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WP Plugin to Create Viral Facebook Fan Page Tabs - from $37!

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Want to go viral on Facebook? Of course you do. Who doesn't? In the past, you could use an assortment of mega-popular tools such as the WordPress plugin WP4FB to build various Facebook custom tabs. But since Facebook changed to the Timeline layout, you need something new. 

What you need is WP4FB 2.0! This updated version of the powerful tool is a complete overhaul of the original, jam-packed with brand-new tools and features to ensure your brand spreads like wildfire all over Facebook!

WP4FB 2.0 Highlights:

Drag-and-Drop Visual Designer
Forget about paying someone to code your Facebook templates for you. The simple visual editor lets you just drag and drop pieces to customize your fun page. Easy and fast!
Premium Templates
If you don't want to create your own template from scratch, this bundle includes 10 all-new premium fan page templates. Choose any one or easily customize them to your specific needs.
Want to get tons more people to "like" your fan page? FanGate can deliver big on that one. This feature makes it so that non-fans can't access anything beyond your full fan page until they've clicked the "like" button. If they want to see more information and all your great content, they'll need to "like" your page and embrace your brand.
If you really want to increase your fans, FriendGate is the answer. It lets you reward fans who refer a lot of their friends to your Fan Page. Create whatever exclusive content you want, and then with FriendGate, fans can't access that content until they've referred a specific number of friends, who also try to access it. Put a highly coveted prize or coupon in that content and you've got the potential for some serious viral action!
Easily one of the best promotional tools you can use for your brand is a sweepstakes. Everybody wants to win something. WP4FB 2.0 has a sweepstakes component built in! Even better, you can set certain rules so that the more friends a fan refers to the sweepstakes, the better their chances of winning!
Another great tool for getting fans to share your page is ShareGate. In order for fans to access specific content (say a promotion, coupon, etc.), they'll need to first share a message on their wall, which links back to your page. The sharing is automatic, so there's no need to authorize the application, which means you'll have a much higher conversion rate.
This one's similar to ShareGate, except to unlock the exclusive content, fans need to first invite a certain number of friends to your fan page.
Viral Comments
Encourage comments on your wall and watch your page go viral! That's because every time a user comments on your page, a message linking back to your fan page is posted on their wall!
Auto Wall Poster
Posting a specific message on your fans' wall is a great way to spread your brand. But how do you hit all of your followers at once? Currently, you'd need to copy and paste onto every single fan's wall. But with WP4FB 2.0, you can automatically post your message on each fan's Facebook wall. You can even specify when you want these messages triggered like when a user joins a sweepstakes, requests access to a coupon, or joins your contest.
Responsive Email List Builder
How'd you like to automatically create an active email list without your fans even having to fill out a single form? Simply add an opt-in button to your Fan Page and the tool pulls out the fan's most active email address from their Facebook account. The tool's also compatible with popular email services like Aweber and Mailchimp.
Welcome Page 2.0
Welcome pages were a great way to introduce potential fans to your brand. But with Facebook's new Timeline, the Welcome Pages were kicked to the curb. Now you can bring them back, courtesy of WP4FB 2.0. You can choose to turn on a Welcome Page and have all your viral links point to that specially designed page, whether it's via a shared link, Facebook Ads, or whatever.
Optimized Wall Messages
You want your wall messages to stand out from the crowd so use WP4FB 2.0's ability to customize every single message your Fan Page generates. Be unique!
More Than 20 Short Codes
Take advantage of more than 20 easy-to-use short codes to add various features wherever you'd like! Short codes are a great shortcut for WordPress users, so take advantage when you can.
Create Unlimited Tabs
Your Fan Page can be as big or little as you'd like. Simply send fans right to your site or put the bulk of your site's functionality right there on Facebook. With the WP4FB 2.0, you can create unlimited tabs on your Fan Page.

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"WP4FB is a must-have for Facebook marketing. Using the multi-site function of WordPress, we quickly were able to scale our operations up and create awesome custom fan pages. Wilco also provided thorough video tutorials on the setup and also how to combat Facebook’s secure site (SSL) rules. The FanGate and ShareGate buttons are easy to implement and have proven to be quite effective!" - Diego Velasquez

"WP4FB allows me to create powerful Facebook fan page applications using the WordPress CMS. WordPress’s user-friendly interface combined with WP4FB’s options allows me to create custom fan pages that fit seamlessly into my fan page while maintaining professional designs standards. WP4FB is definitely the original and best Facebook fan page plugin for WordPress!" - Joe Wiegand

"Your customer service is impressive!” – Mitzi Shipley


Click the BUY button to choose from any of the following 3 heavily discounted options, depending on your needs:

WP4FB 2.0 Agency License
Unlimited fan pages for both you and your clients
Normally $197, via Mighty Deals for a limited time, just $97

WP4FB 2.0 Personal License
Unlimited fan pages - cannot be shared.
Normally $97, via Mighty Deals for a limited time, just $47 

WP4FB 2.0 Single Fan Page License
Can be used on 1 fan page.
Normally $67, via Mighty Deals for a limited time, just $37

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a license and the download link immediately after purchase.
  • You will be automatically registered at the WP4FB website.
  • You will get access to the VIP Members Area after purchase where you will be able to download WP4FB 2.0 and watch all the step-by-step instruction videos.
  • Includes instructions for receiving a free SSL certificate.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
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