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LAST DAY: Over 600 Secrets, Tips and Tricks for Marketers - only $8!

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Have a website or online business but disappointed in your income? Don't worry, there are loads of ways to increase your traffic and conversions. In fact, there are more than 600 ways! With the amazing eBook The Internet Marketing Book of Secrets, you'll learn over 600 tips, tricks and tactics to becoming a successful Web Entrepreneur! Get real advice on things like SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Twitter, Email Marketing, Website Optimization and more, all geared towards increasing traffic and sales! But act quickly because today is the LAST DAY that you can get this eBook at a 58% discount!

The Internet Marketing Book Of Secrets Highlights:

  • 600+ Tips, Tricks and Tactics
    If you're looking to succeed on the Web, then this eBook is for you. It's chock full of more than 600 incredibly helpful tips, tricks and tactics worth following if you're looking to become a successful online entrepreneur.
  • Real Advice, No Fluff
    Unlike many of the "get rich" marketing type books out there, The Internet Marketing Book of Secrets is not full of huge fonts, lots of fluff and very little information. Instead, it's packed with real advice about making money online through a variety of different methods. 
  • Tons of Different Money-Making Methods There are so many ways to monetize a website these days and this resourceful eBook covers them all. The more methods you embrace, the better your chance of success! Learn all about:
    • Website Optimisation Tips
    • Traffic & SEO
    • Pay-Per-Click
    • Email Marketing
    • YouTube Tactics
    • Twitter Tips
    • Upsell
    • Web Copywriting Tips
    • Some Dirty Tactics as a bonus
    • The Top Fiverr Gigs
    • Must-Have WordPress Plugins
  • Improve Conversions
    This eBook is for Web entrepreneurs who already have a website or eCommerce store but don't know how to make any real money off of it. The 600+ tips in here are all geared towards improving traffic and conversions, resulting in a larger overall profit!
  • Portable Advice
    The Internet Marketing Book of Secrets is available as a downloadable PDF file. That means you can bring it with you anywhere your devices travel! Read it on your iPad, smartphone, laptop and more!

About the Author:

Epic Stephen has been an an Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur for about 4 years now and a Web-Developer for about 8 years. He's also a Blogger and Gaming Addict. He enjoys teaching and creating awesome products such as eBooks, designs, websites and apps. 


"This book is about 60 pages long, and its pretty much a quick read. However there are some good tips and ideas listed. If only a few of these tips show me some results, than it will be worth the book price." - Lanny Stewart

"This was a great read for someone who is a beginner in this whole make money online thing. I’m just setting up my first website right now, trying to sell some offline products and this book gave me a few nice ideas on how to optimize my website, make it SEO friendly, and also some good traffic tactics. It was a good value for money." - Michael Rouse

"Stephen has organized this book into short and sweet chapters, with good use of text size, and trying to squeeze in as much info as possible, making it more user friendly than the most “usual” ebooks out there. It’s also packed with an incredible amount of tips and tactics that will help anyone who is trying to make money online." - Joseph T. Cohen


The Internet Marketing Book of Secrets normally sells for $19, but today is the very LAST DAY that you can get this incredibly useful eBook for only $8! That's a savings of 58% off the regular price!

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  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The eBook is in PDF format and can be read on any computer, mobile device or e-Reader that can open PDF files.
  • Sold on a per user basis.
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