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Running a startup is an exhausting and incredibly risky endeavor. Without the proper planning or help, you may be fighting a losing battle. That's where startup accelerators come in. These organizations are dedicated to helping young companies succeed through their expertise, contacts and experience.

But how do you best use an accelerator? Or even better, how do you get the same benefits without having to join an accelerator in the first place, and give up any equity? To begin with, you can check out the incredibly informative eBook Speed up your Startup. And to help you save money even further, you can save 50% off the Founder's Edition of the book with this Mighty Deal!

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Speed up Your Startup Founder's Edition Highlights:

  • Chapter Updates
    As the original book is updated, you'll receive chapter-by-chapter updates over an entire year. That includes the book's full version 2 when it's finally released.
  • Multiple Formats
    You'll receive Speed Up Your Startup in multiple formats including PDF (vertical and horizontal formats), .ePub (iBooks-compatible), and .MOBI (Kindle-compatible). 
  • Over $1,150 Worth of Discounts
    With the special Founder's Edition of the book, you'll get a slew of free and discounted products and services to help you improve your startup. It all adds up to a value of more than $1,150! 

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About the Author:

Mikko Järvenpää wrote this book based on his experiences moving from working with HackFwd, a European early-stage VC, to building his own startup He's worked as a Product Marketing Manager for Google, started and moved on from two companies, acted as the head of marketing for one, and advised a dozen. He's currently an advisor for three startups. He has a BBA from Helsinki School of Economics and a MSc in Philosophy of Social Sciences from the London School of Economics.


"Like a good travel guide, Speed Up Your Startup doesn't show you the places, but it does put you on the path and tells where to look. Great stuff." - Sampo Raudaskoski, Founder, Drupro, angel investor

Included Product and Service Discounts:

  • Over 70% off Three Udemy Courses on Startups
    You can save up to 74% off three specific Udemy courses targeted at startups. Courses include "Startup Hiring: How to Attract, Hire and Retain the Best People," "Raising Money for Startups"and "Running a Lean Workshop". (Value: $250)
  • 25% off Optimizely 
    This great tool lets you easily optimize your website content, messages, products and designs. It's a wonderful resource to test out various ideas to see what works best for your audience. Over time it quickly pays for itself by increasing your site's overall performance. Get 25% off Optimizely's Bronze and Silver plans. (Value: Up to $237 in the first year)
  • 50% off InstaPage
    Landing pages are crucial to marketing your site and services. With InstaPage you can easily and quickly test out your ideas by setting up mini-sites for entire campaigns or put together some unique marketing and sales pages. A truly robust tool that's a cinch to manage. You'll get 50% off a 6-month plan of InstaPage. (Value: Up to $147)
  • 20% off Folyo Project Listing 
    A fantastic resource for locating professional designers, Folyo is crucial to maintaining a high-quality look to your site. Post your project and weed through all the talented designers who respond to your posting. If you still can't find what you're looking for in a designer, your project listing fee is completely refunded. (Value: $20)
  • 15% off Userlike 
    Interacting immediately with your user base can go a long way towards adapting your site to your audience. Gathering data straight from the source can help you realize what pieces of your site are working and what areas need improvement. Userlike lets you engage your audience through a chat interface on the Web or via iOS apps. You'll receive 15% off any tier at Userlike. (Value: From $20 to $184 in the first year)
  • 20% off 99tests 
    When you own your own website, it's hard not to be impatient! You want to get things live as soon as humanly possible. And that's, unfortunately, when lots of bugs creep up. With 99tests, you'll get experienced individuals performing QA testing on your site. With his discount you can save 20% off a 6-month plan. (Value: $280)
  • 6 Months Free Capography 
    If you have outside investors or are running any sort of fundraising for your startup, you'll need Cap tables. They're critical for keeping the information flowing to all involved parties. With Capography, you'll not only have a simple interface for dispensing information, but you'll receive some advantageous coaching about the terms and impact the various types of fundraising can achieve. Your discount includes 6 months free membership at Capography when you cross the 20 person limit. (Value: $99)


The Founder's Edition of the Speed Up Your Startup eBook, along with the massive discounts in services normally sells for $29.95. But for a limited time only, you can get it all for just $15! That's a 50% savings!

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  • This deal is for the Founder's Edition, which includes all of the bonuses listed.
  • The eBook is delivered in PDF, ePub (for iOS iBooks and other eReaders) and .mobi (Kindle) formats.
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