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The Ultimate Web Design Marketing Toolkit - only $39!

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You may be the most incredible web designer who ever lived, but if nobody knows who you are, you'll be out of business before the day's done. Yes, marketing has always been the lifeblood of business, and it's no different for freelancers. If you don't market yourself, you'll never get new clients. If you don't get new clients, you're done for.

You can take tons of marketing courses or even go after a degree. But you're a designer, you don't have time for that. Instead, you need someone to basically point you in all the right directions. Someone to hand you specific tools to increase your outreach. In other words, you need the Web Design Marketing Toolkit.

This kit is perfect for you if you're a web designer who wants to:

  • Increase your web design leads
  • Get more clients for your design services
  • Get higher-paying design projects
  • Win more projects and crush your competition
  • Get more referrals from your existing clients
  • Create passive income by selling other products
  • Increase your overall income and make more money

The Web Design Marketing Toolkit includes a number of ready-made tools like letters, templates and documents, to help you increase your exposure and start landing bigger and better clients right from the start. Save precious time by just using these readily available templates, letters, articles and more.

Ultimate Design Marketing Toolkit features:

1. Ready-Made Marketing Sales Letters
Written by expert copywriters, the letters included in this kit are prepared specifically to land you more clients. Besides three sales letters educating potential prospects on your services, you'll also receive a referral letter to gain tons more clients, as well as a thank you letter to keep your professionalism going. View a sample letter

2. Ready-Made eBooks/Whitepapers With Resell and Giveaway Rights
If you don't have time to write any yourself, the toolkit includes a number of ebooks and white papers you can offer your clients or customers. Sell the ebooks yourself for a full profit, give them away to generate more leads, or use them to build up an email list of prospects. The toolkit includes all PDF and MS Word files, as well as layered PSD graphics, so you can edit each book as much as you'd like. See all eBook titles

3. Ready-Made Marketing e-Newsletters
Customize any of the 12 ready-made e-Newsletters with your brand to easily send out newsletters full of useful business advice. View sample e-newsletter

4. Ready-Made Articles and Site Content
You'll have access to over 30 useful articles to post on your website and blog, or use as brochures to further market yourself. With so many well-written articles, you'll gain credibility and trust as an industry expert! View article & titles sample

5. Web Design Business Academy Membership Logos and Seals
After purchasing the toolkit, you'll automatically be awarded full membership status in the Web Design Business Academy. Display the various member logos and seals to further build your trust and credibility in the industry. View logos

6. FREE BONUS: Nine Premium Photoshop PSD Templates ($90 value)
As a thank you for purchasing the kit, you'll also receive nine high-quality WordPress templates. These premium, royalty-free themes can be used for your own site or any of your clients, with no license restrictions.



"Your kit was single-handedly responsible for generating about $38,000 in revenue for my design business in just 4 months. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." -David Hendricks, New York

"Hey Nick …. I am generating revenues close to about $7,000 per month now … not as much as yours but I intend to catch up  thanks for this toolkit man !!!! it’s simply awesome … you know just yesterday I closed on a design project for about $2800 for a 5 page website (static) … not too bad huh?" -David Freeman ( Freeman Media )

"I would recommend this kit for every freelance designer out there … unless you are a marketing genius this kit can help you find more clients !!!" -Betty Gravis


This entire collection normally retails for $97. But for a limited time, you can get the ultimate Web Design Marketing Toolkit for just $39! That's a saving of 60% off the normal price!

Increase your exposure by easily marketing yourself and your business. Click the BUY button now to get the Web Design Marketing Toolkit for just $39!

Deal terms:
  • This kit is delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
  • Cannot be resold or redistributed in any part.
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