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Create your own HD Promotional Videos - up to 60% off!

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Sometimes words just get in the way, don't they? They can drone on and on and just put someone to sleep. If you're worried about losing your users to lengthy sleep-inducing explanations of your business, you may want to consider stepping things up a bit. For starters, you can create a fun and action-packed explainer video.

Yeah, yeah. We hear ya complaining already, "But, Mighty Deals, making videos is soooo time consuming and super expensive." Well, yeah, they can be, but not if you're smart about it. Go ahead and break out the director's chair, will ya? Cause have we got a star-studded deal for you! That's right, you can easily create your very own professional HD video for your business or website using Make Web Video. Not only can you knock one out in about 30 minutes, but it'll cost you less than the price of a dinner and a movie for you and your date. Read on for all the juicy details while we go make the popcorn!

Make Web Video Deal Highlights:

  • Create a Professional Web Video
    Need an explanatory video for your business or perhaps just some sort of a promo video for your website? With Make Web Video's services, you'll not only get yourself a professional HD video, but you'll also get to help make it yourself!
  • Simple to Use
    You don't need to be James Cameron to put together a fantastic high-quality video for your business or website. In fact, you don't even need to have an ounce of technical video skills. Simply pick a template from Make Web Video and customize it to your needs. That means just adding in whatever text, photos, footage and music you want to include.
  • Finish in 30 Minutes
    It's not just pizza delivery that arrives in 30 minutes or less! Since the entire workflow is managed online by you, there's no waiting around for someone else to get back to you. Nope, you just easily add your content and within 30 minutes, you'll have your video!
  • Save a Fortune
    Have you ever tried to get a professionally-made video? If so, you know they can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to make. Thanks to this video-rific Mighty Deal, you'll pay just a fraction of that.
  • High-End Production
    Your video will be produced using one of the industry's leading video production programs, Adobe After Effects. Using a high-quality video template, you'll even have the opportunity to add 3D graphics and advanced special effects.
  • Free Hosting
    Normally with a video, you need to worry about filming it, editing it and then finding someplace to host the thing. Or you can always host it on your own site but once that baby goes viral, your hosting costs could go through the roof. With Make Web Video's service, your video files are hosted online on their servers, so there are no incremental hosting costs. Plus, it's super simple to share or embed your video anywhere.
  • Preview Your Work
    You can always preview your videos before you finalize them into high-quality, full HD masterpieces. So don't worry about making any mistakes at all. You can keep at it until you're satisfied with the results. 
  • Share on YouTube and Facebook
    When your video is complete, you'll have the option to download MP4 and WEBM files, which you can use to upload to YouTube, Facebook and even your own website. Spread the awesomeness!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Not happy with the results? Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. Get your money back or take another shot at making a video presentation. These guys aren't happy until you're happy!

Sounds cool, right? Check out this video tutorial to see exactly how easy it is to use! And then take a look at the example below of videos anyone can make with this simple solution!



Take advantage of this Mighty Deal and you have two chances to save up to 60% on a high-end video!

  • Create 1 video for only $25
    For any templates regularly priced at $49 or less
  • Create 2 videos for $40 
    For any 2 templates regularly priced at $49 or less each (total $98 value) 

Click the BUY NOW button to choose your preference and get your company moving!

Deal terms:
  • This deal is only valid for the video templates that are worth $49 or less. The template price is displayed at the bottom of each template thumbnail on the templates page.
  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to redeem at the Make Web Video website, after choosing your templates.
Deal expired

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