with this array of seamless vector patterns. With total scalability, they're perfect for Web backgrounds, hi-res print work, high-impact Web design, and large backgrounds.
See more

27,000 Photoshop Gradients
Apparently, Crayola was wrong when they gave us just 16 colored crayons as kids. This set of 27,000 Photoshop Gradients lets you add some amazing color gradients to your work! Easily mix up color combinations for your backgrounds, prints, banners, websites, buttons, and more!
See more

18,000 Photoshop Layer Styles
Quickly (and easily!) change up an entire layer of your work in one fell swoop! Use any of these 18,000 Photoshop Layer Styles to add some neat special effects to any layter in your current project. Use them to whip up buttons or nav bars in no time flat.
See more

1,545 Vector Illustrations
Add some great visuals to your current project with this set of 1,545 vector illustraions. These high-quality, premium illustrations are completely scalable, so they'll work with you no matter what size you're working at!
See more

815 Photoshop Patterns
Say goodbye to boring backgrounds! With this collection of 815 Photoshop Patterns, you can create all sorts of beautiful seamless patterns that will truly work wonders on Website backgrounds.
See more

Ultimate CSS Framework
(Easy PSD-2-HTML Conversion)
No need to worry about coding up a site. With this Ultimate CSS Framework, you can easily convert your gorgeous PSD Layouts into live websites. And you can do it all in a matter of minutes!
See more

2,986 Photoshop Brushes
Forget about painting the town red... With 2,986 different Photoshop brushes, you can paint it yellow and blue and green and blue green and, well, you get the idea. Add a real artistic touch to your work!
See more

1,105 Adobe Add-ons
With these add-ons, you can change up colors in Adobe illustrator or Adobe Photoshop with just a few clicks! These two sets include Swatches and Color tables.
See more
1,129 Vector Elements
Go ahead and get your hands on this really useful set of vector elements to make your design process that much easier. This set includes: Floral Vectors, Vector Swirls, Ornate Vectors, and Vector Web Design Elements.
See more
1,290 High Resolution Textures
Textures can make a gigantic difference in your work, and with nearly 1,300 high-res textures to choose from, you're certainly covered. All textures are 4288×2848 pixels and cover a variety of themes, including: Cement, Wood, Wall, Rust, Bricks and more. 
See more
512 Vector Icons
Use the 512 vector icons in this bundel to build websites, applications, toolbars, and even iPhone/iPad apps. 
See more
527 Stock Photos
When you need a professional photo fast, just look to this set of 527 stock photos. They're great for mock-ups or even large prints!
See more

PSD to HTML 960 Grid System Tutorial
Using the popular 960 grid system, you can convert your PSD files to HTML in no time flat. This tutorial (available in PDF format), shows you exactly how to take advantage of the 906 Grid System and build yourself a great site.
See more

902 Pixel Icons
Pixel icons are so much fun, offering a playful-yet-useful appearance. This bundle sports 902 hand-crafted pixel icons to use on any number of different design projects.
See more

82 Photoshop Actions
Actions DO speak louder than words! And with this collection of 82 Photoshop Actions, you can easily turn your average images into breathtaking worsk of art in a matter of seconds. 
See more
Web Graphics
Get a huge jump on design with this collection of Web Graphics that feature: Download Buttons, PSD Navigation menus, Banners, Web shadows, Website backgrounds, Web boxes for your web related projects and more. 
See more

3D Creator
This set of Photoshop Actions lets you whip up a 3D Logo or 3D text. In fact, you can even change any shape you want with this set. Great way to offer a different perspective on things in a fun and entertaining way!
See more

3D Software Box Creator
Show off your product's software box in a very visual way thanks to this 3D Software Box Creator. You don't need to know a thing about 3D design to generate a realistic 3D box for your latest product.
See more

100 Business Card Templates (Vectors + PDF)
Create all sorts of business cards for yourself or your clients with this collection of 100 Business card templates. Fully customizable, this set comes in Vector and PDF formats.
See more

100 High Quality, Customizable Logos PSD + PNG
A great set of 100 professional layered logos. Customize them as you need, using the PSD and PNG files included with this bundle.
See more

500 Amazing Hand-Drawn Vector Images
Another fantastic collection of hand-drawn vector images. This beautiful set of 500 vectors is fully scalable to fit your needs.
See more

500 Black and White Vector Shapes and Silhouettes
This collection of 500 black and white Vectors features a slew of professional shapes and sillhouettes to add that perfect something special to your designs.
See more

1000 More Amazing Stock Photos And Textures
Get your mitts on 1,000 high-quality stock photos and textures to use in your design work. Browse through nearly 20 different image categories including: flowers, animals, clouds, art, metal, plants, water, rust, tools, rocks, and more!
See more

224 Model Stock Photos Holding Blank Sign
This collection of 224 stock photos are a great way to frame your main message. You can easily edit the photos to put in your own text and graphics right on the blank signs!
See more

You'll also get 25 PSD Layouts + Tutorials

Sound too good to be true? It's not. So you can stop pinching yourself!


You'll get more than 60,000 resources in one place for a huge discount! Right now, for a limited time only, you can get one full month access to the Ultimate Designer Toolkit for just $27, instead of the regular price of $99 - that's 73% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button to lose yourself in an avalanche of designer tools!

Deal terms:
  • After you purchase you will receive a unique coupon code with a link to a page to a registration page to enter your code.
  • You'll get one month of full access to all premium downloads  (1 month of the Professional membership).
  • You get to keep and use all items you download forever, even after your access expires.
  • You do not need to provide any payment details for renewal. This is a non-recurring payment of $27.
  • Includes access to all new resources (added almost daily).
  • Can be used for both commercial and personal projects.
  • The Photoshop files will work in Adobe Photoshop CS2 or higher (including Photoshop CC).
  • Coupon can be activated at any time. Access expires one month after activation.
  • Merchant requires name and email address on registration page.
  • Access is granted for one person only and cannot be shared.
  • This offer is available to both new and existing/past members of Ultimate Designer Toolkit.
Fri, 25 Jul 2014 07:00:00 GMT Sat, 02 Aug 2014 04:59:59 GMT 99 27
Ingimage: 100 Professional Fonts - only $19! http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/ingimage-100-pro-fonts.html?ref=rss http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/ingimage-100-pro-fonts.html?ref=rss NOW ON: Ingimage: 100 Professional Fonts - only $19!

Expires: July 30, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Different projects require a different feel, a different emotion. One way to get that across is through the use of fonts. And thanks to this Mighty Deal from Ingimage, you'll have enough fonts to cover roughly 100 different projects! 

