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STREAMIFIED: Full Social Media Management - only $11!

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Social Media brings people closer and closer everyday. As technology and social tools advance, the world seems to get a little bit smaller. The only problem? There are so many great social networks out there, how's a social addict supposed to keep up?

Some people merely pick their poison. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or FourSquare, lots of users pick one network and stick with it. But just as many mix and match a number of different networks. If you copy and paste the same update across mutiple networks, you know how frustrating and time consuming that can be. What you need is a social media management tool. What you need is Streamified, our most social Mighty Deal yet.

Streamified Professional Highlights:

  • One Stream
    Streamified unifies your social streams. No need to have multiple browser tabs open to see what your friends are up to on all the different social networks. Streamified merges all of your networks into one simple stream.
  • Universal Status Updating
    With a robust interface, you can write one single status update and share it on any number of social networks or all of them at once. And thanks to a built-in image uploader, link shortener, Google Analytics integration, and campaign tracking, your updates will look great no matter what network they get pushed out to.
  • Powerful Search
    Not only can you search for specific keywords across all social networks, but you can perfrom some incredibly valuable searches as well. Look up complex searches such as "news posts that link to my blog" or even "posts from users in the last 10 hours who have over 1,000 Twitter followers that live in New York."
  • Schedule Posts
    For once, you can get ahead of yourself. In fact, it's encouraged! With a number of great scheduling tools, you can write up any number of status updates and set them to go live anytime in the future. 
  • Regular Alerts
    You can watch all your streams all the time. After all, you have to sleep at some point! Sign up for various alerts to be notified when someone says something great (or awful!) about you, or even when someone links to your site.
  • Analytics Reports (Professional plan only)
    Pull out whatever stats you need from your streams. They could be posts you've made or social network profiles, as well as Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and more. Even better, you can use this data to create some impressive PDF reports for your team or clients.


A 3-month Premium subscription for Streamified normally costs $24 ($8 per month), but for a limited time only, you can get a 3-month Premium subscription for just $11, OR choose the 3-month Professional subscription for just $111 instead of the regular price of $240 ($80 per month)! 

The Premium plan gives you:

  • 200 maximum posts in any one stream
  • 20 full-searches per month
  • Advanced post scheduling
  • Alerts

Note: The Premium plan does not include posting to Pinterest

The Professonal plan gives you:

  • 1,000 maximum posts in any one stream
  • UNLIMITED full-searches per month
  • Includes option to post to Pinterest
  • Advanced post scheduling
  • Alerts
  • Analytics

Click the "buy" button to choose your subscription preference.

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code after completing your purchase, to register at the Streamified website.
  • This deal applies to the first 3 months of subscription, after which time the price returns to normal.
  • You must redeem your coupon code to start your 3 months subscription within 14 days of completing your purchase.
  • You will need to supply credit card information when redeeming your coupon code at the Streamified website for rebilling purposes, after the 3 month period. You can cancel your subscription at any time to avoid being charged. Note: You will need a credit card when regsitering at the Streamified website, not PayPal.
Deal expired

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