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Finding the right graphics can certainly be tough. Even if you find a designer you like, you may have a tough time choosing a specific set of icons or UI elements. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

That's why design memberships are great, since you can pick and choose what you like for as long as you're a member. With a 1-year PixelKit Membership, your only real tough decision will be what to use first!

PixelKit Membership grants you unlimited access to a gorgeous library of graphical elements including UI kits, icon sets, as well as infographic and mobile sets. With new content constantly being added, you'll never be at a loss for fabulous design tools.

And with this Mighty Deal, you can get a full year of choices for just $25. Not really a tough decision now, is it?

PixelKit Membership Highlights:

  • 960 Grids Compatible
    Since every single GUI kit in PixelKit's library was created on a 960 grid system, it couldn't be any easier to implement them in HTML. You can even create all-new web pages for your site in the blink of an eye! 
  • Easy to Customize
    Want to shrink some elements? Enlarge others? Not a probably at all. All graphics by PixelKit are vectors, so you can easily scale them up or down to whatever size you need without worrying about losing any image quality at all. They're also perfect for the Web or print!
  • 3,000+ Graphic Elements
    Between all the icon sets and GUI interfaces, your membership in PixelKit gives you access to well over 3,000 high-quality, professional graphics. With new pieces added regularly, you'll never find yourself at a lacking for solid graphics to help your users navigate your site or app.
  • UI Kits - 700+ Graphics
    Currently, PixelKits has 7 different UI Kits available, each containing gorgeous graphic elements to easily communicate features, settings and options to your users. Each UI Kit contains a large assortment of popular elements including sliders, calendars, navigation bars, buttons, blogging pieces, and more.

Take a look at the current UI Kits available:

Modern Touch - Flat UI Kit
Not only it’s eye candy but using this flat UI kit will guarantee your website to be functional as well. The right typography balance of weight and positioning as well as the paddings, margins and colors will bring an exquisite feel to your website with a distinctive focus on content.

Flat UI Kit

Chubby Stacks - Fresh UI Kit
It's beyond doubt that with it's fresh and playful look, this UI kit is gonna make your website pop out. With over 100 vector elements you have all you'll ever need to create a cohesive design.

Fresh UI Kit

Metro Vibes - Metro UI Kit
This modern metro UI kit offers an efficient way to help you shape your website or application, while bringing along a really cool modern metro feel.

Metro UI Kit

Dark Velvet - Dark UI Kit
Looking for an elegant sort of corporate feel for your website or app? You can't go wrong with the clean and sharp look of this dark UI kit.

Arctic Sunset - Clean UI KIt
If your corporate site screaming for something more light and clean? Then this UI kit is a great way to show off your professionalism, while pleasantly drawing clients in.

Sweet Candy - Colorful UI Kit
With a name like Sweet Candy, would you expect anything less colorful? A great UI kit for all sorts of fun parenting blogs or even school-type websites.

Vanilla Cream - Light UI Kit
Got milk? You sure do with this great light UI kit. Real easy on the eyes, this delicious set of design elements is just built for all sorts of coffee shop, bistro or pastry websites.

Icon Sets - 1880+ Unique Graphics

Take your pick of 5 premium icon sets, covering dozens and dozens of popular categories. Grab what you need from the more than 1880 icons available! The four current set styles include: realistic, outline, minimalistic or flat.

Charming Boutique
These shopping icons will be a great companion to your eCommerce website or commercial online store. It contains 30 pixel perfect icons with a modern and flat look, covering most shopping “call-to-action” needs.

Swanky Outlines - Outlines Icon Set
A vector outline icon set that will fit like a glove on your flat or metro designed website or app.

Gentle Edges - Minimalist Icon Set
Featuring over 1,000 vectorized icons in 46 different categories, this minimalistic icon set is only minimal in style!

Tasty Bites - Food Icon Set
Nom! Good luck using any of these detailed food icons without drooling all over your keyboard! A scrumptious set that's just perfect for foodie or restaurant-type sites.

Flat Jewels - Flat Icon Set
This colorful flat icon set will surely make your website shine. Works best with a modern flat, metro look and feel.

Infographic Kit
Everybody and their mother loves infographics! (Even if dear ol' mom doesn't know that's what they're called!) PixelKit has a fabulous Infographic Kit available in both a light and dark version. Filled with over 400 vector elements, you can put together all sorts of great info-packed graphics, all from just a single set.

Crooked Stats - Stats Infographic Kit 
This stats infographic kit can easily help you use visual representations of information and data to present complex info quickly and clearly. Plus, people love looking at the entertaining pictures.

Mobile App Kit
Yep, PixelKit even has a solid Mobile App Kit available for you with 15 different app screens. This set represents a file manager app.

File Manager - Mobile App UI Kit
This iPhone UI kit is just waiting to be implemented on your flat, minimalist app!

New Kits Every Month
As if the existing library of graphic elements wasn't enough, PixelKits is constantly working on new additions. Every month, they'll add a series of new GUI Kits, icon sets and premium graphics packs. Yeah, we don't know when they sleep either.


A year membership in PixelKit normally costs a mere $39, but today is the LAST DAY to get 12 full months of PixelKit Membership for just $25! That's a 36% savings off the regular price!

Click the BUY now button and give yourself access to one pixel-packed graphics library.

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to register at the PixelKit website, for your 1 year membership. Your code must be redeemed by December 31st, 2013.
  • You do not need to provide payment details PixelKit for renewal.
  • You will receive 1 year of unlimited access to PixelKit, to download any new and existing design resources.
  • This deal is also available for existing or past PixelKit customers.
  • Access is granted on a per user basis and may not be shared.
  • The design resources may be used to create websites, web applications or software applications for both you and your clients, for personal and commercial purchases, including print and educational purposes. They may also be used in templates or themes that will be sold or distributed through marketplaces or any other bulk sales.
  • The files or parts of the elements in the files may not be redistributed to a third party.
  • See the full terms and conditions.
Deal expired