This incredible fontastic deal includes over 100 professional fonts from Ingimage, both display fonts and clear text fonts. There are loads of styles covered from grunge to calligraphy in this bundle that sees each font delivered in OpenType and TrueType formats. The only thing not big about this bundle is its price. Act quickly and you can get the whole shebang for a mere $19!

Ingimage Font Collection Highlights:

  • 100 Pro Fonts
    This Mighty Deal collection includes a whopping 103 different fonts! That's a tremendous amount of professional, high-quality typefaces, sure to keep you satisfied on your next project, no matter what message you're trying to convey.
  • Display and Text Fonts
    No matter what your font's intended purpose, this collection has you covered. Besides featuring a gorgeous collection of exciting display fonts, you'll also get a wide range of crisp-printing text fonts.
  • Variety of Styles
    Different fonts give off different emotions. That's why some typefaces are more suited than others for a particular project. With this font collection, you'll get a bevy of styles including distressed, calligraphic, hand-drawn, grunge, decorative, space-age, script, and more!
  • Dual Formats
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you all these super-usable fonts in both OpenType and TrueType formats. They'll work beautifully on both Macs and PCs too!
  • Slew of Features
    Thanks to the OpenType format, you'll get a ton of extra features with your fonts. Look for kerning pairs, interlocks, full character sets, international currency and glyphs, and so much more!

See all 103 fonts


This huge collection of fonts from Ingimage normally sells for $99, but for a limited time only, you can get all 100 fonts for just $19! That's an 81% savings off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and get yourself an instant library of quality fonts!

Deal terms:
  • The fonts are delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
  • The font files are in both .otf and .ttf formats and work on both Windows and Mac.
  • To use the OpenType features (to access all of the style variations), you will need an OpenType friendly application, such as InDesign, Illustrator or Quark, or any other application where you can access the glyphs palette.
  • The fonts or any of the files downloaded cannot be modified in any way.
  • You are free to use and publish the fonts for both commercial and personal purposes.
Wed, 23 Jul 2014 07:00:00 GMT Thu, 31 Jul 2014 04:59:59 GMT 99 19
15 Retro & Vintage Business Cards Collection - only $19! http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/15-retro-vintage-business-cards.html?ref=rss http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/15-retro-vintage-business-cards.html?ref=rss NOW ON: 15 Retro & Vintage Business Cards Collection - only $19!

Expires: July 29, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Creating a business card is still a real necessity today. As is creating a business card that will stand out from the card and help your clients remember you. That's where a Mighty Deal like this one from Digital Space can really help. You'll get a beautiful collection of 15 retro and vintage business card templates, all easy to edit and ready to print! Act now and you can even get almost 80% off the regular price!

Retro & Vintage Business Cards Collection Highlights:

  • 15 High-Quality Business Cards
    Whether you need new cards for yourself or a client, this set of 15 high-quality business card templates will certainly suit your needs. This professional collection is just what the doctor ordered.
  • Retro and Vintage Style
    Stand out from the crowd with a retro and vintage style business card. Professional and fun, you'll certainly make your mark with these beautiful templates.
  • Fully Customizable
    These templates are yours to play with. Easily change up the text, fonts, shapes, colors, textures and more!
  • Print Ready
    Designed at 3.5 x 2 inches, these business cards were also created at 300 DPI in CMYK color. That means they are perfect as is and ready to be printed out in high-quality without any additional changes needed to the design.
  • Fully Layered PSD Files
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you the original Photoshop files. Well organized and fully layered, you'll easily be able to manage any design elements as you customize each card to suit your needs.
  • Royalty-Free License
    This collection of business card templates includes a Royalty-Free License. That means you're free to create and use as many cards as you'd like for your personal projects or other clients.



This bundle of retro and vintage business cards normally sells for $89, but for a limited time only, you can get all 15 high-quality templates for only $19! That's a savings of 79% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and get down to business today!

Deal terms:
  • Files are delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • Business cards are delivered in Photoshop .psd format.
  • Regular License: You can use them in your own projects or in projects for your clients. Both personal and commercial use are allowed.
  • There is no limit for number of projects or print copies you can make with these business cards.
  • You cannot resell or distribute for free PSD source files of these business cards as templates.
  • Note: The fonts used in these templates are not included, however, they are all free fonts and a list is included containing the fonts used, together with the links to the websites from which you can download them.
Tue, 22 Jul 2014 07:00:00 GMT Wed, 30 Jul 2014 04:59:59 GMT 89 19
100+ High-Quality Sound Effects from Abzio - only $9! http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/abzio-sound-effects.html?ref=rss http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/abzio-sound-effects.html?ref=rss NOW ON: 100+ High-Quality Sound Effects from Abzio - only $9!

Expires: July 31, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Everything's better with music. And with this Mighty Deal from Abzio, everything is about to get better! You'll have access to over 150 high-quality sound effects in OGG, WAV and even MP3-320 formats. They've been tested across all types of devices and environments from tablets to smartphones, Windows to Mac. And once you've made your selections, you're free to keep on playing them for as long as you'd like. The real news to sing home about? If you act now, you can save over 50% off the regular price!

Abzio Highlights: 

  • Multiple File Formats
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal doesn't just get you great sound effect files, you get them in multiple file formats including OGG, WAV and MP3-320. So whatever your need, you'll be set. 
  • High-Quality Sound Files
    This collection of high-quality sound files has been fully tested across multiple devices to ensure only the very best quality available. All files have been put to the test on everything from tablets to desktops and mobile devices on both Mac and Windows environments.
  • Ginormous Library of Sounds
    It's a listening buffet for your ears! Dig through more than 150 different sound files in 3 different frequency variations!
  • Large Variety of Themes
    Everyone's taste in music is different, that's why the abzio library covers such a wide range of styles. You'll find musical themes ranging from melodic masterpieces to more ambient styles.
  • Unlimited Use
    The best part of Abzio? Yeah, the total freedom to use these sounds over and over again. Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you unlimited use of these sounds. That's a license worth having!

Check out @frijec's sounds for apps project. A nice library of sounds for your apps. - Michael Flarup (@flarup)

Sound design for apps - definitely an unsung hero @HelloAbzio - Jayson Lane (@jaysonlane) 

This site is awesome .. and it is a very interesting idea @helloabzio. - Massimiliano Bigatti (@mbigatti)


You have 2 fantastic money-saving options when it comes to Abzio, with savings of more than 50% off the regular price! That's just music to your ears, isn't it?

