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Monoslideshow 3: HTML5 Image & Video Slideshow - only $15!

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Looking for a slick, modern way to show off your amazing photo and video content? Then feast your eyes on this Mighty Deal for Monoslideshow 3! With more than 1,000 configurable options, this high-quality, professional HTML5 slideshow viewer will fit your website no matter what it looks like! It's touchscreen ready, allows for multiple images per slide and sports a responsive design. So no matter where anyone's viewing your site, they'll have no problem enjoying your content. And for a limited time only, you can snag this superior slideshow software for a mere $15!

Monoslideshow 3 Highlights:

  • High-Quality, Professional Slideshow
    If you want to really impress your users, you'll install a modern slideshow viewer to really let your photos and videos shine. Monoslideshow 3 is a slick, highly cusomizable, responsive HTML5 slideshow that works in every browser.
  • 1,000+ Configuration Options
    No matter your site's design, you can customize Monoslideshow 3 to fit your style! Web professionals can easily change up the transitions, color, controls and more. In fact, there are over 1,000 ways to configure your options!
  • Works Almost Everywhere
    Built on a responsive design framework, this incredible HTML5 slideshow works in most major browsers, at any size you'd like. That means your users can view it properly on their desktops, tablets, smartphones, laptops and more! Currently, iOS tablets and phones are supported, with Android support coming soon!
  • Touchscreen Ready
    Monoslide 3 doesn't just show up on touchscreen devices like a tablet. Nope. It also works just like any other touchscreen application by letting you swipe your way from one photo or video to the next. 
  • Multiple Images
    Want to show more than 1 image on a slide? Not a problem for Monoslideshow 3! Using a smart group layout, it can automatically find the optimal layout for your multiple images.
  • Feature Adapting
    The neatest part of Monoslideshow 3? It can think for itself. While it may offer a ton of fantastic features, some users may be on older, weaker browsers that don't support all of the latest and greatest options. In those cases, Monoslideshow will adapt and degrade to a less advanced alternative.

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Monoslideshow 3 normally sells for $40, but for a limited time only, you can get this beautiful photo and video viewing application for only $15! That's a huge savings of 62% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW to give your multimedia its due!

Deal terms:
  • After completing your purchase on Mighty Deals, you'll receive a coupon code to redeem at the Monoslideshow website, to obtain the download instantly.
  • Note: This is the HTML5 slideshow, not a WordPress plugin.
  • Includes free updates within version 3.x.
  • Only new Monoslideshow customers are allowed to take part in this promotion. Existing Monoslideshow 2 customers are excluded from this deal.
  • May be installed on multiple websites, for commercial or personal purposes.
  • Can be installed on your clients' websites, provided that you are the only person managing the slideshow's content.
  • See the full license.
Deal expired

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