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These days it's easier than ever for designers to give up their cushy day jobs to start their own design companies. With technology making the world a much smaller place, it's a snap to reach out and share work halfway around the globe. The hard part is actually making that first move. Whether you're fresh out of art school or looking to go full-time freelance, becoming a freelance designer can be scary at first.

However, your freelance fears can be easily squashed with the right tools. Thanks to The Designer's Guide to Freelancing by Nathan Powell, you'll get a fantastic overview and detailed roadmap of how to dive into this ever-growing industry. This incredibly resourceful eBook runs down how get yourself started, where to find clients, how to price your services, how to set your rates, dealing with marketing yourself, and so much more. Thanks to this Mighty Deal, you can save more than 50% on this bad boy!

Designer's Guide to Freelancing Highlights:

  • Tackle Freelancers' Biggest Concerns
    This guide is a perfect starting point for all sorts of designers from recent graduates to those looking to quit their day jobs and go full-time freelance. In it, you'll learn how to handle some of the biggest questions facing freelance designers today, including:
    • How do I find clients?
    • How do I come up with prices?
    • How should I set up my portfolio?
    • Do I need a separate office?
    • How do I market myself?
  • Create a Strong Portfolio
    As a designer, your work is going to speak for itself. Therefore you want to make sure you have the strongest portfolio possible that represents your best work. Learn how to put together a killer portfolio in terms of what to include, how to display it, how much to display, what not to do, and more!
  • Work With Mentors
    Nothing can help you improve your work than getting honest feedback from someone who's been through what you're going through. That's why a mentor is key and that's why this guide will explain not just the benefits of a mentor but how to find one and build a long-standing relationship.
  • Your Office Space
    Whether you work out of your home or rent office space somewhere is entirely up to each freelancer. There are pros and cons to each and this guide runs down them all, offering loads of suggestions and tips on how to best set up your workspace for a freelance design career!
  • Learn to Network
    Finding new clients could be the most important part of a new freelancer's job. Without them, there's no way to make a living. That's why networking is so crucial. You'll learn how to network, where to network, and what things to avoid when reaching out to others.
  • Getting Started
    The Designer's Guide to Freelancing really helps get you through the birth of your company and into your first few gigs. You'll find loads of advice on crafting pitch letters, creating project planners, and keeping the client up to speed on your progress.
  • Contracts and Invoices
    As a freelancer, you'll want to make sure you protect yourself and your work. A detailed contract can help you out there. This guide walks you through the things you'll want to make sure are covered in your contract to maximize your protection. You'll also learn all about pricing your services and how best to bill for your work.
  • Marketing
    From email to advertising to social media, there are plenty of ways to truly market your design skills. You'll get an honest overview of how best to put yourself out there to grow your business and your brand.
  • Multiple Formats
    The Designer's Guide to Freelancing is available in 3 different formats: PDF, ePub, and .MOBI. That means you can read it anywhere you'd like from your desktop computer to your smartphone to a tablet!
  • 4 Designer Interviews
    Hear it straight from the sources' mouths! Through 4 separate interviews, you'll see how other successful designers have made a career out of freelancing. Interview subjects include Sacha Greif, Paul Jarvis, Vadim Sherbakov, and Eddie Lobanovskiy.

About the Author:

Nathan Powell is a design consultant from the UK, currenty living in Spain. He is the founder of nusii, a SaaS app that helps freelance designers win more client proposals. He still does also does consulting.


"A very clear and easy to follow guide based on Nathan's personal journey as a freelance designer. A great read for both new and experienced freelance designers. I especially loved the sections on Clients, Niches, and Motivation. Thanks for this inspiring book." - Ramil (Bluroon)

"The Designer's Guide to Freelancing is the ultimate compilation of best practices for anyone looking to dive into freelance consulting. Finally, any designer can feel confident and secure about running their own freelance business, regardless of experience." - Jane Portman

"There are some genius ideas in The Designer's Guide to Freelancing warm emailing, marketing, keywords/seo and additional revenue. Nathan also reviewed my portfolio site and gave some great insights in how to better qualify incoming prospects." - Chris Cacioppe


The Designer's Guide to Freelancing is available in 3 different packs, each at an incredible discount!

The Essential Pack
Pay just $9 (Normally $19.99). Includes: 

  • The book in PDF, ePub and .Mobi formats
  • Includes 1 month to nusii, an online proposal service for designers

The Extended Pack
Pay just $25 (Normally $49.99). Includes:

  • The book in PDF, ePub and .Mobi formats
  • 2 months subscription to nusii
  • Audio copy of the book
  • Responsive portfolio WordPress theme from Theme Jug

The Premium Pack
Pay just $99 (Normally $199.99). Includes:

  • The book in PDF, ePub and .Mobi formats
  • 3 months subscription to nusii
  • Audio copy of the book
  • Responsive portfolio WordPress theme from Theme Jug
  • Personal video review of your existing portfolio
  • Extended license for up to 5 people

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Deal terms:
  • All files are delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The eBook is delivered in PDF, ePub and .Mobi format.
  • Personal video review only eligible to purchasers of the Premium pack.
  • All free subscriptions to nusii must be made via the supplied URL (provided in purchase download).
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