Premium Package
Pay just $9 (Regularly $19)

  • 100+ Sounds
  • 10 Musical Categories

Standard Package
Pay just $5 (Regularly $9)

  • 50 Sounds
  • 8 Musical Categories

Click the BUY NOW button, choose your package and add a little music to your life!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • You may not redistribute our sounds by any means, for free or at a fee.
  • You may not alter our sounds for redistributions by any means.
  • The sounds are owned and controlled by Ajukreizi I/S.
Mon, 21 Jul 2014 13:00:00 GMT Fri, 01 Aug 2014 04:59:59 GMT 19 9
Monoslideshow 3: HTML5 Image & Video Slideshow - only $15! http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/monoslideshow.html?ref=rss http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/monoslideshow.html?ref=rss NOW ON: Monoslideshow 3: HTML5 Image & Video Slideshow - only $15!

Expires: July 28, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Looking for a slick, modern way to show off your amazing photo and video content? Then feast your eyes on this Mighty Deal for Monoslideshow 3! With more than 1,000 configurable options, this high-quality, professional HTML5 slideshow viewer will fit your website no matter what it looks like! It's touchscreen ready, allows for multiple images per slide and sports a responsive design. So no matter where anyone's viewing your site, they'll have no problem enjoying your content. And for a limited time only, you can snag this superior slideshow software for a mere $15!

Monoslideshow 3 Highlights:

  • High-Quality, Professional Slideshow
    If you want to really impress your users, you'll install a modern slideshow viewer to really let your photos and videos shine. Monoslideshow 3 is a slick, highly cusomizable, responsive HTML5 slideshow that works in every browser.
  • 1,000+ Configuration Options
    No matter your site's design, you can customize Monoslideshow 3 to fit your style! Web professionals can easily change up the transitions, color, controls and more. In fact, there are over 1,000 ways to configure your options!
  • Works Almost Everywhere
    Built on a responsive design framework, this incredible HTML5 slideshow works in most major browsers, at any size you'd like. That means your users can view it properly on their desktops, tablets, smartphones, laptops and more! Currently, iOS tablets and phones are supported, with Android support coming soon!
  • Touchscreen Ready
    Monoslide 3 doesn't just show up on touchscreen devices like a tablet. Nope. It also works just like any other touchscreen application by letting you swipe your way from one photo or video to the next. 
  • Multiple Images
    Want to show more than 1 image on a slide? Not a problem for Monoslideshow 3! Using a smart group layout, it can automatically find the optimal layout for your multiple images.
  • Feature Adapting
    The neatest part of Monoslideshow 3? It can think for itself. While it may offer a ton of fantastic features, some users may be on older, weaker browsers that don't support all of the latest and greatest options. In those cases, Monoslideshow will adapt and degrade to a less advanced alternative.

Try out the interactive demo


Monoslideshow 3 normally sells for $40, but for a limited time only, you can get this beautiful photo and video viewing application for only $15! That's a huge savings of 62% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW to give your multimedia its due!

Deal terms:
  • After completing your purchase on Mighty Deals, you'll receive a coupon code to redeem at the Monoslideshow website, to obtain the download instantly.
  • Note: This is the HTML5 slideshow, not a WordPress plugin.
  • Includes free updates within version 3.x.
  • Only new Monoslideshow customers are allowed to take part in this promotion. Existing Monoslideshow 2 customers are excluded from this deal.
  • May be installed on multiple websites, for commercial or personal purposes.
  • Can be installed on your clients' websites, provided that you are the only person managing the slideshow's content.
  • See the full license.
Mon, 21 Jul 2014 07:00:00 GMT Tue, 29 Jul 2014 04:59:59 GMT 40 15
Online Course – Master your photography skills for only $39! http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/online-photography-course.html?ref=rss http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/online-photography-course.html?ref=rss NOW ON: Online Course – Master your photography skills for only $39!

Expires: July 26, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Thanks to the Internet, there are more amateur photographers than ever before. Who doesn't love sharing one's photos with one's friends and family across social networks? But whether you're a total amateur or an experienced pro, there's always room for improvement. That's where an online photography course can really help transform you from just a shutterbug to a pro.

This Mighty Deal from Pics Academy offers a robust online photography course to teach you all you need to know to step up your photography skills. Learn at your own pace from high-quality videos, real corrected samples from professional photographers, and access to your fellow students’ work to leave them some comments. With 2 pricing options, you'll get at least 20 powerful courses, saving up to 90%!

Pics Academy Highlights:

  • Learn from the Pros
    This impressive online photography course was designed by professional photographers and e-Learning experts. You'll get highly informative and interactive lessons in the understanding of the world of photography.
  • Set Your Own Pace
    These high-quality online courses are available anywhere and any time. As long as you have internet connection, you can access your latest course. Every week, 1 course will get unlocked for you, and remain available until you've finished your training.
  • Real Samples/Examples
    Each exercise includes real samples to help you understand the various concepts. With each course, you'll get 5 corrected samples from professional photographers, along with explanatory comments.
  • Certificate of Completion
    When you've finished your training, it's time for the final exam. Ace that test and you'll get a Certificate of Completion showing that you've mastered these exercises.


This photo-tastic Mighty Deal from Pics Academy features 2 different pricing options:

  • Advanced Online Photography Course - just $39 (regularly $369/€259)
    • 20 Chapters (see full list)
    • Most chapters run between 15 minutes and 1 hour
  • Professional Online Photography Course - just $59 (regularly $569/€449)
    • 30 Chapters (see full list)
    • Includes same 20 Chapters available in Advanced Course
    • Plus: 5 higher level courses
    • Plus: 5 Specialization courses of your choice: Weddings, Animals & Nature, Sports or Lighting (Packshot and Fashion)
    • Each of the 10 extra chapters runs between 30 minutes and 2 hours

Click the BUY NOW button, select your course option and bring your photos into focus today!

Sample photos:

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to register and gain access to the course on Pics-Academy.com.
  • You must activate your coupon code, to start the course, before January 15th, 2015.
  • Click here to see if you have a suitable camera for each course. 
  • These are online courses which require an Internet connection.
  • One lesson is released per week.
  • Access is granted for 2 years after registering.
  • You may purchase this deal multiple times for gifts.
Sat, 19 Jul 2014 07:00:00 GMT Sun, 27 Jul 2014 04:59:59 GMT 369 39
2,000 iOS7-Style Icons With Reselling License - only $17! http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/inventicons-ios7-style-icons.html?ref=rss http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/inventicons-ios7-style-icons.html?ref=rss NOW ON: 2,000 iOS7-Style Icons With Reselling License - only $17!

Expires: August 1, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Icons really are the icing on the cake when it comes to Web design. They may even be the sprinkles too. Sure, you can have a good website or app without 'em, but things are just so much better and easier to use when you include icons in your projects. Thing is, if you create themes and templates for a living, it's tough to include any icons unless you make them yourself. Either that, or you have to go after a reselling license.

