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jQuery Multimedia Banner Rotator for HTML and WordPress - from $4!

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Add a beautiful and highly flexible jQuery banner rotator to your site with ease! This jQuery Banner Rotator from isn't just a slick way to show off the best parts of your website; it's also extremely flexible and customizable. Choose from an HTML version or WordPress plugin, and start picking sizes, transitions types, navigation style and more! With unlimited slides and loads more tools, this responsive banner rotator is everything your site needs! Act now and you can save more than 50% off the regular price of any of the 3 license options!

jQuery Banner Rotator Highlights:

  • Gorgeous Slider
    You're proud of your website and you should be! There's plenty of great features available. But sometimes it can be tough showing them all to your users at once. That's where a slick, professional slider can come in handy. Show off any number of slides in this jQuery banner rotator, complete with customizable HTML, giving you full flexibility with each slide!
  • HTML and WordPress Plugin
    This robust banner rotator can work on just about any website you have. Just use the HTML version and you'll be rotating banners with ease! Or if you have a WordPress simply install the WordPress plugin and you're ready to go! Both versions are included in this one deal!
  • Multiple Sizes Available
    Websites come in all different sizes. And with the increase in mobile use these days, the various sizes continue to change. Not a problem here, as there are multiple sizes available in the rotator including fullwidth, full-screen, fixed or even responsive!
  • Variety of Engaging Transitions
    Switching from one slide to the next can be a jarring or engaging experience for your users. Choose from a number of different built-in transitions to find the right fit for your site. You can even set a different transition for each slide you have!
  • Auto Play and Time Delay Available
    One neat option is to have your slides start their rotation automatically or even use a customizable timer delay to hold off rotating for a bit. You can even set a different time delay for each slide, in case you want to keep a specific slide up longer than another. Auto Play even supports YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 videos.
  • Unlimited Slides
    There's absolutely no limit to the number of images you can load into the rotator, whether it's just 1 or 2 or a few dozen. 
  • Fully Customizable
    Every slide in your rotation is unique. That's why each one lets you customize the text, description, tooltip and even hyperlink. 
  • Multiple Navigation Options
    Let your users flip through slides in a variety of popular ways. Choose from thumbnails, bullets and more, and whether you'd like the navigation inside or outside the slides themselves.
  • Show or Hide Various Components
    You have complete control over which tools and components are available to your users. You can show or hide whatever you choose including the play/pause button, directional buttons, thumbnails, tooltips, shadows, and more.
  • Dynamically Resized
    No need to waste time resizing all sorts of images. This gorgeous banner slide can dynamically resize images and thumbnails for you.
  • SEO Optimized
    Worried about losing some SEO by sticking all your images in one slider? Don't. The slider has been SEO optimized, so images are indexable and you can tag each one any way you'd like in the markup, as well as in the captions.
  • Loads More Tools
    There are tons more options and tools available with this high-quality slider. There's horizontal or vertical alignment of thumbnails and buttons, mouse wheel scrolling support, and even a Lazy Load function to load each image separately. 

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You can save more than 50% off the regular price of any of the 3 available licenses for this Banner Slider.

  • Personal
    Pay just $4 (regularly $10)
    * 1 Single non-commercial project
    * Unlimited use in the same project
  • Commercial
    Pay just $9 (regularly $20)
    * 1 Single commercial project
    * For one client's 1 single commercial project
    * Unlimited use in the same project 
  • Multiple
    Pay just $17 (regularly $50)
    * Unlimited use for multiple commercial or non-commercial Projects
    * For your client's multiple commercial projects

Click the BUY NOW button to choose your preferred license and slide into a whole new world with your own website today.

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download.
  • You will receive both the WordPress plugin and HTML version.
  • Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is not permitted.
Deal expired

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