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LAST DAY: Improve Your Mac with Intego Washing Machine 2014 - only $17!

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Macs are really great computers, aren't they? Slick, easy to use and just all-around fun. However, over time, even a Mac can show signs of getting tired. Bloated files, unused applications, and loads of duplicate files can slow your machine down and you may not even realize it. Luckily, you can improve the speed, performance and efficiency of your Mac with one simple tool: Intego Washing Machine 2014.

Real simple to use, Washing Machine can quickly and easily clean up your Mac. With just a few clicks, you can remove unused programs and duplicate files, as well as automatically organize files and apps to make everything incredibly more efficient for you. In short, Washing Machine improves the overall performance of your Mac behind the scenes and at your fingertips. Today is the LAST DAY that you can clean up on the savings by snagging this Mighty Deal for only $17!

Washing Machine Highlights:

  • Make Your Mac More Efficient
    You may not want to stick your computer in the wash for obvious reasons, but this Washing Machine application will do a fantastic job of cleaning up your computer. By removing duplicate files and unused programs, as well as automatically organizing things, your Mac will run so much smoother and faster.
  • Free Up Space
    You don't even know it, but there are loads of unnecessary files bogging down your Mac. Things like unwanted cache and language files can result in less disk space as well as a decrease in overall performance. Washing Machine can clean all that up for you with just a simple click. interactive graphics and customizable filters give you total insight and control over what you do and don't want to remove.
  • Dump the Duplicates
    How many times have you backed up files on your Mac? And backed up the back-ups? External hard drives are great, but do you really need 16 copies of the same photo? In most cases, no you don't. You may not even realize all the duplicate files you've got on your computer. So let Washing Machine help you kick out the duplicates to free up space and improve overall performance.
  • Movies, Music & More
    Things like video and music files can take up a huge amount of space on your computer. They'll also eat up a large chunk of your Mac's resources. Let Washing Machine help you weed out the unnecessary junk like old movies you'll never watch again, songs you don't like anymore, and hundreds of similar photos. Even archive files like ZIP, TAR, XAR, DMG, and Pax files can really weigh your Mac down. Clean it all out with Washing Machine.
  • Simple Smart Dock
    Curious which apps you use most, as well as which you never use? Washing Machine's Smart Dock can fill you in on that info. It's also a snap to drag and drop apps to your dock (or out of your dock), giving you quick access to the programs you use most often.
  • Get Organized with Smart Folders
    Having quick access to your most used files is a huge time saver. Smart Folders will automatically bundle up your most frequently used files and apps all in one place.
  • Efficient Smart Desktop
    If your desktop looks like your computer just sneezed out all your files, you're not alone! Most peopke have cluttered desktops and it's certainly a major slow down when you can't find what you're looking for. Washing Machine's Smart Desktop will automatically sort your desktop chaos into neat and organized files. Choose whether you want it all dumped in one folder or sorted by type like music, documents, etc.



Intego Washing Machine 2014 normally sells for $29.99, but today is the LAST DAY that you can get this incredibly efficient Mac app for only $17! That's 43% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and add some efficiency to your Mac, and your life!

Deal terms:
  • You will receive your serial number and download instantly, after completing your purchase.
  • This application is for Mac only and requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or higher (works on Mavericks too).
  • Licensed on a per user basis (for example, the same license can be installed on your iMac and MacBook Pro).
Deal expired

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