Getting yourself a reselling license can be pretty expensive. With this fantastic, limited-time offer from Inventicons, however, you can grab this Mighty Deal and get yourself a slew of spectacular icons to not only use on your own projects, but to use in templates and themes that will be resold too! This deal includes 2,000 high-quality, professional iOS7-style icons. Through a variety of reseller licenses, you can share these icons with anywhere from 2 templates or themes to an unlimited amount! Talk about iconic freedom!

Inventicons 2000 iOS7 Style Icons Highlights:

  • 2000 High-Quality Icons
    Beef up your icon library with this gorgeous collection of 2000 iOS7 style icons! These professional icons are a great way to give off a friendly and personable style on your website or app, while being completely different from everything else out there!
  • Tons of Popular Categories
    With 2000 iOS7-style icons, you're pretty much set in terms of content. This collection includes icons in dozens of popular categories such as: weather, time, video games, social, eCommerce, office, transportation, food, science, sports, arrows, signs, movies, holidays, and loads more!
  • Multiple File Formats
    Whatever your preference, this icon collection is perfect for you. All the icons are provided in 4 different file formats:  PSD, AI, CSH and raster PNG versions!
  • 5 Preset Sizes
    The raster (PNG) version of these icons comes ready for you in 5 of the most-requested icon sizes. Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you these icons in the following sizes: 512x512, 256x256, 128x128, 64x64, and 32x32 pixels!
  • Highly Customizable
    These icons are ready to go as is, but they're also a snap to customize if you need any changes. Since the entire set has been vectorized, you can easily change up the color, shape, details, or even size of any of them!
  • 10 Gradient Styles
    Want to really impress your users? Add some beautiful gradients to your icons! This bundle includes multiple gradient styles that you can add to any one of the icons in this collection.
  • Royalty-Free License
    This bundle of 2000 icons includes a royalty-free license. That means you can use any of them for your personal use as well as any projects for your clients.
  • Reselling Freedom Plans
    If you're in the business of selling websites or app themes and templates, you can take advantage of a whole bunch of different Freedom Plan options. These special licenses let you resell your themes, logos, and other items that include these icons.



This collection of 2,000 iOS7 icons normally sells for $90 for the standard license and $99 for the Extended license (Freedom Plan 1), but for a limited time only, you can get the Extended license for the entire collection for only $17! That's an 83% savings off the regular price! Choose from the following 4 license options:

Freedom Plan 1
Pay just $17 (Normally $99 for reselling license alone)

  • Unlimited icons in all available formats
  • Reselling license to use icons in 2 different themes or templates

Freedom Plan 2
Pay just $47 (Normally $299 for reselling license alone)

  • Unlimited icons in all available formats
  • Reselling license to use icons in 7 different themes or templates
  • 2 icon updates for 6 months

Freedom Plan 3
Pay just $99 (Normally $699 for reselling license alone)

  • Unlimited icons in all available formats
  • Reselling license to use icons in 25 different themes or templates
  • 5 icon updates for 12 months

Freedom Plan Unlimited
Pay just $125 (Normally $999 for reselling license alone)

  • Unlimited icons in all available formats
  • Reselling license to use icons in an unlimited number of themes or templates
  • Unlimited icon updates for 2 years

Click BUY NOW, choose your plan and start sharing your iconic templates today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The files are delivered in AI, PSD and CSH formats as well as PNGs at sizes 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256 and 512x512.
  • These icons may be used for both commercial or personal projects. You may modify the size, color or shape of the icons. No attribution is required.
  • Your name and email address may be supplied to the vendor for the purpose of delivering updates only.
Fri, 18 Jul 2014 07:00:00 GMT Sat, 02 Aug 2014 04:59:00 GMT 99 17
Unlimited Access To 300+ Professional Training Courses - from $15! http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/infiniteskills.html?ref=rss http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/infiniteskills.html?ref=rss NOW ON: Unlimited Access To 300+ Professional Training Courses - from $15!

Expires: July 30, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Start your education today with a membership to Infinite Skills! You'll get unlimited access to the company's learning library, chock full of more than 300 professional training courses. Learn at your own pace (there's even an iPad and iPhone app to take your lessons on the go) as you get educated on everything from Programming to Microsoft Office to Mobile App Development. With this spiffy Mighty Deal, you'll also get complete certificates and working files for your courses. Act fast, though, because for a limited time only, you can save 80% off the regular price!

Infinite Skills Training Courses Unlimited Access Highlights:

  • 300+ Training Courses
    Whatever you're looking to learn, you'll find more than enough learning to be had from Infinite Skills! With this Mighty Deal, you'll have unlimited access to a course library full of more than 330 different titles. That's roughly 3,000 hours worth of educational content that will help you keep up with the latest technology and software releases. New titles are released weekly, at no additional cost!
  • Tons of Topics
    Browse through loads of different skill topics ranging from the general to the specific. Courses include such essential topics as Programming, Business Applications, Graphic and Page Layout, Certification, Web Development, Audio and Video, CAD and BIM, Microsoft Office, Mobile App Development and Animation/3D. See all the topics.
  • Learn At Your Own Pace
    These online courses can be viewed whenever you want. Watch them once a day or a bunch back to back. It's totally up to you and you'll be able to truly learn at your own pace. The lessons can be viewed sequentially or you can jump to view just the topics that interest you. Watched courses are marked so you can quickly start from where you left off.
  • Completion Certificates
    As you finish up each course, you can download a certificate of completion. What better way to prove your skills?
  • Working Files Included
    Courses also include a variety of helpful working files. That way, you can easily follow along with the instructor as he or she goes through specific examples.
  • Customize Your Learning
    Create your own favorite lists of courses. That way, you'll find that you're customizing your own education in an easy-to-follow manner.
  • Mobile Friendly
    If you own an iPad or iPhone, you can take your education with you! Sync up your online account with your iPhone or iPad and use the app to download content so you can continue your education, even without an internet connection.

Take a look at some sample videos below:


3 months of unlimited access to Infinite Skills' learning library normally costs $75, but for a limited time only, you can get a 3-month membership for just $15! Or better yet, go for a 6-month membership at just $27 (Regularly $150)!

Click the BUY NOW to choose your membership and start learning today.

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to register at the Infinite Skills website. You must activate your membership before April 1st, 2015.
  • You will have unlimited access to all the 300+ courses for the duration of the subscription purchased.
  • Includes unlimited access to all new titles that are released during your subscription.
  • The courses are accessible via PC, Mac, Linux or Infinite Skills custom iOS App
  • The videos can be watched from any location, as often as you like, 24/7.
Wed, 16 Jul 2014 07:00:00 GMT Thu, 31 Jul 2014 04:59:59 GMT 75 15
Powerful SEO with Rank Tracker - only $47! http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/rank-tracker-pro.html?ref=rss http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/rank-tracker-pro.html?ref=rss NOW ON: Powerful SEO with Rank Tracker - only $47!

