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LAST DAY: Create Special Effects Like a Pro with Photo Effect Studio
- only $14!

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With the popularity surge of apps like Instagram and websites like Pinterest, high-quality, professional-type photos are all the rage. Especially when you can add all sorts of fun filters and effects to your images. But if you're not a top-notch photographer, how can you easily come up with them?

Simple. You get your hands on a ridiculously powerful yet easy-to-use application like Photo Effect Studio Pro. Created by Everimaging, this photo effects tool for Mac or Windows, boasts nearly 100 breathtaking effects and filters, as well as more than 30 unique frames. With a simple interface, you'll be navigating through various textures and color schemes in the blink of an eye. Today is the LAST DAY that you can truly set your inner artist free by snagging this product for more than 50% off the regular price!

Photo Effect Studio Pro Highlights:

  • Nearly 100 Powerful Photo Effects
    A simple filter can completely change the feel of a single photo. Now take nearly 100 different filter effects and you've got a library of new content, all from just one photo. Carefully developed along with professional photographers and designers, the Photo Effect Studio Pro offers up almost 100 amazing effects to fit your editing needs.
  • 30+ Photo Frames
    Turn your photo into a true work of art by adding 1 of more than 30 available frames. Designed by a group of professional artists, these unique frames will add a dose of sophistication and professionalism to your finished photo.
  • Simple and Robust Interface
    This powerful photo editing tool not only features a ton of powerful resources, but it's all provided in a smooth, easy-to-use interface.
  • Plenty of Fine-Tuning Adjustments
    Like the effects you've added but want a little more? No problem! You'll have all the fine-tuning features you could want, right there at your fingertips including: exposure, brightness, curve adjustment, lens correction, white and black point adjustment, color balance, saturation, rotate, highlight/shadow adjustment, and more!
  • Freely Mix Colors and Textures
    With Photo Effect Studio Pro, you'll have a large number of highly customizable effects, vignettes, and frames at your disposal. Even better, you can combine them any way you want thanks to a unique, overlapping, layered technology that's built into this incredible photo editing tool. 
  • Superior Color Management
    There's color management, and then there's color management. In the case of Photo Effect Studio Pro, you get seriously superior color management, including sRBG, AdobeRGB, and ProPhoto color space.
  • iPhoto Friendly
    You can easily access all of your iPhoto albums from Photo Effect Studio Pro, making it a snap to find your photos and add some breathtaking effects to them. Plus, the Mac version of Photo Effect Studio Pro connects to your iPhoto albums and is completely optimized for retina displays, so you can view and edit your gorgeous high-res photos in smashing full color!



"Very easy to manage. Clean and fast filtering. Great looking UI designs. You can really get creative with your pics in a simple and professional way for a great price. I totally recommend it!" - By L.A.310

"I love this app! I was able to use it right off the bat, and the color adjustments are very useful if you create panoramas like I do. I will find about a lot of uses for this one. " - By tspriggs

"I absolutely love using this software and I haven't had any problems with it at all! The only part that is that you can really only do effects on here. However, if you use it with other editing programs (iPhoto, Image Tricks, etc.) It can be a really cool app to have!" - By SMoon712


Photo Effect Studio Pro normally sells for $29.99, but today is the LAST DAY that you can get this incredible photo editing tool for only $14! That's a 53% savings off the regular price!

Click BUY NOW to have a real effect on your photos!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • You will receive your serial number instantly, which will work on both the Windows and Mac versions.
  • Includes all minor upgrades and support from the vendor.
  • The Windows version requires Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.
  • The Mac version requires Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later (works on Mavericks too).
  • Licensed on a per user basis. Your license can be activated on up to 3 computers which belong to the same person.
Deal expired

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