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Whether you need a full-on site redesign, a multimedia player or some powerful image galleries, this Mighty Deal from TheWebMaker.net has got you covered. And then some! You'll get 41 incredible products designed to give your website a much-improved (and interactive) look. Everything in this collection is built on a responsive design, optimizing its look and feel for viewing on any device out there. And at up to 97% discount, how can you even afford to pass this up?


  • 41 Professional, High-Quality Products
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you a whopping 41 different incredible design products to play with. You'll get high-quality, professional WordPress and HTML5 Javascript galleries, templates and plugins!
  • Highly Customizable
    This collection includes original source code and files. That means you can customize many of these templates and galleries. There's also customizing options available for these, so no programming knowledge is necessary at all.
  • Responsive Design
    The world has gone mobile, and so should your projects! You'll find responsive HTML5 Javascript CSS3 OOP and WordPress Plugins in this collection, so you can rest easy that your site will look and function beautifully, no matter what device your users are viewing it on.
  • Multi-Media Viewers
    From sight to sound, this collection's got your senses covered! Play around with photo, video and multimedia galleries, grids and sliders. Not to mention the audio and video players, as well as image and product viewers.
  • Lifetime Updates
    Following your purchase, you'll have lifetime access to updates for any of the products included in this fabulous deals.

Take a closer look at everything you're getting in this mega bundle:

Easy Video Player WordPress Plugin

A great responsive WordPress mp4 video player plugin with a built-in HTML5 YouTube enging, normal HTML5 video engin, Flash YouTube video engine and a normal Flash video engine. Details | Sample

Infinite Grid Pro

This responsive HTML5 multimedia and photo gallery grid supports image, video (mp4), audio (mp3), Vimeo, YouTube, iFrame and Google Maps. 
Details | Sample 

Royal Video Player WordPress Plugin

A powerful responsive mp4 video player for WordPress that plays and strems videos from your server or YouTube. 
Details | Sample 

Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin

Another great responsive mp4 video player with amazing features such as multiple playlists, external API, optional deeplinking, embed and share, shortcode generator and more.
Details | Sample 

Revolution Lightbox

This multimedia lightbox supports image, video (mp4), audio (mp3), Vimeo, YouTube, iFrame, AJAX, HTML Content, Google Maps and Flash.
Details | Sample 

MP3 Sticky Player Wordpress Plugin

This HTML5 mp3 player for your WordPress site supports unlimited playlists with unlimited tracks, and can be added to the top or bottom of the window.
Details | Sample 

Royal Audio Player WordPress Plugin

A powerful responsive HTML5 mp3 player for your WordPress site with support for unlimited playlists and tracks.
Details | Sample 

Ultimate Video Player

This responsive HTML5 Javascript CSS3 video player only requres the mp4 format. It works on all browsers, even older ones, by incorporating four video engines into one.
Details | Sample 

Royal Video Player

This powerful responsive HTML5 video player supports unlimited playlists and tracks, which can be loaded from a simple HTML markup, XML file, video folder or YouTube playlist.
Details | Sample 

Simple 3D Coverflow Wordpress Plugin

This slick fully responsive media 3D coverflow WordPress Plugin allows the display of media content in an original layout with 3D perspective.
Details | Sample 

Ultimate 3D Carousel Wordpress Plugin

Display your different media content with a neat 3D perspecitve on this responsive media 3D carousel WordPress plugin that supports 3 topologies and unlimited categories and thumbnails.
Details | Sample 

Royal 3D Carousel Wordpress Plugin

This responsive 3D carousel features a fluid layout, lightbox, slideshow, powerful API and more.
Details | Sample 

Royal 3D Coverflow WordPress Plugin

This fully responsive media 3D coverflow is a nifty WordPress plugin with unlimited categories and thumbnails, as well as zoom and panning options.
Details | Sample 

Easy Video Player

Play local, streaming or YouTube videos with this responsive HTML5 mp4 video player, which works on all browsers thanks to combining 4 video engines into 1.
Details | Sample 

MP3 Light Player 

A great responsive HTML5 mp3 player chock full of amazing features like deeplinking, popup windows, an external API, Facebook share buttons and more.
Details | Sample 

Ultimate 3D Carousel

A fully responsive HTML5 media 3D carousel plugin offering a unique layout with a 3D perspective to display your media in an original way.
Details | Sample

Simple 3D Coverflow

Display your media in a unique layout with a 3D perspective thanks to this fully responsive 3D coverflow plugin.
Details | Sample

MP3 Sticky Player

Take advantage of unlimited playlists and tracks with this responsive HTML5 mp3 player that allows tracks to be loaded from HTML markup, XML file, podcasts, Official.fm and SoundCloud playlists.
Details | Sample

Royal Audio Player

A highly flexible HTML5 mp3 player with loads of great features beyond playlists.
Details | Sample

Royal Dock Menu

Display media or HTML content in an original manner with this powerful responsive multimedia menu and gallery.
Details | Sample