Expires: July 28, 2014, 1:59 am EST

Many sites these days live and die by the search engine. If you're not armed to the teeth with the latest SEO tactics, you're destined to be stuck 10 pages deep on the Search Engine Results Pages.

Optimizing your site isn't the hardest part of SEO. No, the most frustrating and time-consuming part is actually checking your results. Doing Google searches for various keywords and then scrolling endlessly down the pages until you find your link can be so tedious. With Rank Tracker Pro, however, you can save all the heavy lifting for your computer. This powerful tool can easily calculate your rank and performer keyword research quickly and easily. 

Rank Tracker Pro Highlights:

  • Rank Tracking
    Forget those long days of scrolling through Google results to find where you sit with various keyword searches. After a quick initial setup, Rank Tracker does it all for you with just the click of a button. Better still, you can automate each search so you can check the results whenever you want.
  • Competitor Rankings
    What's the best way to stay competitive in any business? Watch what your competition is doing! Pro Tracker lets you add up to 5 other websites and then compare rankings. Results are displayed in a variety of attractive tables, graphs, or reports, and saved for you to access anytime in the future.
  • Ranking Movement
    With a simple table, you can quickly discover if your search rankings moved up or down since your last check-in. Rank Tracker keeps a record for daily, weekly, and monthly changes, so you can view your rank for any keyword at any time.
  • Compatible With Hundreds of Search Engines
    Check your rankings on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, along with hundreds of other search engines. In fact, Pro Tracker actually supports 325 different international and local search engines!
  • Global Ranking
    Many search engines (such as Google) show different search results based on your current location. Rank Tracker can help you increase your international SEO efforts by giving you accurate, non-personalized results as if you were from all sorts of different countries.
  • Keyword Research
    Possibly the coolest tool of all in Rank Tracker is its incredibly powerful "Suggest Keywords" feature. In fact, the application comes with 17 different keyword suggestion tools, including Google AdWords Keyword Tool, SEMRush, Wordtracker, and more. 
  • Best Keywords for Your Site
    Using real search data, Pro Tracker can tell you the number of searches compared to competition ratio, a.k.a. the Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI). This is exactly how top-notch SEO Experts pick the best keywords for a site: They choose the ones with the most number of searches and the least amount of competition.

  • Generate High-Quality Reports
    Rank Tracker offers six different types of ready-made ranking and traffic reports, in an impressive display of colorful charts and graphs:
    • Keyword rankings and visibility report
    • Competition rankings report
    • Keyword rankings report (by keyword)
    • Keyword rankings report (by search engine)
    • Keyword research report
    • Website visitors (traffic) report
  • Google Analytics
    No need to bounce back and forth between programs. Rank Tracker pulls your Google Analytics data right in so you can also see the bounce rates and visitors brought to your website by each keyword!
  • User-Friendly Interface
    Rank Tracker's simple button layout easily helps you navigate your way through the entire SEO process. 
  • Depth Control
    Want to see if your site broke the Top 10 or even the Top 10,000? You can do either with Rank Tracker by setting the search limit to whatever you want.
  • Pick Your Platform
    Rank Tracker works beautifully across multiple platforms. It'll run on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. 
  • Multilingual
    With a number of foreign languages under its belt, Rank Tracker can help you optimize your site in any language for any country's search engine.
  • Print Reports
    With Rank Tracker Pro, you can now print out your SEO reports, making it even easier to get help on your site without having to switch back and forth between programs. It's also perfect for passing on to your webmaster or including in special reports for meetings.
  • Keyword Difficulty Score
    Save some serious time and headache with Rank Tracker's new keyword difficulty score. You'll find the right keywords to optimize on your site that won't be too tough to rank for. Check difficulty for an unlimited number of keywords and phrases. A truly fast and easy way to do niche research on keywords or hone in on what's helping your competitors rank higher than you.
  • Uncover Google's "Not Provided" Results
    Google Analytics now groups a number of your keywords into a group called "Not Provided," leaving you scratching your head at where some of your traffic is coming from. Thankfully, Rank Tracker Pro has found a way around it! Now you can truly see which keywords bring you the most traffic, which pages are visited most, as well as how well they perform in terms of bounce rates.
  • PPC Analysis
    Not sure which keywords to target with SEO or PPC? Not a problem anymore! With Rank Tracker, you can now view PPC results side by side with organic SEO rankings to see which is the better path to go down.

See all the features


"Right off the bat, I never believed that the program would work simply because I’m used to wasting money trying and failing. However, after 2-3 weeks of using the software, my rankings jumped up and flew pass where they were as I watched them with Rank Tracker. Now I’m not just another Web Designer lost in the SEO ranks and I’m in the playing field competing with high-end competitors who have spent years and I’m sure much more money than I did." - Elijah Clark, Web Designer, ElijahClark.Com

"Most designers out there know how to design really cool things, but they don't know how to make their sites lucrative. The good news is that there are SEO tools out there that simplify the task. Rank Tracker allows you to bring your web design blog to another search engine optimization level. It's a must-have tool if you want to be visible in the major search engines. That will allow you to get more traffic and customers that will order your web design services." - Vitaliy Kolos, WebDesign.Org


Rank Tracker Pro normally sells for $124, but for a limited time only, you can get this powerful keyword ranking and research tool for just $47! That's a 60% savings!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download with instant license key generation.
  • This application is Java based and runs on all versions of Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Your name and email address will be sent to the vendor to generate your license key. You will also be automatically signed up for their product announcement emails.
  • The price includes 6 months of search algorithm updates. When this period expires, updates are offered on a paid basis.
  • Prompt and free Customer Service is included (requests are answered within 6 hours on average).
Tue, 15 Jul 2014 07:00:00 GMT Mon, 28 Jul 2014 06:59:00 GMT 124 47
FluidMask - Professional Image Masking Tool - 55% off! http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/fluid-mask.html?ref=rss http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/fluid-mask.html?ref=rss NOW ON: FluidMask - Professional Image Masking Tool - 55% off!

Expires: July 28, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

What's the toughest part of being a Web Designer? Well yes, sleeping is certainly up there. There's only so many hours in a day, though, and so many projects to work on. 

But no, what we're talking about is masking. Cutting select images out of a photo to place on a solid or different background. For some images, it's easy. But what if there are tons of different colors, a busy background, and some real fine details like crazy hair styles?

