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Manage All Your Docs with iDocument for Mac - only $24!

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You've got programs for managing your photos and music. The Mac is really great at that. But what about all of your documents? They're just a complete mess, aren't they?

Thanks to the gang at IcyBlaze, your scattered documents are no longer an issue. With iDocument for Mac, you can now easily sort and organize all of your documents from magazines to ebooks to personal letters.

The intuitive design makes document management a snap. It's as simple as using iTunes or iPhoto on your Mac!

iDocument Highlights:

  • Drag and Drop
    A simple drag-and-drop interface will help you get started, by putting all your documents into one central location.
  • Easy Management Flow
    Various tools help you initially organize your documents, making it easy to browse all documents from the top level. If your documents are already organized in folders on your hard drive, you can keep the overall structure and just drag and drop right into your Collection.
  • Annotation
    Through an easy and efficient system, annotate your documents with a simple click or on-screen typing. It's simple to add labels or flags, or even rate your documents right on the document itself.
  • Search
    A robust search makes it easy to look for titles, tags, ratings, authors or any information you can record. iDocument's Global Search is tied into the Mac's Spotlight search as well, so all your iDocument information will show up in a Spotlight search.
  • Smart Rules
    Use iDocument to batch process or auto process various "if x... then y" commands, so you can quickly handle repetitive tasks like renaming, auto tagging, changing dates, etc.
  • Cloud Syncing
    Besides organizing the documents on your computer, iDocument can also manage all the documents in your Dropbox account.
  • iDocument for iPhone
    With an iOS application, you can sync documents directly from your iPhone to your iDocument library.
  • Email
    Easily share your documents via email with an easy share functionality. Also supports wireless documents transfer.
  • Scan Import
    Scanning a document into your computer? iDocument supports directly imported documents from scanners as well.
  • Backup
    A super simple one-click backup will protect your entire iDocument library with just one button.
  • Share
    If there are multiple iDocuments in your network, an easy one-click feature lets you share documents.
  • Quick Look
    Use the Quick Look feature to simply take a peek inside any document.

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"iDocument - a kind of iTunes, but only for documents. The application allows for a truly convenient to store magazines, books, manuals, and quick access to them. You can create folders, smart folders, and collections." - Vitaly Vizhvickiy

"This software is great for keeping all of your documents together in one place, I have heard that the next version is going to have a lot of new features."- Vincent T.

"I am a Yep2 user, but seeking for a better alternative to organize my document files. I stumbled across iDocument and it looks really promising." - James H.


For a limited time only, you can purchase iDocument for just $24! That's a 50% off savings from the regular price of $49.95!

Take control of your documents! Click the BUY button now and save over 50% on iDocument today!

Deal terms:
  • Requires Mac OSX 10.5.8 (Leopard) or higher. It works with 10.7 Lion and you will receive an upgrade for Mountain Lion once it is released.
  • You will receive the download and serial number instantly after completing your purchase. Your serial number will be generated with the vendor using your name and email address.
  • Free updates are included.
  • Licensed on a per user basis. You may install it on all of your Macs, but the same license can only be started on one Mac at a time.
Deal expired

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