Easy Audio Player

This responsive HTML5 audio player contains API support and works on any browser.
Details | Sample

Megazoom Image Viewer

A real sweet image navigator that's perfect for displaying large images with zooming, panning, navigation controls, dragging, scrollbar and loads more options.
Details | Sample

Royal 3D Coverflow

This fully responsive HTML5 3D coverflow sports some crazy fast CSS3 and Javascript engine, and includes a lightbox and 3 skins.
Details | Sample

Royal 3D Carousel

With a fast CSS3 and JavaScript engine, this HTML5 3D Carousel photo gallery works on WordPress with YouTube, Vimeo and image lightbox support.
Details | Sample

Horizontal GridFolio PRO

Use this responsive multimedia grid album on any type of HTML page including WordPress, to feature unlimited categories and images.
Details | Sample

Easy 360° Product Viewer

This advanced responsive 2D or 3D product viewer works for any object, allowing for you to rotate, zoom or pan in on your images.
Details | Sample

Responsive Gridfolio

A wonderful responsive multimedia HTML5 JavaScript OOP photo gallery in a grid shape with lightbox and a professional presentation for your photography portfolio.
Details | Sample

Infinite Grid with Lightbox

This JavaScript CSS3 gallery is a responsive HTML5 Gallery Grid sporting a lightbox and some truly unique effects.
Details | Sample

Photofolio - Album Gallery Grid

A responsive HTML5 multimedia grid album with a fluid layout and custom lightbox.
Details | Sample

Responsive Photo Multimedia Grid

This responsive HTML5 photo multimedia grid gallery includes a lightbox and can feature an unlimited number of images of any size. The JavaScript CSS3 gallery can even be embedded within your WordPress site.
Details | Sample

Flow Slider

This wonderful responsive HTML5 JavaScript CSS3 slider photo gallery is XML driven and can even be embedded right into your WordPress site.
Details | Sample

Multimedia Picture Gallery

Present your photos in a beautiful wall grid style with this responsive HTML5 multimedia photo gallery that allows for an unlimited number of images.
Details | Sample

Slider Gallery

Another fantastic responsive HTML5 JavaScript CSS3 slider gallery that works wonderfully with WordPress and is XML driven.
Details | Sample

Slideshow Gallery Thumbnails XML

This beautifully fluid and flexible HTML5 responsive gallery template with thumbnails includes a unique layout and loads of features. It sports 3 different styles and can easily be embedded on your WordPress site.
Details | Sample

Random Gallery Slideshow

What makes this responsive HTML5 JavaScript CSS3 gallery slideshow grid so cool? The unique randomize movement effect it includes! It's also WordPress compatible and uses the GPU for serious speed and performance.
Details | Sample

Zoomer Plugin

Great for showing off large images, this responsive HTML5 image navigator is a wonderful panning tool that lets you prepare for showcasing products, displaying maps and more, with a slew of great features such as zooming, panning, dragging, scrollbars, navigation controls and other highly customizable markers.
Details | Sample

Collection - Photo Grid Slideshow

Another amazing responsive HTML5 JavaScript CSS3 photo gallery that's XML driven with a slew of incredible options and features.
Details | Sample

Dock Menu Gallery

A powerful-yet-simple Dock Menu Gallery that's built on responsive HTML5 JavaScript CSS3. Easily change up any settings right from the XML file.
Details | Sample

Coverflow - 3D Photo Gallery

A magnificent responsive HTML5 canvas XML coverflow that presents a 3D photo gallery in the form of a coverflow. Present any image any way you'd like from horizontal to vertical to oblique.
Details | Sample

Carousel Canvas Gallery

A highly customizable and easy to install and modify HTML5 carousel gallery that allows you to set the colors of the buttons, scrollbar, borders, etc.
Details | Sample

Intuitive - Responsive Photography Template

Simple to install and maintain, this responsive HTML5 XML photography template is super flexible, fluid and highly customizable.
Details | Sample


There are 3 different licenses available for this mammoth collection of galleries, templates and plugins, all available at an incredible discount through Mighty Deals!

Personal License - Pay just $39 (regularly $545)

  • 1 single non-commercial project
  • Unlimited use in the same project

Commercial License - Pay just $49 (regularly $1,086)

  • 1 single commercial project
  • For 1 client's 1 single commercial project and multiple non-commercial projects
  • Unlimited use in the same project

Multiple License - Pay just $69 (regularly $2,427 - 97% off)

  • Unlimited use for multiple commercial or non-commercial projects
  • For your client's multiple commercial projects

Click the BUY NOW button to choose your preferred license and add some professional pieces to your website today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • Lifetime updates! After the deal ends you will be subscribed to TheWebMaker.net and be automatically announced for updates regarding the products from the bundle. Your name and email address will be supplied to TheWebMaker for this purpose.
  • You are not permitted to resell or redistribute the products included in this deal.
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