Yep, masking is painful, tedious work. But it's necessary. And lucky for you, Mighty Deals has found a way to not only speed up the process, but make it infinitely easier to do as well. The Fluid Mask tool from Vertus will be the greatest edition to your designer's toolbox yet!

Speed up your workflow!  Easily keep or or delete complex sections!  Make extremely fine color-based mask selections!

There's no masking the great deal we're offering on this tool right now, either. For a limited time, you can save more than 50% off Fluid Mask 3!

Fluid Mask 3 Highlights:

  • Highly Professional Results
    Thanks to the easy-to-use Fluid Mask tool, you'll quickly be making real professional super fine mask selections on your photos. We're talking about things like complex hair blending, a camouflaged frog or an iconic tree in a forest. 
  • Save Tons of Time
    With all of Fluid Mask 3's incredibly powerful tools, you'll find yourself finishing your masking selections faster than normal. Thanks to features like saved workspace settings and patch technology, the image processing time is massively reduced.
  • Visual Image Segmentation
    Just like the human eye, Fluid Mask can break your image down into segments of similar properties. That makes it a breeze to create super-fine mask selections for your projects.
  • Colors are No Object
    With the Color Workspace and Color Sample, you won't have to worry about super busy backgrounds or color combinations on your main subject. It's still super simple to make your fine color-based mask selections.
  • Create Your Own Edges
    If all the other powerful features of Fluid Mask 3 still aren't enough for you (like the flexible image segmentation and resolution controls), there are plenty more tricks up this tool's sleeve. Not happy with some of the edges of your cut-out image? No problem, you can easily add your own edges anywhere you'd like.
  • Edge Blending and Detection
    Not all edges are created equal. That goes for within the same image. Good thing Fluid Mask 3 knows that and can comprehend the width and morphology of any edge. With intelligent blending, the tool gets as close as possible to pulling out the image's true character. You can also isolate difficult areas of an image and apply alternate selections with new edges. 
  • Complex Blending Tools
    Looking to blend just a small area of your image within a patch? Simply adjust blending parameters for the local image to handle it differently than the rest of the image. 
  • Store Your Workspace Settings
    If you're constantly adjusting the overall settings, then simply go ahead and tailor the default settings to fit your needs. You can even go so far as to easily process complete studio runs. Another option is to adjust the working resolution of your segmentation processing. That way you can make bigger and smoother sections and ignore a lot of the smaller details without any worry of losing image quality.
  • Mac & PC Compatible
    Fluid Mask 3 is completely compatible with Mac OSX and Windows. It works with Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6 in both 32 and 64-bit formats. 
  • Up to 3X Faster Than Standard Methods
    When tested against regular mask tools, Fluid Mask 3 was an average of 3x faster.
    • On simple images consisting of sharp edges and contrasting backgrounds, Fluid Mask was on average 50% faster than using other methodologies.
    • On hard images involving defocused edges / hair but contrasting backgrounds, Fluid Mask was approximately 3x faster.
    • On hard images with easy edges but similar foregrounds and backgrounds, Fluid Mask was 4x faster.
    • On very hard images involving hair / defocused edges and similar foregrounds and backgrounds, Fluid Mask was 6x faster.

Fluid Mask Interface Screenshots:


Before and After Examples:




Without background:





Without background:



Without background:



How much would you pay to finish your work 3x faster?  You'd normally pay $149 for Fluid Mask 3, which would more than pay for itself on just your first project. 

For a limited time only, you can get Fluid Mask 3 for just $67! That's more than 50% off the regular price!

Click the BUY now button and get fluid with your work.

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, together with your serial number, after completing your purchase.
  • May be installed on up to two separate computers by the same user.
  • Includes free updates within the Fluid Mask version 3.x series.
  • Mac Requirements: PowerPX G4/G5 or Intel processor running OS X Tiger (10.4.11) or later (works on Mavericks too and will work on Yosemite).
  • Windows Requirements: Windows XP or later (including Windows 8).
  • To use the Photoshop plugin you will need either: Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Photoshop CS2-CS6 or Photoshop CC, Windows or Mac (32 or 64 bit versions).
Mon, 14 Jul 2014 07:00:00 GMT Tue, 29 Jul 2014 04:59:00 GMT 149 67
Lito HEADLINE Font Family (6 Styles) - only $10! http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/lito-font-family.html?ref=rss http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/lito-font-family.html?ref=rss NOW ON: Lito HEADLINE Font Family (6 Styles) - only $10!

Expires: July 26, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Some fonts are great for being subtle or elegant. Other times, you just need to shout your message to the world. And that's where the Lito Font Family comes in to play. A fun, heavy and geometric letterpress typeface, Lito is big and bold, eager to grab your reader's attention. This Mighty Deal from Borutta gives you the entire Lito Font Family, including 6 different styles, at a whopping 90% discount!

Lito Family Highlights:

  • Big and Bold
    The Lito Font Family isn't shy about anything. This heavy and geometric letterpress type will get your point across loud and clear!
  • Perfect for Headlines
    Need to grab people's attention quick? Not a problem for the Lito Family. This fabulous font family is perfect to use for headlines, signs, posters and more!
  • 6 Unique Styles
    Lito comes in 3 different weights and 2 different styles, giving you a full 6 different fonts to play around with. Your bundle includes Lito Clean, Clean Italic, Print, Print Italic, Stencil, and Stencil Italic.


Lito normally sells for $100, but for a limited time only, you can get the entire font family for only $10! That's a massive savings of 90% off the regular price! OR get the Desktop version and the Web version together for just $15!

Click the BUY NOW button and add some boldness to your typeface toolbox!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
  • The Desktop font files are in .ttf format and work on both Windows and Mac.
  • The Web fonts are delivered in .eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff formats and are designed to work with @font-face for text on websites.
  • Licensed for one user only. You may choose multiple quantities in the shopping cart.
  • May be used for personal or commercial projects.
  • Desktop fonts may use the fonts to create images on any surface such as computer screens, paper, web pages, photographs, movie credits, printed material, T-shirts, and other surfaces where the image is a fixed size.
  • Desktop fonts may be used to create EPS files or other scalable drawings provided that such files are only used by the household or company licensing the font.
  • Desktop fonts may use the font to create an EPS file, such as a logo, which may be delivered to a client, provided that the font is converted to outlines and no longer editable.
  • Licenses allow usage in static images in mobile apps (jpegs, png, etc) but do not include mobile app embedding. If a mobile app license is required, please contact the vendor.
Sat, 12 Jul 2014 07:00:00 GMT Sun, 27 Jul 2014 04:59:00 GMT 100 10
11 Professional Email Templates from ChocoTemplates - only $12! http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/chocotemplates-email-templates.html?ref=rss http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/chocotemplates-email-templates.html?ref=rss NOW ON: 11 Professional Email Templates from ChocoTemplates - only $12!

