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Making presentations is tough work. In fact, it can even get real tiresome and boring real fast. And if you're bored putting them together, imagine how your audience feels looking at them. 

But what if you could make some truly elegant and highly professional looking slides for your presentations, all without needing to get a degree in Web design? Well thankfully, you can with Slidevana! This incredible Presentation Toolkit works with PowerPoint and Keynote and lets you take your average presentations to the next outstanding level.

Not only does Slidevana come in two different color schemes, but you'll get to browse through more than 275 slide templates. That's a massive amount of high-end designs that can easily be altered to fit your presentation needs. 

Slidevana Highlights:

  • 275+ Beautiful Presentation Slides
    Whether you use PowerPoint templates or Keynote themes, Slidevana is a presentation's new best friend. This Mighty Deal gives you over 275 beautifully rendered slides to put together the most professional and creative presentation you can. 
  • Wide Range of Layouts
    Every presentation is different, so you'll need a large assortment of slide styles to choose from. Besides the Basic, Minimal and List layouts, Slidevana's got you covered with dozens upon dozens of different layouts including: Comparisons, Tables, Maps, Pyramid Diagrams, Funnel Diagrams, Timelines, Quadrant Diagrams, Business Frameworks, Basic Charts and loads more.
  • Elegant Design
    Your presentation will instantly stand out from the crowd with its clean and minimal design. The professional look makes it a breeze to highlight your most important insights, and with such a high-quality look, you'll ensure you have your audience's attention right from the start.
  • Two Color Schemes
    Slidevana isn't just a great collection of professional slides; it's 2 great collections! Your Mighty Deal includes Slidevana in two distinct color schemes: Dark and Light. While Slidevana Dark was created for maximum visual impact, Slidevana Light is perfect for presentations you'll be using both digitally and in print.
  • Simple to Use
    You don't need to be a veteran Web designer to put together fantastic presentations. With Slidevana, you just input your content on the layout you want and that's it. It's pretty much just cutting and pasting. 
  • Multiple Layouts
    While there are tons of different slide types, each one comes in a variety of layouts as well. So you won't be locked into using just one style every time. 
  • Completely Customizable
    Using a variety of custom layouts and graphics, you can make sure each and every presentation meets your exact needs. Easily change things up to include your logos, graphics and even color palette.
  • Used by Professional Companies
    Many major companies around the world use Slidevana for their business presentations.
  • Free Lifetime Updates
    Once you purchase Slidevana, you won't need to buy any updates ever again. That's because your purchase includes free lifetime updates!

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Preview Of Some Of The Slides:

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"Creating compelling, visually attractive slides that tell a clear story is hard to do and takes a lot of time. I now use slidevana as the basis for each new presentation, whether for customers or investor. There's a template for nearly everything I need I say." - Brad Rosen, Technology Entrepreneur and Founder of Drync 

"Slidevana has many things I like. One of them is lots of templates with a very clean interface, I'm currently developing a slide-based video for my upcoming book. In the past, this would have taken over a month of my time or cost me a lot of money to outsource. With Slidevana, I developed the high-quality presentation in less than a week." - Rajesh Setty, Author and Serial Entrepreneur

"Here's a great alternative to the run-of-the-mill slideshow. Slidevana is a kit for PowerPoint that lets you build decks from nearly 300 pre-rendered slides. The results are really attractive and will make your PowerPoint decks look like you hired a graphic designer to do the work for you." - Dave Johnson, Author for CBS MoneyWatch


Slidevana normally sells for $139 for either the PowerPoint or Keynote version, and $199 for a bundle containing both the PowerPoint and Keynote versions, but today is the LAST DAY that you can get this collection of more than 275 beautifully rendered slides for just $67 for either the PowerPoint of Keynote versions, or $87 for BOTH versions - That's a savings of 56% off the regular price!

Click the BUY now button to choose your preferred version and give your presentations the attention they deserve!

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to register at the Slidevana website to download your templates instantly. You will need to provide your name and email address when registering.
  • Free updates are provided by Slidevana.
  • This deal is for a single user license.
  • These templates may be used for both commercial and personal projects, for both you and your clients.
  • You may make as many copies of Slidevana as you like provided that those copies are for your personal use.
  • You may author and publish as many presentations as you like using the Slidevana templates.
  • There are no limitations on your usage of presentations created with Slidevana provided that you do not resell, in whole or part, the templates or provide the templates for free to other users.
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