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PlagSpotter: Check Your Site For Duplicate Content - 50% off!

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The World Wide Web can often be compared to the Wild Wild West. Sometimes there are just outlaws looking out for themselves as they jump from website to website stealing what they can. Specifically, they're stealing content and not giving you any credit.

Besides just being wrong, these other websites that steal and re-post your content could be hurting you, your site and your business. Search engines like Google don't like seeing the same content on multiple sites, so they could be penalizing you for it. Plus, you're losing potential customers/users to some other site who's masquerading as the author of your content. 

But there is something you can do about it. With a powerful duplicate content checking tool like PlagSpotter, you can know exactly when your content is being plagiarized so you can stop it as soon as possible!

PlagSpotter Highlights:

  • Batch Search Feature
    Have PlagSpotter check a large number of your URLs (or your whole site) for duplicate content and present you with a comprehensive report highlighting the text copy that is plagiarized on other sites.
  • Detailed Source List
    When you receive a duplicate content report, you'll get a full list of URLs that match your content plus where the content can be found online.
  • Originality Comparison
    Your report will also break your content down sentence by sentence, showing you exactly how much of your content is duplicated and how many other sites are constantly displaying that excerpt of copied text.
  • PlagSpotter Badge for Protection
    Scare off would-be plagiarists by putting a "Protected by PlagSpotter" badge on your site!
  • Avoid Google Penalties
    PlagSpotter will help you track down any other sites stealing your content. Any sort of duplicate content can be looked upon quite negatively by search engines, often causing various search ranking penalties against your site!
  • Simple to Use
    Just enter a specific URL or list of URLs that you want PlagSpotter to scan and check for duplicates regularly. Couldn't be simpler!

See how PlagSpotter works:

1. Check your whole site for duplicate content

2. Get a list of sources and percentage of matched content

3. Check the originality of your content

4. Embed the "Protected by PlagSpotter" badge on your site



"PlagSpotter excels in its fresh design and ease of use. It's a welcomed addition to the duplicate content monitoring scene. The website and backend is quite ideal." - Bryan Conte, Gizmo Insider

"PlagSpotter has been awarded the 1st place in the Top 10 SEO Startups in 2012 list by Search Engine Journal. Read the article by Liliana Steffens" - Liliana Steffens, Contributor, Search Engine Journal

"I loved it. Very easy to use and a very handy tool for my recipe blog. I had no idea that so many folks are reposting my blog posts on their sites without letting me know." - Jessica Forrel, Blogger


With this Mighty Deal, you can save up to 50% off your choice of 3 different packs of URL checking at PlagSpotter for a limited time only!

  • 500 URL Checks - only $10 (regularly $20)
  • 2,000 URL Checks - only $40 (regularly $80)
  • 5,000 URL Checks - only $100 (regularly $200)

Click the "buy" button to choose your quantity of URL checks.

Deal terms:
  • After completing your purchase, you will receive a coupon code to register at the PlagSpotter website.
  • Your coupon code must be redeemed within 5 months of your purchase.
  • Credits to not expire once you have redeemed your coupon code.
  • Note: A refund for your purchase cannot be issued once you have used 100 URL checks or more. 
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