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It's bigger than Godzilla versus King Kong.

More epic than Luke Skywalker dueling with Darth Vader.

A cataclysmic battle to rival that of Harry Potter and Voldemort!

What could it be? This brutal onslaught that can change the very face of the Internet?

Hide the women and children, because it's finally here...

It's Man vs. Penguin in an SEO Showdown to end all Google algorithm updates!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization for you newbies) is the most powerful weapon a Website owner has at his disposal these days. By using the proper SEO tools, you can make your site rank higher for certain keywords in search engines like Google. Higher rankings equal more traffic, which in turn equals more profits in your pocket.

The problem? Google is constantly updating its super secret algorithm. The latest being an update called Google Penguin. And when these updates hit, search results get shaken up but good. 

So how can a Website owner survive a penguin attack? By arming yourself with the latest and greatest SEO tools. And with the most trusted SEO book on the market, SEO in Practice, you'll get all the weapons you'll ever need.

SEO in Practice Highlights:

  • Revised Edition
    The 2nd edition of this popular resource, SEO in Practice was released in May 2013, featuring updated information and tips from the original edition put out several years ago by Dan Richmond of
  • Training Manual
    The first SEO guide with practical, step-by-step instructions, SEO in Practice isn't just another "SEO eBook." Uh uh. This 181-page manual is like a full-on training course for successfully optimizing your site!
  • All Skill Levels
    Whether you need to brush up on your SEO skills or you just learned what the letters in SEO stand for, this book is for you. After getting through all the chapters of this informational eBook, you'll have a real solid base of SEO skills to take your website to the next level!
  • Easy to Follow
    Broken down into 5 chapters, SEO in Practice will walk you through every step necessary to optimize your site for search engine results. From keywords to landing pages to link building, you'll master the necessary skills that other SEO experts can charge hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  • Crack Google's Top 10
    The ultimate goal, the true Holy Grail of any website owner is to have their site show up in the Top 10 results of a Google Search. With SEO in Practice, you'll be well on your way towards reaching that goal. Get started now and with lots of hard work and solid advice from this eBook, you may very well get there someday soon!
  • Read it Anywhere
    Your purchase of SEO in Practice comes in PDF, ePub (iBooks) and MOBI (Kindle) formats. That means you can read it on your computer, your iPad, your Kindle, or whatever other device you've got with you!

Take a look at how the 5 chapters break down:

Chapter 1 - 100 Keywords for a Good Start
Keywords are the very backbone of SEO, so it's where your learning begins.

  • Prepare 100 keywords for your site
  • Discover the best free keyword research tools
  • Put together your first ranking report

Chapter 2 - How do we play by Search Engines' rules?
Besides adding the proper keywords to your site, you need to make sure it's Search Engine-friendly. If a Search Engine has trouble navigating your website, it doesn't matter how optimized the rest of it is. 

  • Avoid Flash, Javascript and frames
  • Create a Robots.txt
  • Site navigation is critical

Chapter 3 - An offer they can't refuse
Landing pages are a fabulous tool for pulling in Search Engines and users too. 

  • Create 5 Search Engine friendly landing pages
  • Generating your first On-Page Optimization Report
  • Tuning up your landing page

Chapter 4 - Getting on the move: where your link building starts
Getting links from other sites to your site is another key piece of SEO. It not only helps drive traffic directly to your site, but it helps improve your ranking too.

  • Get hundreds of other sites linking to yours
  • Avoid link farms and FFA sites
  • "SEO after Penguin" checklist

Chapter 5 - Finding SEO gems, or how to get premium one-way links?
The higher-PR the site that links to you, the more valuable that link is to you and your site. But there are right and wrong ways to get these premium links.

  • 5 key components of a link building campaign
  • Build premium one-way links
  • Making the most of Link Bait


“I am VERY impressed and grateful for this online guide. What a rich resource – one of the best ever. Easy to understand, comprehensive, succinct and yet filled with helpful examples”. - Ellie Linde

“This online guide is GREAT and it explains SEO in a way that is easy to understand and implement. After a lot of reading and searching over the last 6 weeks I have to say that SEO in Practice provides the ultimate guide!!” – Heinrich Muller

“After spending so much time looking for instruction on internet marketing, it truly is a refreshing change, to get solid detailed information as to how it all works.” – Karl Phillips


You'd easily pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to have an SEO expert audit your site and give you a report full of suggestions. Why not save a ton of money and learn how to do it all yourself?

The second edition of SEO in Practice regularly sells for $21.70, but today is the LAST DAY for you to get a downloadable PDF version for just $5.95! That's an optimized savings of 73%!

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