Expires: August 1, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Having a nice, professional-looking email template can certainly increase your chances of member engagement. So jump on this Mighty Deal from ChocoTemplates now and you can get yourself 11 high-quality email templates to work with! This bundle includes more than 100 color variations and 500+ layered PSD files worth of email templates that are compatible with most of today's popular email clients. And for a limited time only, thanks to this deal, you can get them all for just a little more than $1 per template!

ChocoTemplates Email Template Bundle Highlights:

  • 11 Professional Email Templates
    When you email customers and clients you want to look as professional as you can. And that's exactly what you can do with this bundle of 11 different high-quality email templates from ChocoTemplates!
  • 100+ Color Variations
    Changing up the colors on your emails is a snap with this template. Just choose the color you'd like from 110 different color variations and you're good to go!
  • Highly Customizable (PSD option)
    Choose the PSD files version of this deal and you'll get all the necessary Photoshop files to customize as you see fit. That's 528 layered PSD files to easily find and change what you need!
  • Compatible with Popular Email Clients
    These ChocoTemplates email templates have been road tested in all major email clients. So you know your message will get through to your subscribers no matter what they're using to read your emails.
  • MailChimp Ready
    Use MailChimp for your email management? Great! These templates are MailChimp ready, making integration ridiculously simple.
  • CampaignMonitor Ready
    Integrate your emails with CampaignMonitor to easily keep an eye on the overall success. All email templates come CampaignMonitor Ready, so you can get them hooked up in no time flat.

Take a closer look at what's included in this deal:

FocusMail (Details | Demo)

GoodNews (Details | Demo)

Holidays (Details | Demo)

EasyMail (Details | Demo)

Xperience (Details | Demo)

HowdyMail (Details | Demo)

ZoomMail (Details | Demo)

ShootIT (Details | Demo)

JumpMail (Details | Demo)

Newsteller (Details | Demo)

eMail (Details | Demo)


This collection of email templates normally sells for $242, but for a limited time only, you can get all 11 email templates for just $12! That's a killer savings of 95% off the regular price! Or get all 11 email templates PLUS the invaluable PSD files for just $18, instead of the regular price of $352!

Click the BUY NOW button to choose your preferred bundle and give some new life to your emails!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • All Email Templates come with a Royalty Free license.
  • Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is not permitted.
  • Email Templates can be used for personal and commercial purposes.
  • Email Templates can not be used for any pornographic or unlawful purpose
Fri, 11 Jul 2014 07:00:00 GMT Sat, 02 Aug 2014 04:59:00 GMT 242 12
Creative Edge Design Bundle (worth $1,000) - only $49! http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/creative-edge-bundle.html?ref=rss http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/creative-edge-bundle.html?ref=rss NOW ON: Creative Edge Design Bundle (worth $1,000) - only $49!

Expires: July 30, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Sometimes big is better. Especially when it comes to a gaggle of graphics for designers! Yeah, we here at Mighty Deals know you like your deals and love your mega deals. Well, get ready for a whole lotta lovin', because we've got one Ginormous, Hugetastic, Super-Duper, Mega Deal!

We're not just talking about a whole bunch of icons and vector illustrations (though you will get those!). Uh uh. We're talking a Mega Bundle made up of 24 already-awesome collections! It's more than 2GB of Web Designer awesomeness in one super low-priced package!

Your designer's toolbox will be so overjoyed, it won't know what to do with itself! You'll get icons, textures, banners and infographics. Audio players, video players, HTML5 templates, backgrounds, special effects, light effects. and dozens more! There's even massive coupons for stock footage and OSTraining!

In total, you're looking at over $1,000 worth of creative design elements, all for one super low price of just $49! That's more than 95% off! Tough to believe, right?

Just take a look at the killer content included in this fantastic offer:

  • Mobile Icon Collection

    by Solarseven

    Set includes over 150 impressive flat style minimal mobile icons for use in your designs. Also includes an illustration of responsive mobile devices! Offered as EPS files. See preview

  • Ultrashock Ink Set 04

    by Ultrashock

    Huge collection of hi-res hand crafted ink based design elements including symbols, patterns, distressed borders, grunge frames, three font styles and more! See preview

  • Vintage Design Elements

    by Anna Ozerina

    Add an authentic vintage look to your designs with luxurious flourishes and vintage calligraphic design elements. Includes baroque frames, floral ornaments, banners and more. Offered as EPS files. See preview

  • OSTraining Coupon

    by OSTraining

    Save 50% with the Ultrashock Total Training offer! Now with over 1800 Training Sessions! Use your membership to gain access to WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, and coding training sessions. These high-quality video tutorials cover beginner and intermediate lessons. See website

  • Vector Special Effects Series

    by Solarseven

    Stunning visual light effects perfect for adding extra flare to any project. Each set is grouped and layered. The items in this set also include transparencies. Each item is on its own layer for ease of use. Offered as .EPS files See preview

  • Abstract Backgrounds Set

    by Anna Ozerina

    Fifteen abstract background images from Anna Ozerina’s premium image collection. These images are great for use in your personal or client’s designs as layers, websites or print design. Offered as EPS files. See preview

  • Abstract Light

    by Ultrashock

    Brand new abstract light collection from Ultrashock! Contains 20 incredible abstract light images from subtle defocused blur images to colorful shapes and patterns. See preview

  • Royal Audio Player

    by FWD

    Royal Audio Player is a powerful responsive HTML5 mp3 player for your website that runs on all major browsers and mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android and Windows8. See demo

  • Halftone Collection

    by Solarseven

    Assorted halftone textures including various patterns and shapes. Offered as EPS files. See preview

  • Modern Labels

    by Ultrashock

    Set comes with 12 high quality modern label vector pieces ready for your customization. Offered as EPS files. See preview

  • Mobile Design Collection

    by Anna Ozerina

    Includes a nice variety of illustrations, infographics, flat icons, UI elements and more. Offered as EPS files. See preview

  • Dissolve Coupon

    by Dissolve

    Dissolve provides high-quality royalty-free HD stock footage for designers and visual storytellers on a wide variety of topics from just $50 per clip. Get $25 towards your first purchase! See website

  • Easy Video Player

    by FWD

    Easy Video Player is a powerful responsive video player that can play local videos, streaming videos from a server, or YouTube videos. It only requires the mp4 format and will work on mobile devices and desktops, no matter which browsers are used including older browsers like IE7/IE8. See demo

  • Infographic Collection

    by Solarseven

    Useful infographic elements including maps, charts, modern weather icons and more with a clean up-to-date look. Offered as EPS files. See preview

