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20+ Cutting-Edge Photo Slideshow Templates - only $19!

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When it comes to slideshows, there are boring, flat, and dull slideshows. And then, well, then there are slideshows that literally knock your socks right off. We're talking cool photos sure, but really cool transitions, borders, navigation, etc. Extras that get the user as excited as the photos themselves. Well with SlideshowBox, from Jumpeye Components, you can impress even the most un-impressionable people on the planet!

SlideshowBox Highlights: 

  • Two Dozen Templates
    Think you can get by on just 2 or 3 templates? Please. Why limit yourself like that? With SlideshowBox you get 24 unique photo slideshow templates. The set includes templates such as Pan and Zoom, Simple Fade, Frame Slide, Horizontal Flip, Polaroid Default, and many many more!
  • HTML5 Templates
    Half of the slideshow templates are HTML5, based on JavaScript and jQuery. All 24 are also available as embeddable SWF objects (require Flash Player 9+), and a number of them are even iPhone and iPad compatible.
  • Over 100 Presets
    If you just want to dive right in without doing too much customization (or thinking), take advantage of the 100+ extra ready-made presets. You'll also have access to periodic updates.
  • Easy to Use
    You don't need to be a hardcore programmer to use these slideshows. With the user-friendly configuration panel, you can customize any of the templates with just a few clicks of the mouse. What do you do when you're done? Simple. Just copy the embed code and paste it into your HTML page.
  • Background Music
    Integrate your own background music into your photo slideshows to give your users the full sensory experience. Create your own soundtrack!
  • RSS Support
    Another way to add photos to your SlideshowBox galleries is by using standard XML files or various photo applications such as Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and SmugMug photo feeds (RSS 2.0 feeds).

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This Mighty Deal offers more than 50% off the regular price of two different commercial licenses:

  • 1 domain commercial license
    Regularly $49, pay just $19
  • 100 domains commercial license
    Regularly $199, pay just $69

Click the BUY button now to choose your license, and then start impressing the world with your incredible photo slideshows!

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code after completing your purchase to register at the Jumpeye Components website in order to be able to download and use SlideshowBox.
  • This product is domain-based and can be used on up to 1 or 100 domains (depending on the license purchases). You will need to specify in your Jumpeye Components account the web domains of the websites on which the slideshow is used in order to remove the watermark.
  • If you need to embed SlideshowBox in an app that allows users (3rd party / non-SlideshowBox customers) to edit and create their own slideshows, you have to get an OEM license instead of a developer/site license.
  • Free updates will be available through your Jumpeye Components account.
Deal expired

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