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Slick Font: GeoCon Light - only $7.50!

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Looking for a unique font to fit your website's overall look and feel? Elegant, modern curvaceous and lightweight, the GeoCon Light font may be just what your site is looking for. That is, assuming you want a sleek and beautiful font. Designed specifically for web usage, with lines, angles and curves based on precise mathematical measurements, GeoCon Light is a clean font that is very readable at moderate sizes, and literally shows off at larger sizes. 

GeoCon Light Font Highlights:

  • Full Font Set
    You'll receive the full 206-glyph set with complete multilingual support.
  • @font-face and Web Typography
    @font-face is quickly becoming the standard way to bring non-web fonts to the web browser. This opens a whole new world to web typography, allowing you to use @font-face fonts on your websites. @font-face licensing is included, so you're free to use GeoCon Light for your own commercial or private websites.
  • Big and Sexy
    GeoCon Light was created mainly for use on titles and headers, with a recommended size of 16pt. Going even bigger than that just further maximizes its potential as an effective and sexy font.

Behind the font:

We wanted to develop a sexy, modern font crafted specifically for web usage. The majority of the condensed glyphs are designed at a strict 1:2 ratio giving them a very sturdy and solid geometric feel. Notable exceptions to this ratio are the "half" letters f, j, r, and t coming in at a 0.5:2 ratio and wider letters, M, and W, at 1.5:2.

Lines, angles and curves are based on precise mathematical measurements. The result is a clean font that is very readable at moderate sizes, and literally shows off at larger sizes. We very pleased to finally to release it to the community.


GeoCon Light normally sells for $15, but for a limited time only, you can purchase this elegant font for just $7.50 - That's a 50% saving!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
  • GeoCon cannot be re-distributed or sold under any circumstances
  • Distributed under the SIL Open Font License.
  • Comes with @font-face licensing.
Deal expired

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