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Dropzone: A Smarter Drag & Drop for Mac - only $5!

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Do you realize how much time you waste on your computer? We're not talking about Facebook or Twitter here, we mean when you want to perform repetitive tasks like upload photos, FTP or email files to someone. It can get a bit tedious and annoying after a while.

With Dropzone on your Mac, you can pretty much get everything done faster and easier. With its sleek look, Dropzone lets you simply drag files or folders onto a fully customizable grid, and the application takes care of the rest. This simple-to-use program works for everything from installing an app to FTP uploading to sharing photos on Flickr.

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Dropzone features:

  • Faster Sharing with Circles
    Circles doesn't just make your sharing easier, it also makes it more fun. Circles supports drag and drop and clickable actions. Just drag any item off your screen to the right and your circles will appear. Use each circle in a variety of ways including launching often-used apps, moving files to a specific folder, or uploading files to a server.
  • Cloud Compatible
    Dropzone has Amazon S3 support built right in, so you can easily create a quick path to your personal cloud. After each upload, Dropzone even copies the URL to your clipboard. How's that for service?
  • ImageShack Support
    Sharing photos, illustrations and screenshots has never been simpler or faster. Just drag your picture and it's automatically uploaded to ImageShack. There's even an option to minify the URL of your uploaded file.
  • Quick Application Launcher
    If you don't want to fill up your Dock with tons of apps, but there are still a number of programs you use readily, you're in luck. Just add the app to your Dropzone grid and it'll auto launch when you click on it or drag files into the grid.
  • Install an Application
    Installations just got easier too. Simply drag a DMG onto the Install Application and Dropzone takes care of every single step, including ejecting and trashing the disk image when finished.
  • Flickr Upload
    With built-in Flickr support, you can use Dropzone to automatically upload your photos to a specified destination on Flickr. Includes the ability to set up multiple accounts, as well as copy the destination URL to your clipboard.
  • FTP Upload
    No need to launch any FTP programs any more. Simply set up as many FTP servers as you want with Dropzone and drag your files or folders over. You don't even need to waste time zipping things up, since Dropzone can take care of it for you.
  • Zip & Email Files
    Need to email some files to someone? Don't waste any time. Just drag them and Dropzone will automatically zip the files and add them as an attachment to an email, ready to be sent.

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Normally priced at $10, this Mighty Deal is yours for 50% off! Click the BUY button now to get Dropzone for just $5!

Deal terms:
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later (an update for Mountain Lion and Retina displays will be released). This application is not for Windows.
  • Includes updates.
  • You will receive a coupon code to register at the Dropzone website to obtain your download and serial number instantly.
  • The same license may be installed on more than one Mac for the same user for personal use. For commercial use, a license must be purchased for each computer.
Deal expired

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