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Manage ALL your Domain Names on your Mac - only $14!

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If you own your own domain, you know there's a lot of data involved. There's registrar information, FTP passwords to remember, ssh, database credentials, administrative accounts, email accounts, etc. And that's just for a single domain.

Now think about all the data involved in owning a number of domains. It can certainly get pretty overwhelming. Whether you own a number of domains yourself, or simply manage your clients' domains, a simple management application like DomainBrain for Mac OS X can be a pretty indispensable tool. Which is why you should seriously consider taking advantage of this Mighty Deal!

DomainBrain has an extremely straight forward and beautiful user interface. However, its not just a pretty face, or icon! DomainBrain has some really powerful features.

"If you manage more than zero domains, you need it." - Mike Bowzeylo, Base2 Studio

See how it works:

DomainBrain Features:

  • Customize Your Data Categories
    You can either add or delete multiple instances of a category, or even create custom categories and fields based on your needs.
  • Table Categories
    If you have email lists or other similar tabular data, there's a specific category type for that to easily store all necessary data.
  • Integrates with iCal
    No more worries about forgetting to renew a domain. Simply integrate DomainBrain with iCal on the Mac and you can easily set up reminders for all your domain expiration dates.
  • Total Password Protection
    If you're worried about someone accessing all of your data, use the optional password protection, which protects all your data with AES encryption to provide extra security.
  • Organize your Folders
    You can take advantage of nested folders to really organize your domain library based on you and your site's needs.
  • Display or Hide Categories
    On a per-domain basis you can choose to display or hide various categories.
  • Auto WHOIS Database Population
    Using the WHOIS Database, you can choose to auto-populate a number of fields in the Registrar window including the expiration date and server name.
  • CSV Import/Export
    Need to dump out or pull in data? Simply create a CSV file of all your data and you can easily import or export the file.


"If you manage websites, get this app, you won't regret it." - ZeroBlue Technology Solutions

"A simple and extremely useful way to keep track of all that important but easily-forgotten information." - TUAW

"The best tool to manage a domain library you could ever find on OS X." - MacStories

"The new DomainBrain 2 is pure awesomeness. If you manage more than zero domains you need it." - Mike Bowzeylo, Base2 Studio

"I lean on DomainBrain to handle my websites and blogs. Its organized and it remembers when I don't." - Marco Cerulli, Cerulli Graphics

"As a web designer and hosting provider, Domain Brain is one app I absolutely cannot be without. With the amount of clients that I have and the type of services I provide for them, having their information at my fingertips is an absolute essential. Domain Brain has made my daily job much less stressful because I know I can count on it to keep my important client information safe and in one easy-to-find place. A no-brainer to have Domain Brain as part of your workflow." - Rob Loomis, Well Water Design

"For me, NOTHING compares to DomainBrain for storing all my domain and website information. From FTP logins to MySQL database usernames and passwords, DomainBrain has a place for it - even email and CMS info has a dedicated place. With DomainBrain I have only one place to go to find any information about my sites and my client's sites." - Pete Skewes, Coastal Web Design


This powerful mangement tool regularly sells for $29.95, but through this Mighty Deal, it's yours for just $14! That's a savings of more than 50% off!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • Your name and email address will be sent to DomainBrain for registration and license generation purposes only.
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or greater (works on Mountain Lion too).
  • Includes automatic free updates for all minor releases (2.1, 2.2, etc...).
  • Licensed per user - may be installed on multiple computers for the same user only.
Deal expired

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