  • Ultrashock Letterpress Ink Textures

    by Ultrashock

    Looking to rough things up a bit with your designs? Add grit to your design projects with 15 assorted hand-crafted letterpress ink textures. Offered as hi- resolution .jpg files. See preview

  • 25 Abstract Architecture Images

    by Ultrashock

    Assorted abstract architecture HD background images. Set includes various abstract angles of modern skyscrapers and buildings. Offered as hi-resolution 8MP .jpg files. See preview

  • Ultrashock Modern Banners

    by Ultrashock

    Set includes 21 various banners and ribbons for use in your designs! Offered as EPS files. See preview

  • Royal Dock Menu

    by FWD

    This product is a fully responsive dock-menu that allows you to display media or HTML content with a unique and original layout. It’s perfect for presentations, or anyone who wants to obtain a great visual impact on their visitors. See demo

  • Dissolve HD Fire

    by Dissolve

    Create an organic feel to your visual stories with this incredible collection of 6 HD slow-motion organic fire video clips shot at 1920 x 1080 @ 23.98 fps. See preview

  • Ultrashock Ink Set 02

    by Ultrashock

    Organic ink splatters and drips, handprints, brush strokes, canvas backdrops, and Rorschach images. These hi-resolution ink images are part of Ultrashock’s New Master Collection and based on some of their most popular images to date. See preview

  • Summer Collection

    by Anna Ozerina

    Bring a sense of summer to your designs with this great little collection! Includes sun, sand and surf illustrations, fresh tropical fruit illustration, colorful backgrounds and retro elements for all of your summer design needs! By Anna Ozerina See preview

  • Ultrashock Ink Textures

    by Ultrashock

    Part of the new Ultrashock Master Collection, these 50 stylish ink and water bleeds are full of organic patterns, gradients and textures. Images are provided as hi- resolution 22 megapixel .jpg files. See preview

  • Simple 3D Coverflow

    by FWD

    Simple 3D Coverflow is a fully responsive media 3D coverflow plugin that allows you to display media content with a unique original layout from a 3D perspective. See demo

  • Ultrashock Ink Set 01

    by Ultrashock

    Ultrashock Ink Set 01: Organic ink splatters and drips, handprints, brush strokes, patterns and more! These images are perfect for making custom brushes in Photoshop. Images are provided as hi-resolution .jpg files. See preview

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Deal terms:
  • All files are delivered as instant downloads, after completing your purchase.
  • The download is split into multiple files, totalling approximately 2.4GB.
  • This bundle is sold as-is.
  • All files are Mac OSX / Windows compatible.
  • The included files are not eligible for support or future updates, due to the huge discount nature of this offer.
  • Included coupons for OSTraining and Dissolve are valid until September 30th.
  • A single user commercial license is granted for each included file, which allows usage in commercial, personal, non-profit or academic projects.
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jQuery Multimedia Banner Rotator for HTML and WordPress - from $4! http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/multimedia-banner-rotator.html?ref=rss http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/multimedia-banner-rotator.html?ref=rss NOW ON: jQuery Multimedia Banner Rotator for HTML and WordPress - from $4!

Expires: July 29, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Add a beautiful and highly flexible jQuery banner rotator to your site with ease! This jQuery Banner Rotator from Flashcomponents.net isn't just a slick way to show off the best parts of your website; it's also extremely flexible and customizable. Choose from an HTML version or WordPress plugin, and start picking sizes, transitions types, navigation style and more! With unlimited slides and loads more tools, this responsive banner rotator is everything your site needs! Act now and you can save more than 50% off the regular price of any of the 3 license options!

jQuery Banner Rotator Highlights:

  • Gorgeous Slider
    You're proud of your website and you should be! There's plenty of great features available. But sometimes it can be tough showing them all to your users at once. That's where a slick, professional slider can come in handy. Show off any number of slides in this jQuery banner rotator, complete with customizable HTML, giving you full flexibility with each slide!
  • HTML and WordPress Plugin
    This robust banner rotator can work on just about any website you have. Just use the HTML version and you'll be rotating banners with ease! Or if you have a WordPress simply install the WordPress plugin and you're ready to go! Both versions are included in this one deal!
  • Multiple Sizes Available
    Websites come in all different sizes. And with the increase in mobile use these days, the various sizes continue to change. Not a problem here, as there are multiple sizes available in the rotator including fullwidth, full-screen, fixed or even responsive!
  • Variety of Engaging Transitions
    Switching from one slide to the next can be a jarring or engaging experience for your users. Choose from a number of different built-in transitions to find the right fit for your site. You can even set a different transition for each slide you have!
  • Auto Play and Time Delay Available
    One neat option is to have your slides start their rotation automatically or even use a customizable timer delay to hold off rotating for a bit. You can even set a different time delay for each slide, in case you want to keep a specific slide up longer than another. Auto Play even supports YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 videos.
  • Unlimited Slides
    There's absolutely no limit to the number of images you can load into the rotator, whether it's just 1 or 2 or a few dozen. 
  • Fully Customizable
    Every slide in your rotation is unique. That's why each one lets you customize the text, description, tooltip and even hyperlink. 
  • Multiple Navigation Options
    Let your users flip through slides in a variety of popular ways. Choose from thumbnails, bullets and more, and whether you'd like the navigation inside or outside the slides themselves.
  • Show or Hide Various Components
    You have complete control over which tools and components are available to your users. You can show or hide whatever you choose including the play/pause button, directional buttons, thumbnails, tooltips, shadows, and more.
  • Dynamically Resized
    No need to waste time resizing all sorts of images. This gorgeous banner slide can dynamically resize images and thumbnails for you.
  • SEO Optimized
    Worried about losing some SEO by sticking all your images in one slider? Don't. The slider has been SEO optimized, so images are indexable and you can tag each one any way you'd like in the markup, as well as in the captions.
  • Loads More Tools
    There are tons more options and tools available with this high-quality slider. There's horizontal or vertical alignment of thumbnails and buttons, mouse wheel scrolling support, and even a Lazy Load function to load each image separately. 

Try the live demo


You can save more than 50% off the regular price of any of the 3 available licenses for this Banner Slider.

  • Personal
    Pay just $4 (regularly $10)
    * 1 Single non-commercial project
    * Unlimited use in the same project
  • Commercial
    Pay just $9 (regularly $20)
    * 1 Single commercial project
    * For one client's 1 single commercial project
    * Unlimited use in the same project 
  • Multiple
    Pay just $17 (regularly $50)
    * Unlimited use for multiple commercial or non-commercial Projects
    * For your client's multiple commercial projects

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Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download.
  • You will receive both the WordPress plugin and HTML version.
  • Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is not permitted.
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