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WPSessions: 40 WordPress Experts, 30+ Hours of Instruction - 73% off!

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If you're a developer who constantly works with WordPress sites you know there are loads of challenges to face daily. From WordPress updates to new plugins and more, it can be a full-time job just keeping up with it all. That's where some expert advice can more than come in handy. And that's just what you'll get with WPSessions!

Jump on this Mighty Deal and you'll score more than 30 hours of expert recorded video from over 40 WordPress experts. Plus, you'll have access to 2 new Live Sessions, offering you the chance to interact with the community and even ask questions to the experts themselves.

WPSessions Highlights:

  • 40 WordPress Experts
    These info-packed videos aren't just put together by amateurs. Uh uh. With WPSessions, you're getting detailed lessons straight from 40 of the industry's top WordPress experts.
  • 30+ Hours of Expert Videos
    With your purchase of this Mighty Deal, you'll have access to more than 30 invaluable instructional videos. Keep up with the latest developments, advances and issues all WordPress site developers are facing these days.
  • Saved sessions include:
    • eCommerce for Site Owners – 3 Hours
      • Using Easy Digital Downloads – Mika Epstein
      • Working with WooCommerce – Patrick Rauland
      • Making the Most of iThemes Exchange – Benjamin Bradley
    • eCommerce for Developers – 3.5 Hours
      • Developing for EDD – Andrew Sumobi
      • Developing for WooCommerce – Daniel Espinoza
      • Developing for Exchange – Glenn Ansley
      • Q&A Panel – Andrew Sumobi, Daniel Espinoza, & Glenn Ansley
    • Building a Membership Site – 3.5 Hours
      • Which Tools are Best– Chris Lema
      • Lessons Learned Running a Membership Site – Shawn Hesketh
      • Q&A Panel – Drew Strojny, Chris Lema, and Shawn Hesketh
    • Running a WordPress Business – 3.5 Hours
      • Building an Audience – Matt Medeiros
      • Lessons Learned While Selling Themes – Adam Pickering
      • When to Quit & Where to Start – Andrew & Brianna Norcross
      • Q&A Panel – Matt Medeiros, Adam Pickering, and Andrew & Brianna Norcross
    • WordPress + Backbone.js – 3 Hours
      • An Introduction to Backbone.js – K.Adam White
      • WordPress Plugins and Backbone.js – Carl Danley
      • WordPress Themes and Backbone.js – Zack Tollman
    • WordPress Unit Testing – 3 Hours
      • Getting Started with Unit Testing – Alison Barrett
      • PHP Unit Testing – John Block
      • JavaScript Unit Testing – K.Adam White
    • WordPress Theme Bootcamp – 5 Hours
      • Working with Icon Fonts – Sara Cannon
      • Integrating the Theme Customizer – Paul Clark
      • A Better Theme Process: Learning the Cascade – Chris Cochran
      • Getting Sassy: Fun with CSS Pre-processors – Brad Parbs
      • Translating your Theme – Lisa Sabin-Wilson
    • Performance Driven Development – 3 Hours
      • Tools for Developing Higher Performing Sites – Aaron Jorbin
      • WP-CLI: The interface for Developers with Deadlines – Daniel Bachhuber
      • Understanding WordPress – Zack Tollman
    • Building a WordPress Business – 3 Hours
      • 7 Habits of Effective Hiring – Chris Lema
      • Team is Family – Cory Miller
      • Q&A Panel Discussion – Carl Hancock, Chris Lema, and Cory Miller
    • Building WordPress Plugins – 3 Hours
      • Intro to Building WordPress Plugins – Topher DeRosia
      • Hooks, Filters, Options, and HTTP API – Daniel Espinoza
      • Building an Auto-Updater & Submitting to – Pippin Williamson
  • 2 Live Sessions
    Besides access to roughly 40 hours of previous videos, this Mighty Deal also includes 2 new Live sessions. These sessions let you sit in a live WP session, including the ability to interact with the community and even ask the experts your questions. Live sessions include:
    • WordPress Security for Site Owners – 3 Hours – LIVE EVENT, May 17
      • Practical Tips for Protecting Your Site – Tony Perez
      • Fighting Spam and Malicious Visitors with Plugins – Jason Cosper
      • You were hacked, now what? – TBA
    • WordPress Security for Developers – 3.5 Hours – LIVE EVENT, May 24
      • Understanding Vulnerabilities (XSS, CSRF, WTF!?) – Chris Wiegman
      • Data Validation, Sanitization, and Nonces – Brad Williams
      • Cleaning up a site after an attack – Dre Armeda
      • Q&A Panel – Dre Armeda, Brad Williams, & Chris Wiegman


"Saturday's event was just amazing, really jam packed with useful take aways. It's tremendous value for anyone who cannot attend WordCamps regularly. Personally I travel a lot and tend to be in places where there are no WordCamps close by. My home base is Malta so even when I'm back home it's always a big expense to attend WordCamps in other countries. WP Sessions gives me super focused discussions with great value, with the same opportunity to interact." – Jean Galea,

"WPSessions has a simple focus – to educate you by bringing incredible talent together to focus on specific topics you need to know. They could charge much much more, but their focus isn't on money as much as it is education. Check it out now!" – Chris Lema,

"Looking for the best WordPress knowledge from people who know the most? Join WPSessions!" – Gloria Antonelli

"Not only have I gotten good information from the sessions, I am given a boost of energy and creativity. I work from home and appreciate this chance to participate and interact in a live group of equally interested WP enthusiasts." – Julie Anne McRae

"WPSessions is perfect. I don't want to learn something twice, I want to learn it right the first time." – Michael Silva


Access to all these recorded sessions plus the 2 live sessions normally costs $240, but for a limited time only, you can get it all for just $65. That's a huge savings of 73% off the regular price!

If you're just looking to view 1 recorded, session, however, WPSessions has a deal for you too. Normally, you'd pay $30 per session, but for a limited time only, you can get any session for just $15. That's 50% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button to choose all the sessions, or one specific session of your choice and keep up to date on the latest WordPress challenges.

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to register at the WPSessions website.
  • The two live events take place on May 17th and May 31st, 2014.
  • Access is online and is sold on a per viewer basis.
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