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Stand Out with 10 Artistic and Colorful QR Codes - only $15!

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For decades, we've all suffered with hideous-looking barcodes. Plain, boring black-and-white stripes. Then along came the QR code. Still black and white, but now more compact and totally random. It was a total breath of fresh air. But still it was lacking something.

That "something" was uniqueness. Yes, the codes and patterns on QR codes are random but they're not art. At least not unless you're using QR Artist, that is! This innovative QR Code generator can create fully functional QR codes that are colorful pieces of art. And they just happen to be one of our Mighty Deals right now!

See how it works:

QR Artist Highlights:

  • Simple Interface
    QR Artist could not be easier to use. Just enter the information you want the code to point to, upload any images if you'd like, select a template to start with, and then add any number of effects you'd like!
  • Use Any Content
    Your QR Code can be designed to link to almost anything. Just enter the content, whether it's a website link, an email, an SMS message, a vcard, or even a video. 
  • Include an Image
    If you want to include an image, such as your company's logo, you can easily upload it. QR Artist will create a number of templates based on your logo's color scheme with the image included in the design.
  • Customize With Effects
    QR Artist includes a number of built-in tools to further customize the look of your QR Code. Add all sorts of neat effects like Drop Shadow, Round Corner, Break Blob, and more.
  • Integrated Scanner
    A built-in scanner ensures that your unique QR Code is indeed legitimate by scanning it and alerting you whether it is or isn't a legitimate QR code.
  • Share Your Code
    Once your QR code is finished, you can quickly share it on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.
  • Multiple Resolutions
    Your QR code can be downloaded with small, medium, or high-resolution, depending on the quality you need for your project.

Screenshot of the QR Artist Interface:


Examples of QR Codes produced by QR Artist:


Normally, 10 colorful QR codes from QR Artist costs $70, but for a limited time only, you can take advantage of this Mighty Deal and get 10 QR codes for just $15! That's almost 80% savings!

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code after completing your purchase, to redeem at the QR Artist website.
  • Your coupon code can be used 10 times (for one QR code each time), so you do NOT need to choose all 10 QR codes at once. 
  • Your coupon code will expire in 4 months.
Deal expired

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