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Smashing Web & Mobile Design eBook Bundle: 6 eBooks for only $24!

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One of the best things about the Web is that it is always changing. Websites, unlike magazines or books, are not finite, they're organic. It's not just content that's constantly changing, though. Many website owners are updating the look, feel and even functionality of their site. If you're looking to do a professional redesign, this collection of Smashing Books is for you. 

Besides guiding you through the redesign process, you'll also get introduced to an entire new mindset for progressive Web design. This Mighty Deal does more than fully prep you for a redesign. It also includes the Mobile eBook Bundle, which reveals everything you'll need to know to keep up with the ever changing world of mobile websites and apps. Put together by Smashing Magazine, you know this bundle of books will deliver on quality, information and execution. Each of these six high-quality eBooks are provided in three DRM-free file formats: PDF, ePUB, and Mobipocket. So you can enjoy reading them on any of your favorite devices.

The following 6 eBooks are included:

Smashing Book #3: Redesign The Web (340 pages)
Get the lowdown on the latest innovative coding, designing and UX techniques, while also learning about the various intricacies of mobile context and emotional design. But it's not just overviews and theories. You'll also be confronted with useful and practical HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript techniques, plus learn how to master a bulletproof workflow for responsive Web design. With the large amount of new devices used to access the Web these days, that's one of the most important skills to have.

Table of Contents:
  • Preface: The New Era in Web Design
  • The Business Side of Redesign
  • Selecting a Platform In Redesign
  • Redesigning for Personality
  • Jumping Into HTML5
  • Restyle, Recode, Reimagine With CSS3
  • JavaScript Rediscovered
  • Restyle, Recode, Reimagine With CSS3
  • Designing for The Future, Using Photoshop
  • Mobile Considerations in UX Design: Web or Native?
  • Responsive Workflow: A Future-Friendly Approach
  • Becoming Fabulously Flexible: Designing Atoms and Elements
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Smashing Book #3⅓ (160 pages)
An extension of Smashing Book #3, this follow-up offers more practical applications of Web design, including the latest navigation design patterns and employing a powerful and successful content strategy on your website. There's even a detailed case study of Smashing Magazine's responsive redesign which clearly illustrates what this very approach would actually look like when executed properly.

Table of Contents:
  • The Missing Element of Redesign: Story
  • Rethinking Navigation: Techniques and Design Patterns
  • Rework Your Content So It Works for You
  • Responsive Smashing Redesign, a Case-Study
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Essentials of Mobile Design (235 pages)
Whether you're new to Mobile Web Design or just need a solid refresher, this eBook is for you. You'll get a thorough overview of all the basic features necessary for designing useful and impressive looking mobile apps and Web interfaces. It covers the basic nuts and bolts such as programming, usability, typography, creating applications and more, as well as driving home the importance of a good visual design.

Table of Contents:
  • Not Your Parent’s Mobile Phone: UX Design Guidelines For Smartphones
  • Why We Shouldn’t Make Separate Mobile Websites
  • How To Build A Mobile Website
  • Making It A Mobile Web App
  • A Study Of Trends In Mobile Design
  • How To Market Your Mobile Application
  • A Foot On The Bottom Rung: First Forays Into Responsive Web Development
  • From Monitor To Mobile: Optimizing Email Newsletters With CSS
  • How To Use CSS3 Media Queries To Create a Mobile Version of Your Website
  • Creating Mobile-Optimized Websites Using WordPress
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Mobile Design Patterns (124 pages)
As mobile devices continue to spread among Web-surfing commuters, the importance of a beautiful and practical Mobile Design are extremely high. Despite various shapes and sizes, new mobile trends and patterns have already begun to emerge. This helpful eBook offers up a solid framework of guidelines and strategies to design for a mobile world. Specifically, you'll get down to key elements like using forms, tap-ahead patterns and various UX approaches.

Table of Contents:
  • The Elements Of The Mobile User Experience
  • Picking A Mobile Support Strategy For Your Website
  • Essential Design Patterns For Mobile Banking
  • Seven Guidelines For Designing High-Performance Mobile User Experiences
  • Useful Design Tips For Your iPad App
  • A User-Centered Approach To Web Design For Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Auto-Suggest on Steroids: Tap-Ahead Design Pattern
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Designing For Android (228 pages)
In recent years, the Android phone has given Apple's iPhone a real run for its money. Creating apps for Android phones will give you a huge audience to target. This helpful eBook explains the details and nuances of building an app for any Android device from a Droid Smartphone to an Amazon Kindle.

Table of Contents:
  • Getting To Know The Android Platform: Building, Testing And Distributing Apps
  • Designing For Android
  • Designing For Android: Tips And Techniques
  • Designing For Android Tablets
  • Getting The Best Out Of Eclipse For Android Development
  • Get Started Developing For Android With Eclipse
  • Get Started Developing For Android With Eclipse, Reloaded
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Designing For iPhone (234 pages)
The smartphone that turned the word "app" into an everyday occurrence is the big stage. This is where you really want the app you created to shine! This phonetastic eBook explains the details of putting together an iPhone app, but also explains the many trends and specific requirements that Apple's iOS iPhone applications ask you for.

Table of Contents:
  • How to Create Your First iPhone Application
  • Web Development For The iPhone And iPad: Getting Started
  • iPhone App Design Trends
  • iPhone App Designs Reviewed: Critique Board and Lessons Learned
  • iPhone Apps Design Mistakes: Over-Blown Visuals
  • iPhone Apps Design Mistakes: Disregard Of Context
  • Setting Up Photoshop For Web, App and iPhone Development
  • Designing For iPhone 4 Retina Display: Techniques And Workflow
  • Showcase of Designs Optimized for iPhone
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This collection of 6 Smashing Books eBooks normally sells for $39.94, but for a limited time, you can get the entire bundle for just $24! That's a 40% savings off the regular price!

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  • All eBooks are provided in three DRM-free file formats - PDF, ePUB and MOBI, for use on the device of your choice.
  • All eBooks are fully searchable and text can be cut-and-pasted.
  • This is sold as a complete bundle and individual books cannot be swapped for others.
  • Not for redistribution/resale.
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