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Create Video Previews with WP ReelPro - only $17!

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If videos are a big part of your website (or possibly the entire part!), you know how tough it can be to control it all. Things aren't as simple as they used to be. Gone are the days where you can just make a video and toss it up on your browser, knowing it'll show just fine for everyone. No, with so many different devices out there nowadays, your video may only work on a fraction of them. There's also different browsers to worry about, not to mention the fact that you may want to create a quick 10 or 20 second preview of your video to tease customers with. Yeah, it's a lotta work.

However, imagine if there was a modern player that made video management a snap. Well, you won't really need to use too much of your imagination, because it already exists! This Mighty Deal will blow your video-making mind away and make your life so much easier.

WPReelPro is a popular WordPress Plugin built on HTML5, so not only will it show off your videos spectacularly, but also users will be able to view them on any mobile device. What's more, WPReelPro offers free preview videos without you having to create separate sample videos on your own. That's what we call progress!

WPReelPro Highlights:

  • Free Previews
    If you're looking to get subscribers or paid memberships, this plugin works wonders. You can offer full-length videos to any members or logged-in users, but offer a short preview of your videos to non-members. Whether you want it to be 10, 20, or 30 seconds, WPReelPro can automatically create a preview for you. That's right, the plugin will do the work for you; no need to create additional preview versions of your videos!
  • Add Funky Splash Images
    Hate that blank background with a spinning wheel as your video loads? Well, change it then! Easily add any image you want to your loading screen, whether it's your logo, a promotion, or even a photo of an adorable cat. Who doesn't love cute cat photos?
  • Simple to Install
    Since WPReelPro is a WordPress plugin, it couldn't be easier to install or use. Simply upload the file through your WordPress dashboard and then install it!
  • Ultimate Security
    Want to keep others from posting your video link to show on other websites? Not a problem when you're using WPReelPro! If you want to keep your videos safe and secure on your own site, you can make "hotlinking' to videos impossible. WPReelpro creates auto-expiring links for videos every time the page loads. That way, once the URL is shared on an external site, it won't play your video.
  • Easy Customization with Lots of Options
    You can make a number of style customizations, such as changing the video player skin, auto play, auto buffer, showing/hiding the controls bar, displaying video sharing options, and loads more. Even better, you can make these changes on a global scale or an individual video basis.
  • Brand Your Player
    You can really impress your users by branding the video player with your website's logo. Simply add the logo's URL to the settings page, and your logo will suddenly show up on all your videos.
  • HTML5 Player with Flash Backup
    WPReelPro uses the super cool modern HTML5 to play videos, so you know you're getting a cutting-edge player that works on tablets and smartphones too. Should any of your users have older browsers that don't support HTML5, the application falls back to a Flash version for those users. So every user will be able to see your fabulous videos, no matter what.
  • Playable on Any Device
    WPReelPro works on 99.99% of modern Web browsers and mobile devices from smartphones to tablets. No need to ever worry about any users not being able to view your videos.
  • Host on Amazon S3 or Local
    Your videos can be hosted on the Amazon S3 server or locally on your own web server. WPReelPro creates self-expiring encrypted links, making it impossible to link directly to the source location of your videos.  
  • Google Analytics Ready
    Website owners know the value of a good stat! You'll be happy to know this plugin ties in smoothly to your Google Analytics account, enabling you to track your videos usage, including how much of each video your users are watching.
  • Flowplayer License Included
    Each copy of WPReelPro includes a commercial license for the popular video player Flowplayer. Additional licenses are available for purchase at heavily discounted prices, as well as through a multi-site or developer's plan. 
  • Free Support & Upgrades
    With your purchase of this Mighty Deal, you'll get a full year of customer support, as well as any and all plugin upgrades. That means you'll never miss out on any new features created in the next 12 months.

Demo Videos:


The amazing video plugin for WordPress sites is available in 3 different plans, each heavily discounted through this Mighty Deal! Prices are only available for a very limited time, so act now before the final curtain falls!

  • Single Site Plan - 1 Flowplayer license
    Pay just $17 (Regularly $45)
  • Multi Site Plan - 10 Flowplayer licenses
    Pay just $34 (Regularly $95)
  • Developer's Plan - 50 Flowplayer licenses
    Pay just $45 (Regularly $145)

Click the BUY NOW button to choose your plan and give your videos the showcase they deserve!

Deal terms:
  • You will be directed to the WPReelPro website after completing your purchase, to register (using your email address) to download the plugin instantly.
  • Requires WordPress 3.5 or later.
  • May be used for commercial or personal purposes, for your own websites or your clients'.
  • The number of sites on which this plugin may be installed is determined by the license purchased. The website/websites that you develop with this plugin may be sold with the plugin installed.
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