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LAST DAY: Beginner's Course: Learn HTML5 & CSS3 Web Design - only $27!

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The absolute best way to learn something is by watching someone do it. That holds true for just about any activity or job out there. But when it comes to programming a website, you definitely can benefit from watching someone explain exactly how it's done. Reading code is one thing, but reading code along with a developer who explains every little bit is quite another.

Signing up for courses at your local college or business is a fantastic idea. Except, well, they can be real expensive. Plus they're only available at specific times. And you have to actually get dressed and leave the house. No, a much better and incredibly cheaper alternative is taking a video course. And the HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design course from Ten Ton will certainly get the job done for you.

HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design Video Course Highlights:

  • Great for Beginners
    If you've never coded a single Web page, not to worry. This video course was made for you as it walks you through all the necessary steps to hand coding Web layouts from scratch. And it's all done in a casual but in-depth style to keep you focused the entire time.
  • Language Explanation
    Before you even start using HTML5 and CSS3, you need to understand exactly what they are. With so many computer languages available, knowing when and why to use each one is a critical lesson.
  • Learn How to Organize
    Sloppy code can result in way too many bugs on your site. That's why keeping things organized is so important. This entertaining course will show you how to organize your files, as well as how to create a page and set up an external style sheet.
  • Basic Web Layout
    The first real programming skill you'll learn is the foundation of a Web page: its page structure. You'll learn all about formatting the header, connecting the style sheets, using divs, float and clear, nesting layout options, and so much more.
  • Playing with Text
    Even if your site is nothing more than an art portfolio, you still need to learn how to insert and format text. An entire chapter of the course is dedicated to it in fact! You'll learn about paragraphs, headings, class rules, lists, building main navigation menus with lists, the footer, and more.
  • Getting Visual
    Graphics are a huge part of any website, and you'll clearly get a lot of instruction on working with images. That includes learning how to insert images, using CSS to control your graphics, resizing with your graphics editor, and lots more.
  • Build a Full Website
    Once you've learned all the basics of building a single page, this instructional video course will prepare you for a full-on site rollout. That means you'll get schooled in internal hyperlinks, creating multiple pages, previewing and testing your site, as well as a ton of warnings about what not to do when rolling out a website.
  • Adding the Extras
    A functioning website is great, but you want it to be much more than that, don't you? That's where all the additional page elements come in that can turn a functional site into a really cool and engaging one! Learn how to insert slideshows, tables, and Google Maps, as well as how to format and set up customer testimonial and contact us pages!
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
    This video course isn't a downloadable one. You watch videos online with your account access. Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gives you unlimited access to HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design for the duration of your lifetime! Watch it as many times as you want until you've mastered every aspect of Web design!
  • Project File Samples
    Your course includes fully editable project files, so you can practice along with the tutorial.

Sample Videos:

Course Outline:


  • Welcome To Html5 & CSS3!
  • A Look At What We'll Build

Chapter 1: Let's Get Started!

  • Programs I'll Be Using
  • In The Beginning…Html Fundamentals
  • Understanding What Css Is All About
  • Viewing A Page's Background Code

Chapter 2: Gettin' Your Files Organized!

  • Organizing Site Files Creating A Page And Understanding Index Files Setting Up An External Style Sheet 

Chapter 3: Doin' Nuthin'? Let's Build A Web Layout From Scratch!

  • Setting Up The Page Structure 
  • Connecting The External Style Sheet And Testing 
  • Inserting And Formatting The Site Header 
  • Finishing Up The Basic Layout 
  • Debugging For Internet Explorer 
  • Understanding How The Layout Works 
  • Using Divs For Page Layout 
  • A More Economical Approach To Layout And CSS 
  • Using Float And Clear 
  • Centering The Layout 
  • Nesting Layout Objects 
  • Spacing Apart The Layout 
  • Final Touches

Chapter 4: Insertin' And Formattin' Text!

  • Inserting Text Into The Layout 
  • Setting Up Paragraphs And Headings 
  • Adjusting The Layout For Text, Part 1 
  • Adjusting The Layout For Text, Part 2 
  • Formatting Html Headings With Css 
  • Formatting Paragraphs 
  • Using Class Rules To Format Text 
  • More Formatting With Class Rules 
  • Working More Efficiently With CSS Inserting And Formatting Lists 
  • Using A List To Build The Main Navigation Menu 
  • Setting Up The Footer Navigation

Chapter 5: Now It's Time For Some Graphics!

  • Inserting An Image 
  • Resizing Images With Your Graphics Editor 
  • Controlling Graphics With Css 
  • Inserting The Featurebox Images
  • Adjusting The Featurebox Layout 
  • Setting Up The Featurebox Titles Illustrator, Photoshop, Html, And Css Workflow

Chapter 6: Site Rollout: From A Single Page To A Multi-Page Site!

  • Getting Ready For Site Rollout 
  • How To Not Roll Out A Website 
  • Rollout Part 1: Setting Internal Hyperlinks 
  • Rollout Part 2: Creating The Site's Pages 
  • Previewing And Testing The Site 
  • A Final Thought On Site Rollout

Chapter 7: Inserting Additional Page Elements!

  • Adjusting The Site's Hyperlink Formatting 
  • Inserting A Simple Slideshow 
  • Inserting And Formatting Tables Inserting A Google Map 
  • Formatting A Customer Testimonial Page 
  • Setting Up A Contact Us Page 
  • Finalizing The Site 
  • Organizing The Css File

Chapter 8: Going Live: Uploading The Completed Site!

  • Setting The Remote Site Info 
  • Uploading The Local Site To The Remote Server 
  • Testing The Live Site 
  • Making Edits And Updating The Live Site
  • Testing And Debugging For Other Browsers 

Wrapping Up Html5 & CSS3

  • Where To Go From Here


"Excellent course for building your own web site. The casual tone and clear instructions make it easy to follow and understand. I felt like Geoff was in the room instructing me personally! The step-by-step instructions helped me to feel more comfortable in tackling HTML coding, and Geoff's insider tips on how to make a great site were invaluable." - Holly H.


HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design normally sells for $65, but today is the LAST DAY to get this incredibly helpful video tutorial for just $27! That's almost 60% savings!

Deal terms:
  • You will receive access to the course within 12 hours of your purchase.
  • This course is available as online streaming video directly from
  • Unlimited ongoing access. Watch and rewatch videos as much as you like, for as long as you like!
  • Access is per person and is non-transferable.
  • Your name and email address will be supplied to Ten Ton Online for registration purposes only.
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