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LAST DAY: How to Get Major Press for Your Startup - only $25!

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Get substantial media coverage for your startup can be the key difference in exploding into an overnight sensation versus shutting things down within the first year. Word of mouth is critical and unless you have the right skills to succeed, you're most likely in for a losing battle.

StartupPlays' How to Get Media Coverage is an online interactive guide to help you really get the word out on your new startup. It's preloaded with a task list, expert tips and document templates. With specific milestones, you'll get tips, tricks, and various tools to accomplish each task and get the knowledge you need for growing awareness about your site. This isn't just your basic "how-to" sort of guide. It's a super technical hands-on approach.

How to Get Media Coverage Highlights:

  • Speaking from Experience
    The author of this play has used this very strategy to land multiple articles and appearances on popular websites like Mashable, TechCrunch, and Wired, as well as television appearances on programs including "CSI: Miami" and the "Conan O'Brien Show," among many more.
  • Thorough Process
    The entire play consists of 5 key milestones, with the average time to complete the entire learning process taking 1 week, but it's an ongoing process you'll be working on for your entire career. Each milestone is made up of a series of lengthy and introspective questions geared towards getting you thinking and acting upon your startup and the media.
    • Steps you'll learn include:
    • Identifying key bloggers and media influencers
    • Developing multiple story "angles" about your startup
    • Continuously leveraging your contacts and the press
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    Included in this Startup Play is a step-by-step guide to building a truly successful and sustainable PR machine. Each step of the guide is made up of many smaller steps and questions, and they in turn are comprised of multiple actions and questions you'll need to answer. Things can get fairly technical as you step back and answer targeted questions about your product and business model. Each milestone includes a breakdown of related topics, and each topic contains multiple actions you'll need to take in order to move on.
  • Important Milestones
    You'll complete various tasks with the help of specific files, tools, and tricks for each milestone. See the 5 milestones below.
    • Implementing the Basics
    • Brainstorm your pitch & research reporters
    • Preparing for your pitch
    • Pitch Time
    • Follow-up

About the Author:

This Startup Play was put together by Adrian Salamunovic, the Co-Founder of DNA 11, and CanvasPop. Adrian is a 15-year business technology veteran with extensive experience in marketing, social media, public relations and product design.  Adrian and products he's helped develop have appeared in numerous publications, TV shows, and websites including: FastCompany, USA Today, Today Show, MSNBC, Good Morning America, WIRED, DWELL, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Playboy, HGTV, Discovery Channel, MSNBC, CSI:NY, Techcrunch, Mashable, and The View.


To get the most of this educational guide, you should have a basic Web Knowledge and Technical Knowledge, as well as skills in story crafting, social media, and copywriting.


"Practical, tactical tricks so good that PR neophytes will look like pros. Adrian's play makes the non-obvious aspects of managing a press campaign crystal clear and easy implement." - Blaire Glover Jones


The How to Get Media Coverage Startup Play normally sells for $49, but today is the LAST DAY to get this incredible online interactive guide for just $25!

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  • This is an online interactive guide - not a downloadable eBook.
  • You will receive a unique link after completing your purchase, to register for this guide at the website.
  • 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.
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